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Rock Band Flip Out


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  1. @mariomj71099 I also don’t see the light from the TV shining off the desk.
    The guy singing backs away like he knows it’s going to happen.
    After the guitarist „fails“ out, the guitar keeps playing?

  2. @youngjdet the drummer is doing horribly, singer is doing horribly. guitar guy probably carrying the team. he fails and since he’s drunk, he overreacts. Yells fuck, the other guy gets scared and takes a step back but keeps singing cause he thinks the guitar guy is mad because of his singing. he says fuck it, and sings at him. THEN SMASH. my theory is the only thing that makes sense in this world.

  3. Yeah this is fake.
    1. The drummer is not even looking at the TV, plus his timing is WAY off.
    2. The singer steps back after the guy say FUCK! which means he knew what was about to happen.

  4. @mariomj71099 Hows it fake huh?! Come on troll explain yourself. No one cares if a video is fake dude. He hit his tv with a rockband guitar tell me hows that fake. Plus even if it is fake he still HIT A TV WITH A ROCKBAND GUITAR YOU DUMBSHIT so go back to you cave you troll and suck a fat one for me thanks. bye

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