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Burning Car Lifted Off Trapped Man


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  1. @randfee Agreed agreed. I would have also really liked to see someone at least check his pulse. I was just trying to say it’s hard to judge what was going on without being there ourselves, esp. with no sound. He even says he actually screamed from under the car a couple times so in their defense at least the people probably knew he was somewhat ok or alive at minimum. He says that and thanks them in this two minute interview:

  2. @randfee Cars do explode (not always, but there is risk) you have a heat source, fuel source, the flash point of that fuel source will cause ignition when the temperature is reached and pressurize objects inside the car like fire extinguishers pressurized A/C cans etc. You see it on the news once in a while. There are many examples of cars exploding. Your the pathetic one talking about something you obviously have not researched!

  3. @beejan08 the car looked like it had a state county police sticker on it, and if you read the fucking article you will see that he didn’t do it nor did the police officer.. dumbass

  4. The guy standing around in the suit is a Chicken S*#T PUSSY!!!!!!! What a total dick!

    The lady lying in the street is the hero as she told everyone else he was alive!

  5. @DeckMechRyan Your right about one thing. If a bystander would have given him medical help and the injured man had died,, the FAT FUCK LAWYER standing around in the suit ‚DOING NOTHING‘, who owned the BMW that turned right in front of the biker and CAUSED the accident, would have sued that person trying to help for wrongful death!
    That’s the American Way!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Its a great thing when you see people working together to help someone,the sad thing about it is probably only about 25% of people would help while the other 75% would sit back and watch him die.I know first hand,try pulling a 300 pound woman out of a burning car with just you and another guy while about 10 other people watch.

  7. what gets me is the only person who dont do shit is mr high class in my fancy workin suit i mean like really someones life is a danger help save it instead of walkin around with your thumb up your ass!!

  8. b4 everyone piles onto the „suit“ remember, he just got into an accident and is likely in shock. Most people just stand around like idiots after accidents (seen plenty of them). I’m just surprised no one ripped open the trunk for a jack (duh right?). After being involved in racing, I now keep a jack, first aid kit and extinguisher in my car (everyone should). The real idiot is the helmet-less, tshirt wearing motorcyclist. He’s super lucky to be alive.

  9. If he wasn’t wearing a helmet and died from this, serves him right. Helmets are not expensive, and too easy to use. Small price to pay for the safety of your head.

    And second, I understand that the people recording this wanted footage of it, but wouldn’t you run down and attempt to help the people lifting the car instead of telling them to lift it?
    My two cents.

  10. haha look at this

    Lawl Biber is probably crying in his closet right not now. Selena gomez just „moved on“.

    just look at the video on his celeb page:\profile\justin-bieber\19217

    thumbs up if you don’t feel bad

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  12. @michalchik
    Sorry, but you’re wrong.
    They weren’t cheering for that part; they were cheering for the part where he was talking about personal freedom.
    You hate the tea party; I get it.
    Now, go away, and take your hate elsewhere, like DailyKOS, ThinkProgress, or Democratic Underground.
    Get a life while you’re at it.

  13. @alyssarox202 A motorcyclist who was pinned under a burning car after a collision says he’s grateful for the help of strangers who lifted the vehicle to rescue him. (Sept. 13)

  14. @existangst …They pull him out from under the car and then stand around looking at the guy just lying there…
    Just because they think he can have main damage in his spine or head and medical assistance is required to try to not make him stay in a wheelchair all his life?
    Just because that is what you have to do after saving his life?

  15. anybody else notice the cops are concerned about saving the rich persons BMW than saving the middle class guy thats facing death when standers by did the hard part? NO WE MUST SAVE THIS $90K car CAUSE THIS PERSON OBVIOUSLY PAYS MORE TAXES……“SAVE THE CAR THEN WORRY ABOUT THE MAN!“

  16. I come to watch this video once in a while to restore some of my faith in humanity. Then I read the comments and resume my prior nihilism. Well done, internet, well done.

  17. that would be the case if he was in the middle of the street alone, but if the victim is under a burning car then the OBVIOUS thing to do is get him out from under the SURE death, even if it means breaking a few bones by dragging him out.

  18. i think he is the owner of the car. So he may be in shock a bit. It may be fairly shocking to smoke a biker and possibly know that you were the cause of this. So before you call someone a fat fuck, why dont you just take a chill pill you judgemental loud mouthed youtuber

  19. He is fat ! He is the only one of all those people wearing a suit ! and he is also the only one of all those people not doing shit !
    Don’t forget there is some poor guy possibly burning to death under neath this fat man’s car while he has a IN SHOCK moment !
    Don’t be mad at me for just pointing out the obvious !
    If you are also a fat useless suit I meant no disrespect !

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