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Retro Game Trailer – Fuel – Official Gameplay


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  1. vá em google e digite (rafinha down) e aperta no primeiro estarei muito grato

    go to google and type (Rafinha down) and press the first will be very grateful

  2. @zoed057 console are alot more expensive, you have to buy a console, then a screen to plug it in, then you need to BUY every game for xbox or you will get banned etc, on PC, you buy a top notch computer at its time and then you never buy anything else for atleast 4 years, because you can pirate/hack everything 😛 Imo, the pc is better, alot better, and cheaper, but some games are console exclusive for the reason they want to make us buy consoles

  3. like for example.street fighter 4 is better on consoles to play for commands and everything, i mean you even if you play on pc you have to have an xbox or ps2,3 controller or else you cant make the special moves, not with a keyboard, but i dont get it why the fuck to they make fps games on consoles? fps shooters games on consoles? thats just retarded…

  4. dude this game is good, but so underrated, i heard that reviewers turned on the game cause it was too big? BULLSHIT, and that dont say anything for like red dead redemption, which is also a large scale game, i pointed that out because they didnt mind that, but did for this? i hate some of these snake ass reviewers. Fuel was a good game, its sad though how it went down the drain man 🙁

  5. amen, zoed 🙂 on top of that . the consoles are considerably cheaper as well. I just got my second Xbox360 für less that 85€ ( about 120$ used) and i am simply stunned by the grafic result ( as in games such as CollinMcRaeDirt2 for example). show me a PC that generates such grafic result for 85€ ?! But, again, sure think, you’re totally right about technology development, todays PC’s grafic performance does kick xbox360’s white (or also black) ass, period.
    but bottom line, 360’s got great value

  6. well when you are just racing on specific route, whats the point of having 14000km 2 (witch is something I DO NOT BIELIVE!)

    well and codemasters dissapointed me with dragon rising

  7. I personally didn’t like this game that much. IMHO it isn’t near the quality of PURE, Dirt 2, or MotorStorm. It does have a huge world to explore, but even that didn’t impress me much.

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  14. @Takeatriptolondon Fuel is boring (I know it sounds improbable with all that it brings to the table, but it is). Assassins creed is so repetetive (the first one) you’ll eat your elbows by the 5th assassination (9 in total), Dirt 2 is a good few hours of fun daily, but it falls short on replay value , unlike Dirt 1, mostly due to D1 having Gr. B and Pikes Peak Unlimited cars, and Pikes Peak course in full… With all honesty, I can’t recommend any of the three…

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