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ARMA 2 InGame HD (The Airshow Weather Report)


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  1. You should upload this mission somewhere, I’d love to see this myself, but its impossible to create an exact replica of this accident. I’d love if you could upload this mission to Armaholic for example :>

  2. i dont think i saved it… and to be honest. The Planes were not damaged by crashing into each other. I just used a Trigger to set 2 or 3 Planes to „setdamage 1“ and another one got effected by their explosion.

  3. @Essah15 You can decrease headbob in Game options as well as weapon sway/floating point. 🙂

    By the way! The control tower wasn’t hit, so we’ll continue to get weaHTer report on a daily basis.

    Check out my Arma 2 vids for proper Multiplayer gameplay.

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