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No Entrance for You – Tough Guy on Public Doors


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  1. They only have a problem with you when you are doing something wrong. 1) Don’t act like a cock at the door like your made of money and gold and your shit don’t stink and we’ll let you in. 2) Don’t get to drunk no one likes a person that falls over themselves and bumps into others having a good time. 3) Learn to walk away. Who cares if he bumped you he said sorry 4) Don’t take on the bouncer it never works even if you smash him his 8+ other mates are going to do a roadtrain on your ass.

  2. ive been a bouncer for nearly 8 years, bouncers dont go on like this tool did, we do our job and stop the drunk fools from getting through the door and starting fights, if we seen tough or unfair its because we dont want fights in our clubs, if use dont like the way we do our lob then go to rsl club

  3. @ghreed1 „English was not spoken, or was poorly spoken, by a large part of the convict population and the dominant English input was that of Cockney from South-East England.“ (from Wikipedia). You stupid illiterate cunt, suck on your dog’s cock now. Shoo!

  4. ROFLMAAAAOOOO!!!!!!! I’m surprised they didn’t put a smackdown on ya GLAD they didn’t!!!!! Never had to deal with bouncers BUT from what I’ve seen OOOOH YEAH LOVE that they got a taste of their own medicine!!!! roflmaaaaaaaooooo

  5. Its FAKE, watch this other commercial by chokito, its the same „bouncer“ like the first guy in this 1, check:
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  6. @chickalass123

    Their reasons for their ’no’s seems different every time I go out. I’d like to actually see these ‚rules‘ written down somewhere, so we can finally have evidence for the bullshit „the club is full, but not for these people“ lines.

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