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Lego Antikythera Mechanism


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  1. @auroral

    I guess an eclipse was a most frightening sight in the times before modern science lifted the veil of ignorance from humanity’s face. If one were able to predict it, he or she would surely have been worshipped as a seer or medium by the common folk. In my opinion, if abused by a king or religious leader, the antikythera mechanism would have been an extraordinarily powerful tool to control the dull masses.

  2. @auroral
    True, it does seem somewhat “useless”.
    However, one could theorize that if a person could build such an elaborate device for predicting lunar eclipses, imagine what else they could have built with said person’s knowledge. The actual Antikythera Mechanism could calculate not only eclipses, but the position of the sun, moon stars and other celestial bodies.

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