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Freaky Man Licking Shoes on New York Subway


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  1. Obviously there something wrong with this man. No one in their were in their right mind would do such a thing we need to be praying for him.

  2. It’s a nigger licking his goddamn shoes on a bus, there is nothing hurtful about this video besides my fucking eyes from watching it.

    Go back to your sheltered hole and hide, in the real world these shitskins are as filthy and backwards as they are made out to be.

  3. you are hurtful and mean to post this on the internert. he is ill. and you posted it on youtube to degrade him even more. you must be about 14. and have no common sense. grow up. you had no right to this. i wait till someone gets a video of you , that you dont want on youtube and all your friends see it, as well as ruining your life, good luck witht at karma

  4. ◆◇◆◇◆いきなりの書き込み失礼します。お金にお困りの方、いらっしゃいますか?実は宝くじで100,000,000円当選したのですが、その使い道に困ってます…馬鹿みたいな話ですが事実です。単刀直入に申しますとこの当選金をどなたかにお譲りしたいと思ってます。既にお譲りが済んだ方もいますが、少額でのお譲りが多かったため結構な額が残ってます…本日中にお譲りする事も可能なので遠慮せず仰って下さい。出来る限りご希望の金額を、と考えております。もし、お受け取りになりたい方いましたら、サイト内ですと書き込みが削除されます場合が御座いますので、こちらの→【】リンクより、スムーズにお話をすすめる事ができますので、どうぞお早めのご連絡をお待ちしております。◆◇◆◇◆

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