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Last Footage From Laurel & Hardy Ever! In 1956!


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    can some one tell me, which of the 2 females, was Stan Laurels wife „Ida Kitaeva Raphael?“ the blonde or the brunette?

  2. What struck me the most is that even after all that time, Stan and Ollie still got together. Their off-screen friendship lasted until the very end.

  3. I stumbled across this by accident. I love these two old guys. They brought so many people joy in a time when it was needed. They look old and different but seem to be really happy. Thank you for posting this. It’s a gem!

  4. many thanks for the upload! its amazing!! both are legends !!!! grew up watching there shows as a kid had eps on vhs back in days some the best laughs ever, it does break the heart to see them like this but still could not help have that smile when you see them both 🙂 outstanding human beings, truly gifted in the arts of comedy

  5. This was a joy to have the priviledge of viewing. Just goes to show that regardless of how famous one is….we’re all just people in the end. Those two gals must have been Stan and Oliver’s wives. They look like they probably knew their way around a Hollywood party. I’m sure they had to endure many of those….in support of their husband’s careers. What a life. What a time in America. Thanks for posting.

  6. They did/still do give me so much enjoyment. Can sit there for hours laughing away without a care in the world. They will never be matched. God bless.

  7. These two gentlemen set the standard for comedy excellence. Even when he was close to death Stan Laurel had quipped: „If anyone at my funeral has a long face, I’ll never speak to him again.“…………..Need I say more.

  8. i love the team in both their silent and sound comedies. they had the perfect voices to suit their different personilities.

  9. Yes,they were wonderful. Laurel and Hardy were one the few stars to successfully make the transition from silent movies to talkies. I especially like their silent work. Back in those pioneer film days they worked with a mere outline,but no script making things up as they performed. Yes,Oliver does look bad. He dies the next year. Stanley lives another 9 years.

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