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Tesla Coil Music – This Is The Remix


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  1. This is why I went into science. Who gets to do stuff like this with a business degree? Amazing work ladies and gentlemen, absolutely amazing!

  2. вообще класс классное видео и звук тодже мне очень понравилось спасибо автор

  3. Wondering what all the songs are. One sounded like pap over possum kingdom and another of Simon and Garfunkel Celia

  4. 1)Cruel summer-Bananarama (2)I want you back-The Jackson 5 (3)Party up-DMX(4) Possum Kingdom-The toadies (4)Cecilia-Simon & Garfunkle (5)Need you tonight-INXS

  5. I was wondering about 4 and 4? thats what they sounded like but it sounds as if there’s rap (remix?) going on over them.

  6. Eh nevermind, dug around myself and found out its „one“ song. „This is the remix“ (heh i should of known) by girl talk.

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