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TrackMania 2 Canyon – Launch Trailer


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  1. How about the grip of the cars on the road? Because some environments on United were very difficult to play because of the way the car behaved when turning and stulff (like Coast for instance)

  2. As 10samm10 said, it would make the game absolutely frustrating. Especially for incoming ROAD BLOCKS.
    Keep that to Hot Pursuit, please.
    Also, the game’s main base is time trial races – so it’s nice to know that you can’t be interrupted at any stage, you can only be distracted by laggy popups of your opponents.

  3. The reason they avoid each other is to avoid making this looking like noclipping. They do this for certain videos, but for trailers like this they keep it hidden. They do the camera angles carefully as to make sure that no visible cars that are crossing over each other.

  4. Ah, I think I understand what your comment was about anyway.
    Interesting that you do say that, as quite a few people would dismiss the game like this in trailers if they had any idea of how the series worked.
    Granted, it may seem like that is the case, but you gotta admit – those who have been waiting for a new environment for a long time (as well as a HUGE expansion to the environment’s space) have finally gotten what they want. The new MediaTracker, lighting and car texture effects are bonus.

  5. I won’t disagree with that. I’m not sure if you can blame it entirely on Ubisoft, though – it’s their most robust environment yet with new developments included with it (Maniaplanet). I just wonder what’s coming up next…it’s presumed to be Valley, but we have no idea on what’s happened yet.

  6. I doubt they’ll have started on it yet, what with their attention on Shootmania being so focused. But when they do, I’m sure it’ll look good. I wouldn’t mind something like a space setting. It would kind of compliment the arcadey handling of the cars well while giving pretty much unlimited scope to environments.

  7. I still don’t understand why the lighting is so good in this, and even I have the game set to highest on everything and it looks nothing like this :/

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