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Pendulum Waves Going Apeshit


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  1. if we change the length of the longest pendulum so it completes a different number of oscillations per minute and we increase one oscillation per minute for each new pendulum does it move in the same way?

  2. How long do the pendulums swing before they lose all momentum? Also, I have a question for you frictionists, as I like to call you. Would it be accurate to say that if this was done in a vacuum, it would go on for a significantly longer period?

  3. @OkashiiBoy They swing for several minutes before coming to rest. In principle they would swing a little longer in a vacuum, but the vacuum doesn’t eliminate the friction of the pendulum at the point of its suspension.

  4. When we know this and learn to notice natural periods or cycles (peaks and troughs on any axis in any space, for example), we can conclude the relation between music and frequency.

  5. it behaves as if the pendulums were controlled by a bifurcation diagram, with the duplication of periods and the passages between order and chaos

  6. If two pendulums of non similar lengths(Smaller/Bigger) After how many oscillations of smaller pendulum, they will again be in the same phase? Can anyone help me

  7. Its moving side to side.
    no…..Its moving in a circle, OR is it an oval?
    WAIT I GOT IT, A CONE, eeehhh, no a square.
    (my thoughts here…)

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