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Bio Station Alpha On Mars – Alien Base Discovered With Google Mars


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  1. @shapokliyak You wrote, “blah blah blah, whine whine, why didnt I find it ?, whah” come on, Seriously- find the raw data- show it to the world- then let the world form its own conclusions- then you will be famous! saying bio station alpha was added by thier softwear is about believeable as saying it was a spec of dust on the lense. just because google makes comments about some of the 3-d imaging you can do on thier earth project, doesnt explain away what Mr. Martines has discovered.

  2. Hi everybody, I am a professional Geologist Although a possible explanation to David Martines’ structure, the reply given by Alfred McEwen a planetary geologist who explaned Martines’ discovery as a cosmic ray marking on the sensors, it’s true that Nasa does not release most of the High Definition images of Mars surface to the public, and when we spot something like that we can only think of a Nasa plot.

  3. I am a professional GeologisI have to report that I’ve just discovered another face on Mars thanks to GoogleMars. Probably this is just the way our brain interprets the shadows on Mars’ surface, giving them a human feature, but it’s there : Coordinates: 14° 41.668’N – 141° 23.246′ W. This face looks a like the famous Cydonian one, it covers a perimeter of almost 8Km and it’s about 167 Km SW off the Edge of Olympus Mons.

  4. Regarding Bio Station I have to notice that the elevation does not change if you move the cursor over the structure and that makes me think that the changes in color are due to some kind of inteference in light, the shape is just the pixels.
    So it does not look like a 3D structure but just a blank in the signal. I have to notice that the face I found (Coordinates: 14° 41.668’N – 141° 23.246′ W) is a real 3D structure, as you can see moving the the mouse the elevation of the surface changes.

  5. @JohnDellify I think, I saw that too. And I marked that. Maybe later, we could study to gether what we have found? A good thing is, what ever David has found it made us curious and google the Mars. I found a group of similar objects like Bio Station Alpha on Mars last night. If those are habitants then the planet must be pretty growded?

  6. This is a Reptilian colony of 60,000 inhabitants
    They brought an atmosphere generator and have begun to convert Mars to a livable planet
    Our government made a deal with them and in this agreement, our government agreed to kill 90% of us so this planet could be shared with the Reptilians
    An alien from the Andromeda Galaxy told atlanticobr about it and you can watch the videos at Andromeda Answers

  7. It was like 30 year’s ago when there was a report out of NASA that they wanted to some day terraform mars, but that it would take them like a 1,000 years to be able to do this…Knowing NASA like i do now? I would say that they were lying back then, and it would take them a 1,000 year’s to tell us that they actually were doing it back then!

  8. the other nasa, has bases on the Moon, and Mars, since the 60;s
    with co-operation from their gray & reptoid friends
    our leaders sold us out long ago, for a handful of techno-trinkets

  9. I feel like there should be a larger group of people bringing this to the attention of NASA more,forcing them to direct Curiosity there.

  10. Good thought but the rover probably wouldn’t be able to make it. They can’t just drive Curiosity wherever they want. It’s a careful, slow process, a 1500 ft journey could take a month. There is nobody to get the rover unstuck so they have to be really careful. NASA chose a very specific landing spot. This other spot could be thousands of miles away with all kinds of mountainous terrain in between. Curiosity probably wouldn’t be able to, but they could take enhanced images with probes I bet

  11. Well, all I know is that SOMETHING is going on, and NASA and the U.S. Government have been keeping secrets from us for a very long time. I have looked into every conspiracy theory out there, and people are either really stupid, blind and/or ignorant…probably all three…if they think that there isn’t anything going on. People that constantly aim to debunk conspiracy theories just have their heads stuck in the sand because they don’t want to accept the ugly truth of the matter…PERIOD.

  12. It IS a Space Station. They are planning on combining “Alien” and human life forms, into a Hybrid-super human. And on the Moon as well. DARPA has a hand in it.

  13. I looked at the structure you found and realised it was very similar to the one I found recently on the other side of Mars.
    Take a look and let me know what you think.

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