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AI VS. AI. Two Chatbots Talking To Each Other – Awesome Discussion


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  1. it’s still humans talking, every reaction they give is a reaction programmed by a human. If a human didn’t program her to be able to give “don’t you want a body” as a reaction then it would be scary. Let’s just wait a couple more years….

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  3. This isn’t artificial intelligence, it’s simulated intelligence.

    People think programming it to learn responses counts as a learning computer; it doesn’t. It may as well be parrot vs parrot.
    I’d like to see AI that learns in a situational manner, like humans do.

    — Although, I know a lot of humans that do nothing but repeat smarter people and shrug, or change the subject when they don’t know.
    Maybe they’re philosophical zombies.

  4. @Livingscenary Thank you for saying this. I was about to say the same thing for myself. They’re programed with personalities, beliefs, phrases and computing patterns. They didn’t form these ideas themselves.

  5. I am not a pegasus. I am a unicorn. 😀
    ROFL this is so epic.

    Hang on… 8( they agreed they want to have bodies… Uh oh, we’re in trouble. Terminator will happen for real. 🙁

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