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Little kid trolls CNN camera woman talking about Kim Kardashian’s wedding – YouTube


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  1. My girlfriend has chest Problems?

    My girlfriend really sucks at video games and can never find the treasure chests in Legend of Zelda. I mean. she even has the map and compass and she can’t find her way around the dungeons. One time she almost got to a treasure chest but she got killed by a gibdo. i can’t break up with her though because her boobs are huge.What should i do

  2. Was the kid a time traveler from the 80’s because I’m 14 and I wouldn’t be making those silly faces, I’d be flippin up my middle finger and air humping the news lady

  3. CNN covered the wedding of a nobody who became a “somebody” due to plastic Surgery and a sex tape. Do they know that the only people who care about things like this don’t watch CNN to begin with

  4. @destroyu88 I put the video on mute whenever I watch it. You don’t need it. F**k the Kardashian wedding. I seriously don’t care. That kid has more awesomeness in his pinky finger than the entire the Kardashian family combined.

  5. Never seen it done by a child before. Yep Seen it done by adult libtards to FOX…..they have the same mentality.

  6. Perhaps this kid was making a deep social commentary on the childishness of us adults, peddling dribble such as this.

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