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Creepy Motion Capturing Head Technology


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  1. @MADEbyISLI probably by using the cornea and iris as another ‘dot’. Its surrounded by white so you can track it’s moment as reliably i would imagine (likely determined in a pass separate from the face dots)

  2. yer your right, by the time the next gen of consoles come out (in like 5 years) my more than adequate computer would probably be and old lump or garbage, but for now it the work horse can play games and render 3d animation perfectly fine at the same time

  3. You know that right now we have the capabilities of the next-gen consoles already , and i can assure you when the next gen consoles release we will already have more power in PC´s. If you take minecraft as an example , watch this : IceEnhancer 2.0 or Crysis 1/2 Mods or Arma 2 . These will blow your mind , you little console faggot . MAN UP !

  4. I don’t get why everyone likes this so much. First of all there is not allot of expression going on. A proper heavily acted line would quickly show if this approach would carry it all the way. The skin is insanely wrinkly as well, going way beyond the realistic. I think what sells it to most people is the image based lighting and a quite nice skinshader. Put it into a real game environment, have him act some real lines with emotions and then were talking.

  5. why do you think that , ive been working with cg for 12 years now , and i know how to appreciate good work very well , and one more thing , this comment is one year ago , why you dug it up now , any way , now i do make some good facial impressions for my models with 3d max

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