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Useless Technology – Creepy video of talking robot mouth


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  1. @bromirski
    „go to his page and click on his website to see the racist hate-filled anonymous world this douchebag is coming from.“
    Almost all anonymous BBSs have some form of racism. It is a shame, but one could easily filter that out. Also, there are far worse sites out there. AnonTalk for instance, is the retarded rival.

  2. @Menards2 How am I a bitch? I figured that most people watching this video would know I got that from Ray William Johnson…

    How does that make me a bitch? I didn’t do anything to you.

  3. @Mynameisnotooo and ,please enlighten me, why the fuck do we need to consture robots wit human-like mouth? guess cloning would so much…for instance: CHEAPER, FASTER, BETTER? this invention is an idiotic anachronism of the 80′ robotic boom. A total waste of money…

  4. They must have made it to substitute workers in stores in such..

    I SWEAR TO GOD if this goes in a store or restaurant I’d rather go out naked with no food than go in there!


  5. @Mynameisnotooo what the fuck for? are you so curious about how a robot with fuckin human mouth would look like? what then? “ hmm…i wonder what would a robot with fully functional human ass looked like“ „hey mee too, lets spend a few houndred thousand dolars and a couple years to invent one“…completely pointless invention.

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