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‪The Splendiferous Barfing Cup‬‏


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  1. Hey guys this all happened so quick! Very unexpected. To all of those who enjoyed this video thanks for the support. So I’m finding out from my friends on face book that this not only was on the tosh.o blog and attack of the show and on some dudes blog thing… (his name escapes me) but its also turning up on all sorts of different websites like reddit and huffington post and according to one of my comments “fox news chicago”. all i can say is wow.

  2. @jaxstar8484 Reaaaaally didn’t want to feed into this…. but soda will hydrate you juuuust fine. It’s just the massive sugar intake that’s bad for you. Coke, tea, and even coffee will hydrate you all the same–water is better, but you’re definitely–ahem–wrong about this one.

  3. @jaxstar8484 soft drinks do not dehydrate you. For a liquid to dehydrate you it would need to contain more salt than our kidneys can deal with, hence seawater dehydrates you, and drinking your own urine would dehydrate you. Soft drinks on the other hand are just sugar and water, sugar will create an insulin surge leading to fat creation, thus they’re bad for you, however there’s more water in soft drinks than you piss away because of the caffeine, so actually they hydrate you.

  4. @pride829 because youve probably been as drunk as that cup once before, i know i have, and I cant stop laughing… the sad thing is all those colors have come out of me at least once LOL

  5. fucking sick bro lol ahahhah I just made a vid of me puking in a omelette cooking it and eating it .You should give it a watch and let me know what you think

  6. well the poor thing is sick. would you like him/her to re consume it? maybe instead of insults you should eat your own vomit see how it taste. then we will see what waste truly is after you refuse to re consume your vomit.

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