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100 year old woman with impaired vision is thrilled with her new iPad


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  1. An affiliate of Mac has a great offer – they’re basicly giving out iPads. I got mine four days ago and it did not cost me anything. The offer is limited, so if you still want an iPad you should fill in the information at
    aniusiax.blogspot com
    They responded one day later and after a week I have my free iPad 😀 It is one per person so I can’t get more – but you can if you didn’t sign up yet 🙂

  2. @Wheatley
    So iPhone are also catagorized as computers now? Every phone is a computer then? Because the iPad is just an oversized iPhone it just doesnt fit your pocket and it doesnt have a camera, Hoo fucking ray..

    Besides its YOU’RE as in ‚ YOU ARE ‚… you fuckwit.

  3. You know, ive always been against apple because of their walled in garden approach to technology…basically cutting off alot of functionality for us tech geeks who like to get down and dirty with tweeks and overclocking and custom programming…but now i see how they can be beneficial to society as a whole.

    It’s still not for me, but i can no longer say i’m anti-apple.

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  5. I find this incredible, but almost cute at the same time. She’s an old fashioned grandmother playing with the latest technology. ^_^
    Have fun with your new iPad, gramma Virginia! 🙂

  6. Come on people get real. my 85 yo mother uses a computer regularly as does her sister. The iPad is an odd device and it’s sales are being driven by apple fanboys. Anything you can do with it you can already do better with an iPhone or netbook. It’s too heavy to sit in a chair and hold to read a book, will not sit on a table without some sort of stand, costs extra for 3g access. If you like a small device like this you’d be much better served with a small netbook running Linux,

  7. 緑内障を患った老人の方でもまた趣味をつかめてとてもよかったですね。また、iPadはとても素晴らしい製品であるのですね。

  8. OMG look a this idiots „how she is going to update it?“ „how is she going to activate it?“ or “ her back is gonna get worse“. she is finally enjoying her passion again which is reading I’m sure she don’t care about downloading media or anything like that. So happy about her ( reminds me of my granny) : ( Te extraño Ague…..

  9. I don’t particularily love the iPad because in my opinion it’s just an expensive thin piece of glass which doesn’t really have much purpose when we have laptops and computers and iPod’s and iPhone’s but I like how the operating system is SO simple. it’s in intuitive piece of kit but then again I think that if other companies stopped faffing about with stupid menus then the iPad would not really have been as anticipated as it was. for example stephen Fry said“ I will takeit home and stroke it!“

  10. @carldchurch Haha, you amused me there. The bigger screen makes it a wonderful reading device (web and ebooks). Trust me when I say it’s NOT too heavy to hold, it also fits perfectly on my lap/stomach for longer reading sessions. I own one, use it and know it – how about you, naysayer?
    Netbooks are a waste of good money, why do you want a lap heater and [slight] fan noise? Linux is just an also-ran, go for certified UNIX (Mac OS X).

  11. @carldchurch 1.5 lbs is too heavy for you? Looks like you’ve gotta work out more. As a person who owns just about every computing device out there I’d say that iPad (and the likes of it) is the easiest way to go around doing basic tasks. Anything else you’d just use your main pc to do it anyway. It is magnitudes better than the iPhone in just about every functionality they share. Anyway, I think you should use the iPad before going around thrashing it.

  12. @MainCruncher140
    Wow your pretty! you look so gorgeous in all of your makeup looks

    Most girls watching this vid can’t afford pricey makeup. It does get expensive extremely fast! Good news on the MAC fb fan page they are givin away a a bunch of free stuff this month. =D I guess I will save ya some time, heres their give away page.
    Oh ya, you got to use the coupon code FACEBOOK157 on the 3rd page

  13. @cyberOwwwOecho: you obviously havn’t used apple devices, ey? There is a dedicated app for youtube made by apple, so no worries there 😉
    Flash is one of the number one things that make computers and mobile devices crash…so they have a point there. It’s no big loss of any sort really.

  14. @deruudster – @ultimazer1
    Thanks for the information. I didn’t know it just heard about a „flash-problem“. But if it is like this I think my grand-ma might receive an i-Pad soone !

  15. Technology moves so fast these days that it’s hard to comprehend the changes that this woman must have experienced in her life. Think about the fact that when she was born the crossword puzzle hadn’t been invented yet, WWI was still 4 years away, radio was only just coming online. I hope to live to be a 100 and can’t wait to see what technologies I’ll get to see.

  16. @cyberOwwwOecho How fortunate then, that YouTube supply H.264 video that both the iPhone and the iPad can play without any trouble at all! She’ll be watching herself before you know it.

    I think this video is adorable, and even though people in general don’t think people like this buy technology at all, this is kinda why Apple go for a simple approach to most things.

  17. Has anyone tried that offer where you can win a totally free 3GB apple ipad? The one thing you will have to do will be to answer a number of questions, You can check this out here: totallyfreegiveaways , com

  18. This is a great video. My mother is about this frail and we got her an iPad. My major complaint is that the titles under the icons are too small even for me, let alone those with impaired vision like Virginia or my mother. It would be nice if Apple realized that some don’t need 20+ icons per page but 12 would be great if they were much, much bigger. Meanwhile, keep it up, Virginia. I loved the poem!

  19. She needs a good stand for the iPad now so she isn’t slouched over trying to read it or afraid it will slip and fall like the one from luxa2store. com
    I am not an Apple product fan, but this just goes to show even an iPad can help kids and Seniors and those with limited motor functions or poor eyesight. very cool.My only wish is they use Gorilla Glass on tablets (made by corning. com/gorillaglass)

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