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Escalator Girl


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  1. @SuperAlexrios Lol United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark. What do they have in common? The most advanced civilizations in the world. Oh, and they’re all natural blondes. lol!

  2. She forgot her phone wherever she was sitting. She could’ve let everybody know what she was trying to do, but she just kept her head down. If she yelled it out maybe people would’ve moved to one side so she could quickly climb up.

  3. not a blone just a regular girl, from where im from they always expect special treatment and expect everyone to get out of their way, they seem to think „equal rights“ means „superior rights“

  4. Why are there so many people encouraging slowness on here? Why did the bitch just spend 10 minutes running up the wrong side of the escalator? lol! I would have fell out laughing…

  5. @o0zeroeffect0o
    No its not, escalators were invented so people could travel up and down faster and with less effort than if it were a conventional stair-case…
    If they wanted people to just stand still while going up or down they would’ve just build an elevator dont you think!?
    and btw, i dont have any problems with americans, i truly believe there’s fat and lazy people everywere in the world…america is just a huge country so i guess they have more of them…

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