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Raging Phoenix – Martial Arts Movie – Trailer with English Subtitle


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  1. I was told this song was epic.. where are my goosebumps then oh wait its 6 minutes in… its getting a bit more epic… i saw it at… no its degrading again… oh here we go… oh the song ended… oh well…

  2. The movie is pure masterpiece… Such a beautiful film and an amazing video on Some stuff I hadn’t thought of and are very interesting! Every time I watch this movie I see things differently. Well done!!

  3. Indeed. Incredible movie with a real meaning. But realy difficult for some. Some people just can’t understand it. Its such a same it was underrated… it is a masterpiece on full of deep meanings…

  4. The film bounds the reality of life with the surreal shots. world of duality. so deep, so meaningful. it’s not a commercial worry, it’s not a movie, it’s a film, it has a philoshopy. philoshopy of LOVE. finish it on… i would like to dedicate this video to my beloved one…

  5. This is a greatly underrated film. A modern masterpiece at accompanied with some of the best music of the last decades. Quite glorious stuff. I love this song!! And the movie too! impressive!

  6. The more you watch it the more you will understand, interrupt differently. I saw it on I would say the film is more like art – although there is a general theme, everyone looks at it differently.

  7. This movie is truly an amazing work at Though the ideas are not new, they are presented with very poetic analogies. It is like a true visualization into a poets mind. Very well done.

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