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YouTube – Lego Hello World


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  1. @josh6680 i think to get a solid image it would take alot longer with a pencil because each pass would be really skinny. and you might have to sharpen it in the middle because it would get fatter but the printer wouldn’t calibrate for it. but in theory you could get higher DPI

  2. @BeretsAreSexy
    Well, YouTube comments management is far from perfection, so I found the word “agnostic” sparse through time. I actually tought about his/her comment being a joke and I maybe didn’t catch irony since english is not my mother tongue, but it looked (to me) that he was trying to joke saying something he really thinks.
    If I’m wrong, sorry, my fault 😉

  3. Amazing tool …:)
    I Hope That Someone Will Design The Colorful Lego Printer with 4 or More Markers ..=)
    Amazing Video 🙂 Congratulations For Creativity 🙂

    A Track Name is Located in FAQ [video’s description] … 🙂

    It’s A ..:)

    Christopher and Raphael – Just Popper (Shinichi Osawa distortion disco edit)

    Cheers 😛

  4. Supersmashinggreat!

    btw, the lego printer features on the BBC this week on Click Online. UK peeps can watch it on the BBC iplayer – the printer item is at the 10 minute point.

  5. I like this video! You are very smart, boy! There was one printer thing named “Short Word”. You have to be very smart, to put this detail in your construction!

  6. This looks like the biggest load or rubbish I have ever seen!

    Whatever it costs would be too much.

    Totally pointless – every time it prints a page, some bit or other will fall off…….

    Get a life.

  7. @jacobuj
    lol, probably does make more money. But definitely not more play. No one who plays with lego’s when theyre an adult gets laid a lot. Lets be realistic.

  8. @Zskillit That’s fairly closed minded. Why can’t he bring to life an ingenious idea and get laid? The fact that he uses Lego’s for his creative medium has no bearing on his sexual activity. He had a great idea and he brought it to life through Lego’s. If he applies the same creative thought to getting laid he would have no problem.

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  10. @Zskillit Before you know he could be married, he might have kid, he might have seen his kid playing with the lego, joined in and then thought of doing this. Jacobuji is wrong, I think Zskillit gets loads more play than the creator of this video, 5 times a day with his hand. I am not normally someone to make ofensive comments, but it had to be said.

  11. Hi – this is so cool and the lego people are such a cool touch! This would be a great piece to place in a lobby of a children’s hospital as a kinetic art piece, and I’m sure the children would have a blast watching it do anything.

  12. if lego hasn’t given u props to have this made and like artistpw said, help it become an art center piece for kids or some form of entertainment, they need to check themselves. this is sooo innovative.

  13. i agree with what CainmosniMirrored said but whatever it is fantastic job!!!
    definite plus point is that it becomes cheap in terms of ink cost.
    and looks cool too
    great work looking at the fact you built it from scratch!! keep up the good work fella engineer 🙂

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