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Robot to Advertise on the Moon


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  1. ok so each letter would have to be 1000 miles by 1000 miles so you could see it from earth so how many letters could you fit on the side of the moon like 8 maybe. what a waste of brain power.

  2. That’s awful. Don’t you think that we get enough advertisements aimed at us? Are some companies so low they are willing to desecrate our very own moon just to sell their worthless products to us?

  3. dude anyone will pay for that if a big corporation like say our military or Mc Donald wants people to know about them they will do it plus you guys dont care about your earth enough to take care of it why care if you ruin the moon

  4. Next time you see the moon think about how big the sign would have to be for you see it.

    Idea looks like it would work but I seriously doubt they’ll do it.

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