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iPad iOS 5 VS Windows 8 Slate


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  1. Windows 8 looks very promising visually. Only thing that worries me is how everyone is saying that it will run win 7 apps and such. I was hoping that when microsoft build this OS that they would have build it from scratch, from the ground up much like win phone 7 in comparison to windows mobile 6. Instead its seeming more like they’re building on top of an already shitty OS . Like how Windows 7 is to Vista or like Windows mobile 5 is to Windows mobile 6.. i dont want an update, i want a NEW OS

  2. @krayziebydaflesh Windows 8 for ARM devices (tablet’s processor) is practically a new OS almost from scratch, that “tablet” from the video is actually a PC (Core i5, 4G RAM, fans) . Don’t say Windows 7 is shitty… everybody loves Windows 7 😀

  3. hmm Tablet for dummies(iPad) or a full OS tablet that is meant to replace laptop? It does take a little intelligence to use the full OS of the slate but once you compare the specifications on tablets its a beautiful night and day.
    Makes me happy!

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  6. I’ll go for the windows 8 tablet any day.. it’s more of a complete operating system compared to IOS which is exactly what I would prefer 🙂 .This statement of mine clearly suggests that I am not the target market for these Apple products 🙂

  7. Apples innovation is gone. IF they ever really had any in the first place. I can’t believe how underwhelming the IOS5 beta is. Just more ideas taken from someone else, MS and Android.

  8. there is nothing to compare here…. One of them is an OS for computers & tablets, so it will have software and such that fitts to computers too, and the other is an OS just for tablets. Two different things, there is nothng to comapre here…

  9. @escequi IOS5 hasn’t been released yet so how could they? Most of the improvements I have seen, other OS’s are already out and on devices the public is already using, just sayin. But in that same note, they have all taken ideas from each other. which is never going to stop. I was just pointing out that many of the things I have seen on IOS5 beta are not Apple originals as they lead you to believe.

  10. @Gustave154
    It wouldnt even need one. If i need an “app” for win7 i go to google or bing search for what i want to do and download the needed app most times for free.
    And since its the normal windows every developer and his mother will make touchscreen apps for it. And it is a full OS so you will actually get apps which are usefull.

  11. @Nathan5791
    Will they really do that? Apple will lose all the revenue from the appstore if they “open” their tablets to a full OS and since Apple Users usually dont mind to pay for a better product (not my words), i dont think this will change.

  12. although windows is cool.. I would get an iPad because they have iTunes which is alot better than zune and the apps on iPad like GarageBand and zen brush etc. are just incredible.. even the twitter app is great and I love safari on it because its just so smooth and looks clean.

  13. @NoelDelfin Yeah I know, but for me iPad and any other Windows7/ Windows 8 tablet are very different things.All the slates with Windows, are actually computers and you can do computers stuff in it. But the iPad, although it called “Computer” in a lot of places, is something else- its a device for itself. It doesnt runs computer softwaes, but it own apps, you need to Sync media and such. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate iPads (I even have one for myself) but iPad and slate – 2 different things

  14. @NoelDelfin Yeah I know, but for me iPad and any other Windows7 / Windows 8 tablet are very different things.All the slates with Windows, are actually computers and you can do computers stuff in it. But the iPad, although it called “Computer” in a lot of places, is something else- its a device for itself. It doesnt runs computer softwaes, but it own apps, you need to Sync media and such. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate iPads (I even have one for myself) but iPad and slate – 2 different things

  15. @NoelDelfin I know, im not arguing with you there is a point in what you are saying. But I Think first you should ask yourself if you want a mini-laptop-with touch screen (exactly like computer but thoch device you can carry around) or you want something else, a tablet that different than computer, than you should ask abou iPad or Galaxy Tab and such … (I say if you want these kind of thingsI suggest you take iPad…)

  16. @mymom1234 how can they find out if you jailbroke it…I took my iPod Touch 4G in after I Restored it and they took it right away and I got it fixed. but Safari isn’t jailbreaking your iPod/iPad/iPhone

  17. @w1ldyovvnz
    you are safe as long as you get someone who flashes your system without caring.
    had a friend with a modded 360 the first time they didnt look for it and repaired it, the second time they sent it back without because it was modded.

  18. @augustosabino that is actually why I like this video, he isnt saying all the time the ipad is better or windows is better. He just shows it and tells us what the difference is. Comments like these are so stupid the just make no sence and you sertenly dont add anything to here but just saying things like: ipads better!! – windows 8 sucks!! – windows is wannabee apple, you get the idea?

  19. To much Microsoft’s haters over the internet. The rest of the people who use windows all over the world are busy working. And all of they don’t give a shit what haters think LOL

  20. good video i like how both of them weren’t compared to each other so much as to shown each is different in there own way without being better or worse then each other. I’m very impressed at what MS has done with metro UI in windows 8 and while it may not bee very useful on a desktop computer, I’m looking forward to see what they have in store for the standard UI and that they may have given apple something to think about.

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  22. OK there is different between a tablet and a touchsreen desktop computer…ofcourse windows 8 would pawn ipad cuz windows 8 “tablets” are not tablets…they are full fledged touch screen computers.. a tablet is somewhere between a cell phone and a laptop…where as a touchsreen computer IS a laptop without a keyboard and with capacitive touch screen..

  23. @swiftflowingfreedom Now look just imagine if you demo the slate with your running writing and it gets words like ‘ships’ or ‘cant’ wrong, wasnt having a go at windows just having a laugh.

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  25. Microsoft is requiring manufacturers to use the 16:9 ratio for their windows 8 tablets. Do you think this is more advantageous than the 4:3 ratio used by Apple for their iPad? My only complaint with 4:3 when using the iPad is when I’m watching widescreen movies, it sucks cuz either you zoom in and cut off the edges or you see the widescreen video, but very small with huge black bars..

  26. @MooWentCow OS’ of a different caliber. Thats like comparing the Android OS on my phone to Windows 7 on my laptop…And no I’m not a Apple fan, A Microsoft one in fact. God bless friend.

  27. It is hard to give Microsoft anymore of my money. When they were the top company they ignored their customers. Vista, windows ME they are now following not innovating anymore, not a good posture for such a large company.

  28. This was horrible… first of all if you are going to compare to OS then make sure they are on the same level… comparing a desktop OS to a mobile OS is absurd… also when you are going to compare something, demonstrate, like with the notifications… also you failed to mention that iOS has another unlock method, then just the 4 digit option… also with microsoft, taking the most used OS in the world and completely changing the UI, probably not a smart idea… just saying…

  29. windows 8 is not’s not right to compare them windows 8 is a full os,ios is only for mobile devices with limited’s like comparing cars with bikes

  30. @masmitty07 why would it matter if the OS are on the same level or not? these two devices are competing against each other in the market so why not compare them? consumers could care less about whether if it runs on desktop or mobile OS (not im not saying windows vs mac). point is, people buy tablets for apps and features, not whether it’s running on desktop or mobile OS.

  31. @ll006309 What you are comparing in your said post is a phone to a laptop. Those are two COMPLETELY different devices. The video here is comparing two tablets. So what if the tablet runs on a mobile or desktop OS. They are competing against each other so I don’t see what’s wrong about comparing these two devices and OS. You know the concept “survival of the fittest?”

  32. @vaibhav402 Hey there’s a difference between a touch screen desktop and a tablet. A touch screen desktop is not mobile and a tablet is. Last I check, a slate is a type of tablet. What’s up?

  33. I’m an iPad guy and I love the apple range. I have personally had a bad experience with Microsoft in the past, however, it is good to see some healthy competition in the tablet Market. I have to laugh at how noobs on this comment thread seem to argue about which company/company product is more superior… Funny, because last time I checked, it came down to personal preference… Idiots…

  34. @stephanooblus
    I’m starting to get a bad taste with Apple these days with their developer restrictions and news that Siri is 4S exclusive.

    Microsoft had some tough days behind them *cough Vista cough*. However, I have had no trouble at all with Windows 7 and have been very happy with it. I’m not so happy about Lion however. So it looks like Apple is starting to fall while Microsoft is coming back up. If only the Applites will give them a chance.

  35. @ramonski711 yeah, my bad. I agree for win8 better looking than ios, no doubt about it, but I found it strange to compare side-by-side a pre-beta dev preview os to a commercial already available one. Also, it is not presented as a pre-beta, but as Windows 8. I just remember the comments on win8 look in the first builds with peeps saying: “it really looks similar to windows 7” … DAH ! On a side note, I think WinPads 8 (whatever) will be the first useful tablets in offices.

  36. @mshartz5 must come in turns so. I still think Apple may have a lot to offer as long as Tim Cooke can step up to the mark. I try to open my mind to Microsoft, but they just annoy me and that’s just what I think. I love other company products like. I think Sony. They create good quality TV’s and consoles and portable gaming devices and I’m no applite. If/when apple start messing up, I’ll look for something better. All I’m saying is, these arguments are so ridiculous over which brand is better.

  37. @PeteAnimation these are just test apps, to show Windows 8 developers how easy it is to make Metro apps. You never know what productivity apps will be released with windows 8 next year. my money’s on a Metro Office suite *crosses fingers*

  38. @blancmage31 I think it would be good for business if you’re right. But also, applications built in. Like a Metro UI Windows Live Essentials built into Windows 8. That would mean PCs came with more built in software (like Macs) but also Windows 8 tablets would have more built-in software than the iPad.

  39. Until now windows 8 look garbage the Specifications of windows 8 good but not really great we need something different from ” MS ” we need something haven’t seen before i mean come on we aRe 2011 why i will change from win 7 to 8 just for metro an some Apps

  40. Okay, I hate when microsoft wins and people are like oh like both of them but when apple wins people like to smack it in your faced fucking applites ihate all of you I’m making that app for you ifaggots.

  41. @TheIwanaloveyou we really dont need anything from MS cuz just about 2 years ago they launched windows 7..i just bought a dx11 compatible gfx card thinking to run all high end games…and now a dx 12 is gonna come! Microsoft just need to polish windows 7 if they want (and i dont think they have to…windows 7 runs great)..if they wanna make a tablet OS…how about modifying their shitty windows phone 7 OS for tablets and removing the flaws on that..

  42. The problem that people have is that they think that Tablet is like a phone. No, Tablet is a PC! It’s called Tablet PC for a reason. So don’t wine about iPad having iOS and Windows having a full OS. Windows like it that way and Apple like it that way. It’s for the people to choose 🙂 Stop the crap about the two can’t be compared.

  43. If anybody has an interest in getting an ipad 3 before it hits the shelves you are able to apply to become a tester, I did that a couple of weeks earlier and just got my shipment verification today!

  44. Windows 8 looks sooo gooood !! it seems very exciting and innovative where as ios5 looks static and boring same old thing, exactly like iphone nothing different. I really think apple need to change their UI for the next ios and iphone it is getting really boring, with same little icons stacked in columns . Am i the only one that thinks this??

  45. @warex3d i have windows it sux dixk xomputers last a year well some do dont lie!!!!! other wise affordible and compatible with more programs when mac has its own awsome catagory

  46. I like them both in different ways because Apple and Microsoft are the best.
    I think Windows 8 is more of a modern OS and iOS is just as good.

    I’d have both on the same iPad if I could.

  47. @warex3d i’m mad that i spent years supporting a piece of shit with 4 stupid squares and a microsoft logo on it and that i didn’t switch to OS X sooner than i did. seriously, i can actually get stuff done now without shit like AVG or norton tying up all of my system resources during a scan or an update.

    given the threats being released for windows, you really do need to wear a belt AND braces to keep yourself secure and that’s far too much shit to deal with in my opinion.

  48. @minecraft0413 Last a year? what do you mean what happen? All computers wont last when a moron is behind it even dumb friendly Mac. I bought W7 when it came out and I use my computer a lot and it still works like a charm. So I guess you are just a Apple fan boy and pretend to own a Windows computer.
    When people need to trash some product online it’s because they believe that the other product is better.

  49. clearly ios, ipad, iwhatever is for people who have little demand on their devices. windows, android are for productivity. so both are good depending on what u r goin4

  50. i thing u forgot:
    W8 also has the Windows explorer!!

    wich means:
    VLC media player
    poweriso (SO IT KINDA HAD A CD/DVD DRIVE!)

    -i just hope it supports them all & very clean too!

    last note: hope for sick PC/tablet/phone connection

  51. @ljaypham my windows mobile phone could never keep up to my iphone the features make the use of this phone so fluid that its way more productive than the bulky windows os. sorry buddy

  52. obviously.

    it also has Diablo 3.. basically, every windows program and game can be ran on it, only limit is the hardware.

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  54. windows 8 all the way, windows 8 is terrible on desktop but is mainly designed for the tablet xD id choose the windows 8 tablet all the way.

  55. Why does Apple do touch so much better than anyone else? Why can no one else match the smoothness of the motion in the touch that Apple delivers? It pisses me off. I want a Windows 8 tablet, but the touch function itself is so much worse. Choppy, buggy and annoying in comparison.

  56. Hello friends, you want to get windows 8 pro with activation ready installation + bonuses like manuals and software for WIN8 download? Only here: /watch?v=4SX6m5MyAXQ

  57. yeah. yesterday i just installed my windows 8 installed on my desktop
    its very terrible. 3times failed updating windows update and then i choose to back on my windows 7
    i think IPAD 2 its better than windows 8, i’m going to buy an IPAD
    goodbye to windows 8

  58. I installed it two days ago when updating my rigs hardware….I thinks it’s pretty cool! Hasn’t bugged at all, not even with the drivers of my GPU or Motherboard, and it’s running games smoothly.

  59. In windows 8 we can drag down the tiles and it zooms out helping us to place that tile even at the extreme end of the screen very easily. you don’t have to use two hands as the video at 3:11

  60. Can some one recommend the best windows tablet to buy in the United Kingdom? I have also noticed that touch screens get very dirty with finger prints.

  61. What iOS does that sets it apart is that it manages the system resources so that the app that’s being displayed on the screen at that moment gets priority. The bad thing is that it’s not true multitasking, whereas in Windows 8, true multitasking is available. iOS puts processing priority on the user interface.

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  63. Transitions on windows 8 should be like a windows 7 phone, very clean and crisp. I have an ipad 2 and transitions, and just moving around in general is very fluid and clean.

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