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EDWARD – Electric Diwheel With Active Rotation Damping


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  1. @peterinbrat Cambered wheels may work with a hub-driven design but presents massive potential problems for our hubless wheels whilst the frame is sloshing.

  2. @RichardUSMCorp Way to reinforce the stereotype of the willfully stupid jarhead.

    SO tell us all, how is a device that teaches engineering students how to design and program such a complex mixture of machine and math, a “useless piece of shit.”?

    We all await your wisdom.

  3. @RichardUSMCorp I believe I said:

    “Way to reinforce the stereotype of the willfully stupid jarhead.

    SO tell us all, how is a device that teaches engineering students how to design and program such a complex mixture of machine and math, a “useless piece of shit.”?

    We all await your wisdom.”

    Yes. Yes, that IS what I said.

  4. When breaking, i assume the drive wheel doesn’t have contact with the outer wheels constantly? Otherwise the drive wheel which is attached the the driver rig would make you spin over?

    Why i’m asking is because i have had plans of making one myself for years but never got around to it, and if you’re going 40km/h and hit the breaks hard, you’ll end upp like a hamster breaking in a hamsterwheel in 40km/h 🙂

    So i guess in a sense you’re using ABS breaks but in a more modern approach?

  5. @VE3n0m That is the main reason for the Slosh control we’ve designed and implemented. The amount of torque provided to the motors is fully controlled so that the angle of the inner frame is also controlled. In other words, with Slosh control turned on, if you’re pelting along at 40km/h and hit the brakes (i.e. bring the joystick back to the centre position) the motor torque will not be allowed to drop to zero immediately as this would cause the inner frame to exceed the allowable angle.

  6. @sandmann13 very similar but there are some key differences. Firstly, a Segway’s frame is not intended to undertake a a full rotation and hence this scenario doesn’t need to be taken into consideration when designing the control system. This has been a very challenging area for the team due to a discontinuity which exists when the frame passes through the +/-180deg point. The other difference is the relatively high centre of mass which lies outside the circumfrence of the outer wheels.

  7. @MrSamHart So i thought, that is a goold soultion to solve the problem, but how about stand-alone breaks attached to the outer wheel, and just free the drive wheel whever no tourque is applied?
    That would give you a natural Slosh control without having to worry about the ammount of torque given, downhill or slopes etc? Because i assume if you’re facing a steep hill or slope, if your center of gravity would shift to much and you break/accelerate you would roll anyway?

  8. The 9 dislikes were oil company CEOs seeing their livelihood’s undoing coming up really quickly.
    Seriously…. we’re getting a LOT closer to ending gas based vehicles’ time as primary transportation, especially if this awesome thing was basically a massive school project. 🙂

  9. @VE3n0m The main problem I can see with that idea is the “stand-alone” brakes. I’m really not sure how you’d impelement them. They would still have to be attached to the inner frame in order to apply a braking torque to the outer wheels and would hence require the exact same control principles as are currently in use with the motors or the inner frame would just lock to the outer wheels and you go into a deathroll. Another key problem is that the idler wheels provide an undesireable amount of…

  10. @VE3n0m … frictional resistance. Hence being able to control both the power AND braking torque applied to the outer wheels ensures that the frictional resistance due to the idler wheels alone do not cause the inner frame to start to gerbil uncontrolably. If you were to remove the use of the drive wheel during braking you would lose the ability to “roll-off” the power slowly and bring the vehicle to a slow but very safe stop.

  11. @VE3n0m As for the hill scenario. This is an inherent problem with the diwheel design. It is able to go up very slight inclines (~15%) but anything more than this and the natural centre of mass effectively topples over the vehicle’s centre of rotation and the whole thing goes rolling back down the hill. Such a system as you’ve described will unfortunately do nothing to prevent this. It will simply lock the inner frame to the outer wheel and both would roll down the hill. Hope that helps!

  12. this is dangerous at high speeds if you want to make a sudden stop, will just lock up and you and the wheel will be rolling

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  15. I am a mechanical / robotic / mechatronic engineer… I created a vehicle years ago that is somewhat like the diwheel but it has the ability to brake at high speeds. My superior design allows you to control the Dual wheeled cycle like a rally race car! my design is “different”, I named it the “Cyclone Wheel” If you have any further questions about my design details send me a e-mail to
    I will give feed back and food for thought.

  16. I don’t get the point of this other than fun. It’s instability actually makes it less efficient that a vehicle with 3 or 4 wheels. A Motor cycle would be better than this.

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