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Weirdest Motor Bike Crash Ever – SFW – Just Funny


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  1. Pink Guy : woops guess i slipped
    Green guy : WTF were did that bike come from ? Ok il just go get it … This time … Wait this time ffs help me
    Pink guy : go to hell do it yourself i dont giva damn :/

  2. OMG hahahahahajajajajhaajahajahaajahahajahajahajahajahajajahaahajahaajahajahajahajhaajhaaahajahajahakahajahajahajahaajhaajahajahaajhaajshajhajhaajahajahajhaajahjahajaahajhajahajahajahajhajjhajhaajahahajahajahaajahajahajahajahajahajahaajaahajajahajahajahaajahajashajahajahajahajajahajaaajjaakhaahjahajhjahjahajhajhjahajhajhajhajhjahajhajhajhajhajhajhajhajhjahjahjahjahjahjahjajahjajajajaajajahahahaahahahjajajajajahahahahajajjajaahahhahajajajajajajahahahhaajjajajaajajajahahahhajajajajajahahahajajaja

  3. The man in the green suit never fucking slowed down….he just planted his feet, let his momentum lift him from the tarmac, then caught up with his bike while the throttle was stuck wide open. It locked up with the other bike after this…but only a fraction of a second later. This guy has the freakiest reaction time I have ever seen. My ass would be screaming while he was already on his feet. Damn…..

  4. What a petulant little bitch he is, not even wheeling his own bike off the track. Have your temper tantrum AFTER you clear an active racetrack, buddy, otherwise someone else could get hurt.

  5. they should have red flagged this race as soon as the bike started spinning. If it would have broke free and hit another rider on the track it could have been bad.

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