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Super Bunnies – Trained Rabbits On An Obstacle Course


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  1. I have a rabbit but he doesnt do much, can you please answer this and tell me how you train them to jump over hurdles or run really fast or something?

  2. i have been researching in buying a bunny…this makes me excited to do it! do tgey require special shots from the vet? can they be indoor pets? how do i find the right one for me? thanks.

  3. I lovee yor video, I have a lot of bunnies but I can’t imagine that they can be so inteligent

  4. Awe I train my rabbit she lost a toe! She mates with my cat she probsly isn’t that good b cause she has lop ears and really fuzzy:) check out my vids! That video made me smile:D

  5. @fuzzfarm: I personally have not trained my rabbits, but yes I agree that rescued rabbits make the best „athletes“ . Their survival skills kick in and then there is no holding them back!

  6. not yet. Do you have any trained rabbits in NZ? (I got to travel to NZ several years ago and it was so beautiful I didn’t want to leave.)

  7. I trained them on leash by the road until they stayed on the course reliably. I gradually gave them more freedom as long as they stayed on the grass. They stopped running off and were even able to stay on the course unleashed at busy places like our annual easter egg hunt with hundreds of children running around. I wouldn’t have thought they could do it until I trained them to.

  8. Yup, they don’t run off and a few times they escaped from the yard and were found on their hurdle course practicing. I was amazed.

  9. Perfect! You can build a very low (3″) hurdle and when they cross it click, then give them a tiny bite of banana.

  10. @PiinkBunniie

    Sort of…… It was fun to watch people that were driving by. The mailman liked it and of course many neighborhood kids as well. I used to get requests to bring out the jumping rabbits.

  11. @Bezzauvsdabunnies

    The best hopping rabbits are usually the most active rabbits. I find my best ones at my local animal shelter. Ask to see the rabbits that escape the most and get into the most trouble.

  12. You have adorable bunnies! I have a Netherlands dwarf that’s light brown and white and her name is taffy and I love her. She would never do that in a million years so I want to congratulate your adorable bunnies!

  13. rabbits are soo sweet i have a dutch rabbit call whiskey and i love him soo much ive been trying 2 teach him to jump hes amazing but he only goes over small jumps which is sooo cute 🙂

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