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Fake iPhone Review


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  1. um…. o.o hi has any one ever used the „Transcribe Audio“ thing where it sais „CC“ it gets words alllll wrong well jsut wanted to say that btw omg this guys vid’s are to funny

  2. great video man i was just about to blow 100$ ona iphone clone htought i was gettin a deal then i looked at the teh date it was posted on crglist it was renewed and about to be renewed again did some reserch and now im glad i didnt go meet him i always liston to people with british accents when it comes to some serouse decisions, sorry about the bad grammer in hurry

  3. Adorable guinea pig there! <3 Apart from that - great review, i'm still shocked that the box of this... thing... is a complete rip-off of the original iPhone! What were they thinking?

  4. I have that phone and it makes the girls go crazy over how cool I look with it in Russia Moscow. Very cool phone I keep the spare battery to make calls love it. Weeeeeee.

  5. Lolgurly I was just joking I own a real I iPhone and I’m from Minnesota lol just funny leaving a comment like that. I own 2 iPhones in fact I gave one to my bro and I pay around $180.16 each month so ^-^ so yea.

  6. @thebupster7
    I did the exact same thing, Skipped the 3gs update from my 3g, because I think the 4th gen will be worth the upgrade alot more.

    LOL Alot of you Reading this comment simply can’t afford Apples latest iPhone 4G, it’s just going to be so pricey
    Your in luck I found out on the Apple website earlier they are giving away a few thousand iPhone 4gs. Also, heres the link to Apples contest webpage copy and paste
    Use this code on page 2! APPLE10068

  7. I almost bought this mistaking it for an iPhone at a gas station on a road trip once, but thanks to Ashens and this video I realized it was fake and didn’t waste my money

    Hurray Ashens reviews

  8. You dissed iBooks when you said:

    „Yeah, cause everybody like ready books from some tiny little screen!“

    And what does apple do? Go and make iBooks.

  9. LOL, loved the video.

    OMG this phone is just, I don’t even know. The touch screen is so bad it’s hilarious. I don’t even know what to say, it’s pure trash.

  10. I’m surprised that apple hasn’t sue them, in the U.S. Because I’ve had some friends try to sell me this, and I didn’t believe it was a real phone. I was like „where the hell did you get that thing!!!“ lol

  11. 4:21 Calenda… Wasn’t that one of the major characters from that old Akira manga? Hmmm…

    I lol’d. The character’s name is Kaneda by the way, for anyone who was wondering.

  12. Oh what’s next? Fake China iPad? The horror… make it stop… But I love your vids! They’re funny and it’s not like those geeky crap you usually find in the internet

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  15. fucking white people they think there the only one who can manufacture iphone..they will sell there iphone in asia which price are much higher than there usualy price in america .the result only rich people can afford it…fuk them….. china made that phone affordable to anyone … thanks to china…

  16. @MrShittyG it’s for when you work and have two different phones. one for work and one for everything else and instead of carrying two phones and looking like an idiot you can carry one and switch back and forth

  17. So my dad has almost the same fake iPhone and I must say it’s well.. like its name says.. very fake and very cheap. Don’t buy this shit. I’ve got an original and it is so much better than this fake thing..

  18. I have a simmilar phone to this CCK 11, same menu, same crappy quality and I have the sushi game too, lol.
    Didn’t bought it, found it on the street (actually next to the railways)…
    Looking at my iPod Touch and my Nokia 5800 and comparing them to this phone is just… sad…

  19. Thats Silly…
    At 03:57 They Spelt Calender Right >.> … Pointless D:
    This Phone Still Doesn’t Have Clender Therefore It Is Not In Anyway Shape Or Form Better Than The Airphone 4 ^.^

  20. send it back to apple and write that, “ I have purchased this phone from your company and does not seem to be the origional i phone, i would like a brand new phone or i will sue“.

  21. This is obviously bad but i might get it and pretend its the next iphone after iphone 4 and its not advertised yet because its not out in my country yet to my friends loool.

  22. This actually looks better than the Airphone 4 you reviewed more recently. More of its features don’t have many bad surprises and it’s not bloated with a lot of crap features that you won’t use/can’t use.

  23. Look at the fake „Not find out SIM card“ screen. The background is fake as well, the font’s different, the icons don’t match and even the „Calenda“ icon says „Calendar“!

  24. when u use the phone, it kinda reminds me of my phone, called my|phone ms28….. sux!! it has the same sfx, themes, warning sounds, etc… —good thing i have a phone……. i want to throw it to someone’s face though 😛

  25. @dime363 The dreaded battery of death….since it’s a cheap rip-off I bet the charger can’t detect when the battery is full and it will probably explode….not very good.

  26. You know what bothers me about this phone? I have a 4 year old Motorola ic902 (non-smart phone) that does more than this thing. Well… Aside from the fact that I’ve got no touch screen wonky or otherwise.

  27. I don’t think you should worry about copyrighted music, music on that device has such bad quality that no one would even recognize the music in the video, so no copyright claims.

  28. is this actually that bad? Considering this is 5 years old, wouldnt it be actually pretty decent to buy for a kid or something?

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