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Axis Of Awesome – 4 Four Chord Song (With Song Titles)


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  1. stxstx2222: Look, you might not like/agree/respect the song. Maybe they played your favorite song in there. Just don’t be hypocritical while criticizing them. (And, I feel if they applied themselves, they could be very famous.)

  2. This made my day…..sometimes people don’t believe me when I say most songs only use a few chords…..these guys proved it in a hilarious way!!!! SOOOO TRUE I LOVE IT! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. WaneStars: Critisizing them ? I think they are beyond criticism. Famous – i am sure they can be famous. Hypocritical – i am not sure if you know the meaning of the word. No music, never mind my favorite can or should be offended by vultures like them … It would go well with the music coming from expurgating upset stomachs…. Enjoy yourself.

  4. I knew that Green Day had to be in there somewhere, even though „When I come Around“ doesn’t exactly follow those 4 chords.

    It’s great none the less.

  5. dude this is the best thing ever.. i love the nerdy guy hes wayy cute and an awsome singer.. heehee he does really remind me of chcken little and the guy in the middle is like and australian jack black! haha i love them all

  6. @stxstx2222 I don’t understand how music can be offended. After all its an inanimate object of sound. Calling them vultures and then somehow relating it all to upset stomachs? Your comment has the smallest bit of sense and the fact that you are defending songs from a minor joke is ridiculous. These guys are merely pointing out small facts between the songs and you are taking such offense to it its almost funny. Loosen up….Enjoy yourself.

  7. @stxstx2222 I like how you are getting so worked up about this. They are a „Comedy Rock Band“(Highlight: COMEDY) from the start, not out to make „real“ music. I wonder what you think of Weird Al when he makes a parody of the songs you like, bitch and moan some more?

  8. to ChronosMystic: NOT MUCH. (re:“ I wonder what you think of Weird Al when he makes a parody of the songs you like, bitch and moan some more „)
    i don’t waste my time on crap like that. Weird Al is beyond criticism. „bitch and moan“ – is a language of severely intellectually and educationally deprived thugs …

  9. I guess some of these songs contain more chords in other parts of the song, but they chose the part that is similar. If you want the chords you could just check one of them out.. like Save to night you can play eg with Am, F, C, G or similar in the key you desire. In that setting they are 6,4,1,5 in relation.

  10. @l3o0405 maybe those 200 who dislike the vid are either fans of the singers & don’t like any kind of jokes or they’re the singers themselves. Which I doubt. They just don’t get the joke ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s great vid and I love those songs. I don’t care they’re 4 chords songs. ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. You๏ปฟ say๏ปฟ Soulja Boy-I say Judas Priest
    You say Miley Cyrus-I say Led Zepplin
    You say T-Pain-I say Kiss
    You say Flowers-I say Metallica
    You say Pink-I๏ปฟ say๏ปฟ Iron๏ปฟ Maiden
    You say Hip๏ปฟ Hop-i say shut the fuck up
    You๏ปฟ say Pop-I scream Heavy Metal!!
    You say hanah montana-i hit you in the face
    92% of teenagers have turned to Hip Hop and Pop.If you are part๏ปฟ of the 8% that๏ปฟ still๏ปฟ listen to real๏ปฟ music,copy and paste this message to another 5๏ปฟ videos.

  12. @jegriva Benny keeps singing „Self-Esteem“, Jordan’s part is still „You’re gonna go far, kid“, both by The Offspring. They sound freakin‘ cool together, by the way…

  13. pu-pu-pu-poker face
    pu-pu-pu- poker face!
    haha thats halairious! =)
    wait a sec… the WHOLE thing is halairious!
    „am i not pretty enough“ HAHA PRICELESS!!!! =P

  14. @maluco2009, The chords follow the number theory pattern of „1 5 6 4“ and can be played in any key if applied. In this case the exact chords happen to be „Emaj Bmaj C#min Amaj“

  15. @naijfboi
    what you just said is not true. all of these songs use those 4 chords but the „complication“ you are referring to is different strum patterns or beats. also artists make these chords cound different by picking the notes separately or something similar. they are using the came chord progression for the majority of the song and elaborating on the basic chords a little. sure some of these songs might differ in the bridge and such but not by much. know what youre talking about next time.

  16. @byemynameishi
    You can download mp3 from YouTube by using dirpy.

    Here you can download this commedy:
    And here you can download the official song by Axis of Awesome:

    I downloaded there.. so if you can’t download it just tell me..

    If you need the video, click on Video Downloads, down the page.


  17. @jacosalem28
    I’m sorry for saying all you that the right chord isn’t C#m, but it’s C#/Dbm.
    You just where Lee (who plays guitar) puts his hand.

    If you aren’t believing me, just need to see on chordfind.
    Write 0,4,6,6,5,4 and you will see the same chords that Lee are using.

    Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. just do open D Bm open A open G for this progression on guitar its easier. not the same key but the same progression and sounds great, plus its a bit easier on the ol‘ fingers. D Bm A G (those chord name might not be right for the key but those are the right chords anyway. :P) theyre all open chords except Bm which is a simple bar chord.

  19. @KAPOLLO101 He’s the australian version. You can watch some of his acting in Ronnie John’s Half hour. However, I think he’s a better singer.

  20. @liquidzero5 and your a moron who can’t play guitar and has no understanding of musical concepts. oh and you got me so good then, „filthy mouth“ damn i got burned!

  21. the succession is I-V-VI-IV, and is present in probably the 99% of modern pop music. Sometimes they start from VI grade, playing VI-IV-I-IV.

  22. @Alvamalex that’s the right intervals, but they pushed it up a major third, making it E, B, C#m, and A. You can also have the chords to „We Go Together“, Hoagy Carmichael’s „Heart and Soul“ (at some parts of the song), and „Stand by me“ (if you change the timing a little) with rearranging the chords in the order of C, Am, F, G.

  23. @Piexing well, then three musicians used it wrong, of course pop means popular, but in music it’s reserved for a genre started by the beatles which lasted till today!!

  24. If Axis of Awesome made full cover versions of all songsi n the world I’d be listening to Axis of Awesome all the time.

    Go listen to the original of the songs they play in this video and then listen to this. In my opinion almost all the covers they sing here are better then the originals.


  25. @Jochnickel lol my friends and i are working on something along the lines of this and Soul Sister is in the lineup, so check it out when its posted. subscribe to know when its up =)

  26. To be exact, this songs do not share all the same chords. They๏ปฟ just transposed the original chords to fit into these 4 Chords. They are just having the same intervals between their chords…
    Nice Video

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  28. Wow these guys are great!.
    It is what would happen if you put “ Flight of the Conchords“ and Jack Black in a mixmaster and press the „blend“ button! XD

  29. @CardPianoguy52

    E, B, C# min, A

    Technically your I, V, vi, IV roman numeral chords… Which sadly enough is so close to the Ice-cream chords (I, vi, IV, V) which was prominent in so many blues and slow swing pieces and 70’s beats (Lollipop, lollipop, Blue moon etc…)

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  31. @cyaspy Though the idea is rearrangement/repetition of the chords, not necessarily progression; therefore any arrangement of the chords is valid to the idea.

    AoA transpose many of the songs sampled here in order to fit their chosen key (Which… I believe is E).

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  33. @codswallop321 probably not, because they deviated from the I V vi IV pattern. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have heard Go West and PSB, tho not The Farm or Mr. McTell until now.

    More people should probably pay attention to Go West. And Altogether Now. And Streets of London.

    Seems the melancholy may help hilghlight the joy.

    Conspicuously those two songs are the first to pop up when searching for those artists on YouTube. ๐Ÿ˜€

  34. Man, every time I see this sort of thing on YouTube I think of how I used to do a medley like this at coffee shops in college for the same gag. „When I Come Around“, „Closing Time“, „Push“, „All Star“… all the 90s pop was four chords too…

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  36. @fishnut71 GREEN DAY NOT POP? Pop stands for ‚popular‘ music and encompasses almost everything in the mainstream at that given time. Green Day IS pop.

  37. @Maoman234 No. It isn’t. 4chan and Youtube are *completely* *entirely* different and the fact that you compared the two leads me to think that you’ve never been to 4chan. If a site is like 4chan because the commenters don’t think, every site is like 4chan.

  38. @buckley54 wtf? Born 2005+ or what? How can you not know them? And it’s not crap, either you listen to commercial shit such as Justin Bieber etc or you overslept a century -.-

  39. You say Lady Gaga-I say Guns๏ปฟ N‘ Roses

    You say Miley Cyrus-I say Led Zepplin

    You say T-Pain-I say Kiss

    You say Flowers-I say Metallica

    You say Pink-I say Iron Maiden

    You say Hip Hop-i say shut the fuck up

    You say Pop-I scream Heavy Metal!

    You say Hanah Montana-i hit you in the face

    92% of teenagers have turned to Hip Hop๏ปฟ and Pop.If you are part of the 8% that still listen to real music,copy and paste this๏ปฟ message to another 5 videos.


  40. Not Afraid – Eminem
    The Theme Song to VicTorious
    Take the Veil Cerpin Taxt – The Mars Volta
    Paparazzi and Dance in the Dark – Lady Gaga
    Where is the Love? – Black Eyed Peas
    This Celluloid Dream – AFI

    There’s no end to these songs! D:

  41. @RifleAnime um yea like every song is
    they are playing in Emajor, and the only song that sounds to be in the right key is don’t stop beleiveing. there might be another, but overall most of them are wrong.

  42. The four chords used are E, B, C sharp minor, and A, however they changed the key of all of the songs to E Major to make them flow better. If the key was in C Major the chords would be C, G, A minor and F.

  43. holy shit so many people have watched this video, after seeing this on tv I immediately youtubed it and found that hundreds of other Australians did the same thing.
    its been so long since then but even now the oldest comment is 5 hours old!

  44. @ashwalyeo
    the beatles one hit wonders? ๐Ÿ˜‰ metal also follows the same easy structures and can be as interesting and boring as any other music!
    technical challenge, by the way, is never a criteria for good music. NEVER!!!!

  45. @FreakedFreshness I believe they’re using E, B, C#m, A. You could transpose that to other chord progressions (i.e. lower/raise key). The more common ones are:
    E (as above),
    C (C, G/B, Am, F),
    G (G, D/F#, Em, C)
    A (A, E, F#m, D)

    Some keys are easier to use a walk-down (i.e. where the 2nd chord has a different root note – like D/F#). But generally it sounds the same.

  46. What are you all talking about? Jordan is clearly the better singer, hence they haven’t taught him 4 simple chords on an instrument and instead left him to go vocal solo. The pitching in „Can you feel the love tonight“ is perfect in my opinion.

  47. @RationalDischarge I don’t think that’s a problem, honestly. The songs are still different and good, they just use the same chord progression. Maybe artists spend too much time on the lyrics and forget to come up with the chords, or maybe the music industry pressures them to make songs faster and they just go with this standart progression.

  48. Haha thats great! My guitar teacher told me many songs, if they are put in the same key, can sound so alike, but you never understand it until you hear it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Thanks amy this is awesome
    hahahaa you can notice that most
    of pop songs aren’t original at all
    they have the same chords and there
    are like other thousand of songs like
    that with those 4 chords G D Am C

  50. You have to look at it this way Dirow95 and WorldofLithium – After over 8 million hits, it’s refreshing to know that there have only been 426 morons to have viewed this video ! –

  51. @anneroos8 They’re usually C major, G major, A minor, F major, though bands are known to translate it to a different key, either because they cant sing in that key’s range or merely to hide the fact that it sounds like every other song with that chord progression

  52. @XakTerrible Hate to burst your bubble but the reason they don’t listen is because they don’t care. Yes, these songs all use the same chord progression, but you know it also goes back way further than pop music. There’s only so many chord progressions that don’t sound like shit, so it should hardly be surprising that a lot of writers have used a nice, safe I-V-vi-IV progression. The song is funny, but the fact is if you simplify enough you can make any two songs sound the same.

  53. am i the only who wishes they sung some of these songs? i looked up horses and waltzing matilda and youre amazing because i thought they sounded cool when they played it…i was disappoint when i found out they were slower then this version and not nearly as awesome ๐Ÿ™

  54. original dont stop believing is not like they play it but the rest fits.

    this must come from the fact that those few chords have this wonderful „cathing“ effect. Melodies with those chords are very attractive to most people. This is a relatively new discovery, so pop groups and singers of the 21st century mostly all use these few chords to write their songs. You can even notice that they dont play many songs from the 80s. Thats becouse they used different harmonies.

    the boys did a great job:)

  55. Furthermore, if you look at the music from the 80s, like final countown, sweet child of mine, poison(alice cooper), van halens jump and others, you would see that each song had different chords back then.
    final countdown: F#m-D-Hm-E
    jump: mostly Hm
    poison: refrain has, i think, 6 different chords if i remember correctly
    and so on, while todays pop artists use the chords in this video to make their songs. It truly is a good recipe for success ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. they forgot a lot of songs, especially from Bush, Matchbox 20, Creed, and 3 Doors Down. *shudder*… plus, MGMT’s Kids uses that progression, but starts on the third chord–the minor chord. But oh well, that’s just nitpicking. This video is awesome.

  57. @Jenfucuis What’s the matter, pussyboy? Awlfully quiet all of a sudden!

    LMMFAO @ U and your donkey dick suckin‘ friends…..and Your mothers!

    LMMFAO !!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  58. It’s actually kind of pathetic when you think of it… Just four chords has made the hitlists everywhere on Earth. Four chords?! And they’ve all become famous and made money. Which idiot couldn’t do this? You can learn to play these four chords on every instrument in like what? A week? Less? And then make up big hits by singing fucking pathetic pop songs and earn shit loads of money… Pathetic pop people…

  59. Thank god you put the songs in the description….I wanted to go through all of the actual songs, but everytime I tried to check the annotations, I kept listening to the video all the way and forgetting what I was doing <.<

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