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shower freak


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  1. this guy oviously is smoking something and 10$ says its crack i fucking laugh my ass of at 0:17 it was like epic face then he gose back to singing

  2. @voff7 I thought it was „Love Never Dies (Part 1)“ by Apoptygma Berzerk, but the chorus is a little, little bit different. Listen to this song, anyway; it’s great.

  3. Sorry aholes but the gig is up. I just spent $175 on a starter kit and several flavors, last week the liquor store had a mini kit for $15-damn. Once again since year 2000 everything in this country has been hype with mega false testimonials, you name it and I will tell you how it’s hype. It’s as if there is no consumer protection against unscrupulous claims. Vaporizing using a 600 degree heat gun and a glass whip with your own real tobacco is probably ideal, see that’s too cheap of a price to p

  4. Although I live in the Netherlands, I know there are a lot of shitty e-cigs sold in the US, especially at malls. There are some famous very bad and way to expensive brands over there. I won´t tell you the brand names, but please consult e cigarette forum dot com for reliable e-cig information.

  5. @HARIETTUBGIRL amateur smokers can not smoke in the shower, I have and do smoke in the shower and bath, I have rolled a smoke while sitting on the back of a motorcycle doing 60km

  6. @matrixrory It is „O Fortuna“ by Apotheosis and it can be found on the ORIGINAL „Rave Til Dawn“ CD. But you have to find the original, because it was removed from subsequent pressings after the family of the original composer got involved. I’m sure you can find it on MP3 as well.

  7. Go get your e-cig at Totally Wicked-Eliquid! They take paypal (unlike most others in the US). If you use the code VD93 at checkout they will even give you 7.5% off!

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