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The Atheist Delusion


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  1. @kidbrianmusic OMG, are you this stupid. i can use ONE of my arguments to diprove the whole thing. so im sticking to the animal thing. first of all. when to animals have babies, and those babies have babies with each other. and there babies have babies with each other, thats INCEST. it creates great damage on the spiecy. Secondly, you tell me, how he got all the animals ON THE PLANET: AND BROUGHT THEM BACK TO WHERE THEY BELONGED?????

  2. Religion is an incredible waste of time. It’s a tax on the gullible. Feel free to pay as much as you want. I’ll live my life exempt of the tax, and free of the wasted time.

    Where’s exactly is the problem?

  3. @MrPosi2010 Oh my god! You actually thought this was real? How do you get by in day to day life. The world must be such a confusing place!
    My mind has just imploded due to your incredible stupidity.
    N.B My mind didn’t actually implode.. I thought i better clear that up in case you were phoning me an ambulance!

  4. @MrPosi2010 This is SATIRE. Which means he’s being massively sarcastic. That’s why at 2:58 it says „Inspired by Sam Harris & Richard Dawkins“ – two famous atheists. I myself am what you would call an atheist, as I do not believe in the same God as you do. I believe that the perceiver is God, the one who knows everything he knows… too hard for me to explain here – but still, remove all of your comments, since Edward Current is an atheist, and he WILL mock you……

  5. please i invite you to argue the point with me. In fact i want you to show this video to your pastor or church leader and ask them if they approve and i guarantee they will not. I apologize to all of the atheists out there watching this video and i can assure you this person does not share the same views as the rest of the Christians.

  6. WOW!! good thing the bible doesn’t demand 10% of youre wages
    oh! wait a minute it does!! good thing i’m not dishonest i could slap on priest’s
    robe throw on a cross and rob millions of their money oh! wait a minute
    that would be church!!! you religious fools!!!

  7. This would all make sense if the bible were proven to be written by god which it has not.God can’t be proven to exist.If so then there wouldn’t be many Atheists.god is an imaginary fantasy creature,and anyone who carries on conversations with such creatures can rightfully be considered a whack job.

  8. @EvidenceFaith Sorry but I just can’t be bothered any more. You’re talking about science, cosmology, energy, abiogenesis, epistemology, philosophy of science as if you knew anything about it (which you obviously don’t) when in fact you’re just another uneducated Muslim.
    I could try to teach you but a) I don’t have the time, b) I don’t have the inclination and c) you wouldn’t listen anyway. So what’s the point really?

  9. lols.. 1st, to prove something is true, you need evidnce.. but not just from 1 source, many! Its called triangulation of ideas. So what god is real in the bible? Can you prove that the bible is a reliable source? Do you have any other non-bible-related sources that prove that god exists? SO if jess exists, what about allah? what about the buddha? You cant possibly say that only 1 god exist.

  10. The faith of a Christian totally rests on the lIfe and resurrection of Jesus.One question i have is; if his disciples weren’t really sure if he really did rise from the dead how come all but one of them was willing to be killed for telling people that they had seen Him risen?they didn’t need faith in something they had been told about they were witnesses to it

  11. this guy isn’t a christian at all, he has no idea what he is talking about or dealing with, i feel sorry for him and all the deluded people who think this is how christians come to a place of faith. The faith of a Christian totally rests on the lIfe and resurrection of Jesus.

  12. You don’t attack any credible philosopher of theologian in your video. You just attack the most retarded blind faithfuls, just like Richard Dawkins. There’s no pride in dominating the weak. Instead, when you choose to mesure yourself to lowest adversaries, you bing yourself to that level. I always despised Richard Dawkins for thinking he’s a genius by saying things about evolution that any rational person already know. The absolute truth, that’s what he think he has, just like the bible…

  13. This guy is a naive idiot, believe something just because people tell you without any concrete proof to back it up is sheer stupidity. The bible is a book that was written by man, the stories in it are just tales to explain the world around us, every society and religion has made up these stories as a means of feeling like they understand what is going on around them. He is an idiot like so many religous perople out there today, clinging to mystical ideals because of fear.

  14. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH seriously funny shit!! he should be a comedian. nothing was fact it was just ………. quote „because the bible said so“ good shit

  15. HAHAHAHAHAHA you christians are too fucking hilarious, if there was a god then he must of created christians for entertainment! why do you people continue spiting in the face of mother nature and let millions! of years of human EVOLUTION go to waist! you people make me sick. hope you all go to your imaginary hell! theres a reason why christians used to be persecuted! you people are bad for the human race!

  16. if a so called „god“, creator of everything -had a set of rules „he“ wanted us to live under. why couldnt „he“ the (creator of everything), simply „implant“ laws and understandings when we were born, right along with our animal instincts we ((naturally have))? why do we have to (learn about it), in a (((book))) anyone couldve created in history? -when „he“ couldve SIMPLY „created us“ with it? –cuz its man-made! DERP! dont argue with pages on a book, to people actually (studying) natural life.

  17. Your so blind to everything around you…you want to criticize scientific evidence right away and attribute everything to a non explanation idea …how can you honestly say that you know something this absurd is truth? we cannot say that something exists outside of the universe that actually made it when that is unperceived by the five senses! So to say you can perceive it is violation of the five senses and also automatically means your using your mind to think up that very thought.

  18. „When we say that Jesus Christ was produced without sexual union, was crucified and died, and rose again, and ascended to heaven, we propound nothing new or different from what you believe regarding those whom you call the sons of Jupiter.“ – Justin Martyr, church father
    Early church fathers saw the same relationship to previous/egyptian gods as can be found on seti 1 tomb in Egypt.

  19. These „fables“ are etched on the walls of Seti 1 tomb in Egypt and are strikingly similar to all the bible stories. The authors of the bible were in Egypt before they wrote it in the 6th century. They had access to all this information. To have access to the stories and then write the bible with strikingly similar stories as Egypts…

  20. God is an idea. Not a person. Early egyptians instincts were to try and figure out where they came from and how to obtain eternal life. Watch national geographics: egyptian secrets of the afterlife (youtube). In the 6th century the old testament was written by people who had lost their land. Watch John Romers „testament“. That tells the who wrote it, why they wrote it and the history of religion. I have 3 degrees and spent 2 years researching it. There is your answers.

  21. @fonz1231 and unless you are a lion or a leopard my guess is you don’t ‚prey‘ …thats the one where you go hunting gazelle on the Savannah…

    I think you meant ‚Pray’… which is where you talk to an imaginary friend…. the one where the imaginary friend talks back…thats called ‚psychosis‘

  22. @fonz1231 You’re ‚maybes‘ there might require some further investigation.

    Fact is (and its a real fact…as in factaully demonstrable) atheists tend to be wealthier, better educated, more intelligent, happier and have a higher social ethos than the religious…

    I can back that statement up with statistics. Which are observations in a real world as opposed to „heres what I ‚think‘ so therefore its real.“

    Erm… try do a little investigation you’ll find the fairys and leprechauns disappear.

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