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Lab Chimpanzees See The Sun For The First Time After 20 Years


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  1. @FierceHD “Have the necessary medication for a friend or family member so that they can live? Or watch them suffer and die but have a few more monkeys in the world?” Ur retared if u think u didnt say that

  2. @Fizbin32111 lol no, Humans are just another species of animals, though very smart ones at that. We are not her to take care of anything, however if you want to that ‘s totally up to you. Humans are just at the top of the food chain, that’s all. And if we destroy the rest of Earth with out pollution and violence and all that, then it’ll be Mother Nature’s way of restarting life on Earth without having to start an Ice Age or meteor shower.

  3. @BioFreak430 then die! people like me will always exist! and since i see beauty where trully is, i will always be happy, so the fact that u are not happy makes me even happier XD !!! u gotta be a piece of crap jajaja

  4. tears from my eyes, thats all i can say!!WOW, so beautiful!!

    and please my fellow humans, watch the movie “EARTHLINGS” and help me spread it all around the globe!!!this needs to be seen!!!PLEASE help me share this incredible documentary with everyone who is still in a “coma of consciousness”!

  5. I hope any and all people who were supporting and/or working on the testing of the chimps die in a fire.Even GLaDOS is more human than these people,she at least tests on humans!

  6. Este video me quema la sangre, asco de gente, asco de ser humano y asco de laboratorios que encierran a esos animales sin culpa de nada y miradlos como salen, dios me cago en toda la humanidad¡¡¡¡


    for the first time in their lives, the chimps see the sun. They lived in a lab for decades and this is the first moment they get to walk outside. “They hugged as if saying ‘we’re finally free’.. and after such a long time, it’s as if they’re saying ‘I can’t believe it!’ to their friends.” At 1:30 the man talks about how he saw a chimp looking at a butterfly and remembering it from her childhood.

    Please thumbs up so people can see this!

  8. After three decades in captivity, this group of 38 chimpanzees who had been abused in painful hepatitis and HIV experiments in an Austrian laboratory were finally released to a sanctuary in Germany, where they can spend the rest of their lives in peaceful retirement. Watch this awe-inspiring moment and remember to always speak out against animal testing.


  10. We believe gods of the world and use our neighbors for our needs no matter what they suffer. Go loathe this world, more and more disgusted I get the lack of empathy and sensitivity in humans.

    Sorry for my bad English.

  11. @DeathnoteBB Esentially they locked the 10 chimpanzees in a completely dark isolated room for x number of years, a few decades I believe, and then let them see the outside world, 7 of them for the first time in their lives.

  12. This may not be exact, since my German is only from a few years of school classes, but I translated the video to the best of my ability. 🙂

    “They’re seeing the sun for the first time in their lives. After being in test laboratories, these are the chimpanzees’ first steps of freedom.”
    Male voice: “They hugged each other like they were saying “We’re finally free.” And then they laughed. It’s like for a human to spend 30 years trapped in an elevator waiting to die. And then after 30 years–

  13. 0:39 “–the doors of the elevator just open, and you’re there with your friends and say ‘I can hold you.'”
    “The humans were only seen in clothing–protective suits. No contact–that’s something they learned since they were brought to the lab as babies.”
    Female voice “These 38 animals have wasted away most of their lives in the laboratory. Since 2002 they’ve come to /town name/ in Austria, and here prepared themselves to live a long and free life. 1:21 These moments are meant for both-

  14. “–humans and animals alike. Unique.”
    1:29 (Sorry, I really can’t understand him.)
    1:41 “And the apes that were born in the laboratory discover so much for the first time. The wind. The grass. Their freedom.”

  15. @LybioVideo Basically these animals spent their whole lives in a lab as part of unspeakably horrible laboratory testing. The clip shown is the first time those apes have seen the sun (I have an approximate translation underneath.)
    @DeathnoteBB This answers your question too, right? (Btw I love your username. L was awesome :'( .)

  16. It is sad but if someone can please explain one thing……..if we can’t experiment on animals or humans what do we experiment on? Because we cannot continue to advance as fast as we are going now without testing on something.

  17. these so called scientist/human beings need to leaves these animals alone, I hope that every single person involved with keeping them locked up see’s this comment & realizes the reactions from more angry people, I hope these scientists never find a moment like the moment these animals saw the sun, in they’re lifetime. Clearly, they deserve less happiness than these monkeys. watching this i hope you scientists suffer & all learn your lesson because you know this makes you all look like monsters.

  18. ythe people who locked them up deserve to die a very slowly death with a lot of pain.. the death of hungry seams to be perfecy for these monsters!!
    Look at those wonderfull monkeys which are so happy to be outside.. How can you locked them up and hurt them???? I dont understand there all so much prisoners who have killed or rape humans.. why dont the scientist use the prisoners, the bad people??? Why the innocent animals??? please die..

  19. @imasonfree
    “We don’t have a common ancestor, either.” – You base this statement in …what? ALL life on Earth comes from one single cell and we ALL share common ancestors. The only question is when in history we branched out in separate directions. We DO have ALL life in us…from lions and snails to scorpions and apes. I base this statement on multiple evidence of observation, experiments and specially genome analysis.

  20. 1st: This is in Austria
    2nd: This happens all over the world, and no one cares…
    3rd: Only because the germans make educationla videos on this topic, it doesn’t make them the bad people.
    4th: Some of those monkeys die in captivity in other countries, these are healthy and cared for + they are actually given back their freedom
    5th: I am German

    Kluone, Think before you post, especially if you’re insulting a whole country!

  21. @srximus Cells make cells that make cells and after a while the cells are so far beyond what that cell used to be it’s a whole new cell, completely. We branched out a long time after the first cell that created ‘everything’…CREATED EVERYTHING. If we all share a common ancestors, who’s to say we didn’t branch off from the same cell as another animal long before we branched off from the cell of the APES? Is it because they stand on their hind legs like us? Scientists are reaching…

  22. Although I do agree this is a terrible experiment, it needed to be done. Did you see the reactions they had when they first saw sunlight? That gives us so many more answers to deep psychological questions! They new it was sunlight from the moment they entered it, and they had a sense of joy, and to a more extreme extent, relief on their faces! It is very bad that they had to grow up in captivity, but look at what it gave us!

  23. I can’t believe that the highest rated comment even is wrong. That video you see has NOTHING to do with experiments. It’s a “refugial area” for chimps that spent their whole life as laboratory animals – but again: the place yous ee NEVER conducted any experiments, it’s exactly the contrary. Please get your facts straight…

  24. Animal testing happens in all industrial countries. Inform yourself about animal testing in YOUR country. In UK is as much testing as in Germany, in USA even more.
    So please don’t insult Germany and Austria and call us evil or Nazis or something. At least we make videos about it and show what is going on there. Most testing animals in other countries NEVER see the sun.

  25. @yellowbootsandsnowsh Yeah, join that bunch of hypocrites? The money would better spent in other ways. PETA is corrupt and so divided against itself, giving it money is a waste of time.

  26. What a great thing that these animals can finally live a better life. Check out how a similar thing is happening at a chimp sanctuary in Florida; Do an Internet search for Save the Chimps

  27. Ich habs auch bei galileo big pictures gesehen und der moment wo die beiden affen sich so umarmen, das zeigt wie grausam menschen sein können und wie solche geschenke wie die freiheit für alle lebewesen ein segen sein können

  28. So schöön! ich hoffe wirklich das sich im nächsten Jahr so einiges ändert und alles Lieblose fallen wird! NAMASTÉ meine Freunde

  29. @MSHugo1984, no, Sir, you get your facts straight, as those apes, indeed, acted as guinea pigs. They were HIV-infected, for instance, so as to allow us insight into this and other diseases.
    Also, the top comment mentions the undeniable fact that this happens all over the world, and people don’t care. What I’m saying is, does it really matter where this particular video was shot and who the bad guy behind this video is, when atrocities happen everywhere.

  30. Ich funde das ist so traurig aber herzergreifend wi sich die affen umarmt haben.

    Ps wie heisst das lied was gespielt wird wo die affen freigelassen wurden

  31. @colatrinker100 der affe hatte nen ständer @ 01:28 … er hat seine Stellung korrigert, nachdem er merkte, dass von Vorn kein rankommen ist 😉

  32. A Liberdade é um bem Supremo que Deus nos deu.
    Esta sena é emocionante, eles se confraternizam ao receber a Liberdade.
    Que possamos meditar profundamente sobre isto.

  33. “Says the person from Greece who is being financially aided by the german government”

    Do I have anything to do with that? No.
    Do YOU have anything to do with that? No.

    same thing different topic….

    Why would you say something like that?

  34. Greece is financially aided by the german coz my politics are bastards and germany making money from that… also we are the only country that didnt get the money for the shit you country give to mine in war making you rich “history”
    p.s. i like when you write Greece with capital G and germany with small just like our history… See ya! dont mix greek ppl with greek politics in your head son…

  35. Well done sir, If you would have read, and ideally understood the reply you would notice that I am saying the exact same thing as you, just to clarify: the part in the quotation marks are a hypothetical response of the average youtube viewer. Underneath i obviously say that this is the wrong approach to this. Maybe read and think before arguing about something that you agree with yourself…

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