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Meet Charlie the ‘Spider cat’


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  1. @flyfyfwy sorry forgot all about this if it wasn’t obvious I was joking ………..unless…. your working for the FBI and this is a coverup for a new cover operations solder – part cat part man

  2. I saw this cat just today in a magazine at a local vet.
    It’s colouring is very similar to our Olly who doesn’t climb like this but like Charlie, whines to go out and then comes back in within 2 minutes.. Olly has to jump in from a tree branch though – (he was shown how to do it from our late cat Tiger)… and yes, Olly is also a mischeivous cat.

  3. @LordOfTheGnus

    yea. i should have said they are ‚able to land‘ without getting hurt. they do not always escape uninjured or alive, but it depends on the cat.

    also, i’d say SOME don’t like it. my cat actually jumps down a railing i have in my home on the 2nd floor down to a first floor couch. then runs back up and does it again, appearing to enjoy it. it scares me and i have tried to get her to stop, but she manages to find things to leap off of anyway.

  4. cats have a righting reflex, and can fall from high elevations without getting hurt. in fact, short falls are more dangerous for them because they don’t have time to correct themselves. this distance…. no problem.

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