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100 Greatest Shut Ups in Films


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  1. Thanks all for watching. Many more like this on my channel. Please feel free to ask questions or request similar list on my “Channel Comments” Ill do my best reply!

    Thanks again. and hope you enjoyed it

  2. Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s shutup owns this list, first thing I did when I saw this video was to click onto the information bar and searching for Punch-Drunk Love to see if it was included! Touche buddy

  3. Great vid, not bad at all, not perfect of course, but many are there! Almost “cried-out-loud- for you missing out on Big Lebowski, but you saved the best for last! 😉

  4. blatantly missing the greatest “shut up” of all-time, Gregory Peck playing Nazi Dr. Joseph Mengele in ‘Boys From Brazil’… “shut up you ugly bitch!”.
    Youtube “Gregory Peck Shut Up”.

  5. Three films you overlooked:

    1) A League of Their Own – Jon Lovitz’s “Will you SHADDUP?!?!” to a mooing cow

    2) Chasing Amy – Two STFU’s in the first 13 minutes (Hooper X responding to “What’s a Nubian?” and Banky responding to “Archie & Jughead were lovers”)

    3) Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban – Harry saying it twice out loud to Aunt Marge just before “blowing her up”

  6. 2:16 Eastwood: “Shut your fucking face….”

    I had to pause this vid and laugh hysterically. Awesome, just awesome.

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