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Woman Belives She Is a White-Shark Whisperer


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  1. I think the real point this video should try and make is that while a Shark is dangerous, it’s not some blood-crazed killing machine, hell bent on eating people. They can actually be quite cute.

  2. then she jumps into the water to swim with it and accidentally cuts herself on the metal before falling in… different story.

  3. I am in awe of the great white and I think they are 1 of natures most beautiful creatures but I would never get that close. Although I am amazed by the behaviour of that white

  4. They’re my favorite animal but they are not „Peaceful creatures“, Typical new age hippy bollocks. They’re perfectly evolved predators who will kill anything given the right and just animistic motives that drive it. They’re incapable of wrong or right. They have no perception of it, they just do.

    Cooperation to get easy food is not a sign of peace, it’s completely natural. It chose the meal least present with risk of being attacked back. That’s why its millions of years old.

  5. this is so cool. I know the feeling she’s talking about, it’s very surreal and really makes you like even the most deadly creatures sometimes.

  6. Amazing, I don’t care if it’s a women, man, white or black. I came to see the shark. All I see is stupid ignorant comments..

  7. Terrible idea, do not feed large animals. They’ll learn to seek out humans and someone will get hurt. Feeding sharks, bears or crocodiles is not difficult and is absolutely not „respecting“ or „understanding“ them. It’s endangering the animal and other people for your own amusement, so you can feel „one with the wild“. Congratulations, animals like it when you feed them, you’re the animal whisperer. Get a dog and stop disturbing wildlife.

  8. The ‚Humane‘ way of killing an animal is the HUMAN’S way of killing animals. Not sharks. Sharks do not have machines to knock out a fish and then kill it. They use what God gave them. So stop using the whole ’sharks viciously kill their prey‘ bit, because it doesn’t work. We have machines to kill animals the way WE think is right. Sharks, lions, tigers, bears, all of those don’t have machines. So don’t use that excuse. What word is in humane? Answer: HUMAN. Not shark. Our idea, not theirs. Duh!

  9. I said it before, and I’ll say it again. I believe too much in sharks to go against them. Besides, all the attacks are preventable. How so? Don’t go into the water. We accept the responsibility and the risk of being bitten when we enter the water. People need to understand that. Once we enter their domain, they are the rulers. People don’t want to accept it, so they kill what is in their way. THAT is vicious. And as for the sharks killing method, do you see them w/ machines to kill? No.

  10. @ElfenLiedPhsycoFan

    Tell me, how is the empirical evidence that sharks viciously attacked and consumed a body boarder yesterday off Reunion Island not „proof“? You simply fell under the spell that painting sharks as „misunderstood“ is a condition precedent to garnering public support for their conservation. In the end, however, you insult people’s intelligence by claiming that the jury is still out. Sharks eat people. Period. „Murderous monsters?“ If you were attacked, it might seem so.

  11. @kmkfiction2 I base my belief that they need to be saved by what I know. There is not enough evidence to me that they are monsters. Humans fear what they do not understand. From what I have seen, we don’t understand sharks that much. Therefor, we fear them. Is it well placed? To a degree, but I don’t see why we have to be so afraid of them. Respect is what we need. And humans are different then sharks. We have guns, sharks don’t. We have technology, sharks don’t. See my pattern?

  12. @kmkfiction2 The reason I am defending sharks so much if because I believe in them too much. There is no way I’m going to let someone tell me otherwise about these things without condemning proof. So far, I have not seen any proof, nor do I feel it in me, that sharks are a lost cause and are as ‚vicious‘ as people say. There is no way. I will fight till the day I die that sharks are misunderstood creatures that need protecting. There is too much for me to believe they are murderous monsters.

  13. @ElfenLiedPhsycoFan
    Above all, I don’t know why you keep suggesting sharks are „victims“ or reference „blame“. Science is about placing the facts of the world in their proper place. It is a scientific fact that White sharks are menacingly vicious predators that have no remorse, no empathy and, if hungry, will have no hesitation to eat you. I have looked into their eyes underwater and know that they saw me as prey. It was a black and white reality…juxtaposed against their white and grey.

  14. @ElfenLiedPhsycoFan
    We are exceedingly vicious towards our prey. But we have empathy by virtue of our mammalian heritage, e.g., kin selection. As an aside, I am looking at the ecological niche of the species. You, my friend, are making many mispaced inferences from negative evidence (e.g., there „should“ be more attacks if we are prey) and, above all, letting your desire to „save“ the species to cloud your sociobiological analysis. Conservation and accurate theory is not mutually exclusive.

  15. If all apex predators are vicious toward their prey, then we are vicious as well. I’m talking about viscous towards humans. We are not their intended prey (as a group). Individual sharks are a different story from the overall species. Don’t blame every shark of killing someone based on one shark. People look at the negatives (for reason I cannot comprehend). I’m talking about general population, while you are focusing on one or a few individuals. Also, you are focusing on one event.

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