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The Atheist Delusion


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  1. @craigblast,

    Re: „Atheist have no voice nor do they have any persuasion…“

    This is typical Christian denial of the evidence (faith). At the same time Christians are claiming that Christianity is under attack from atheists, they’ll turn right around and claim that atheism has no persuasion. Guess what the fastest growing minority in America is. (Hint: It’s not Christianity). Right! It’s atheism. Guess which religion is declining in percentage of the populace. Right! It’s Christianity!

  2. @craigblast,

    Re: The voice of the atheist vs the voice of the theist

    Again, reality kicks in to defeat your misrepresentation. The voice of the atheist is simply, when has objective evidence EVER been found to be wrong?
    The voice of the theists is „listen to me and ignore the evidence for ignoring the evidence is faith and faith makes (insert god here) happy. Believe ME because I say so!“
    It’s a pathetic and sick twist despite its popularity.

  3. @craigblast

    If the „tooth fairy“ is a myth and God is a myth in your educated mind, then how can you put them in a catergory based on an age group?

    Further, it was you, not me who brought up the issue of tooth fairy here.

  4. @Xatruch702,

    I looked around trying to find what it was you were referencing and didn’t see any correlating comment. However, if you’re trying to explain why the Bible references mythical beasts such as the unicorn (zombies, giants, witches, demons and spirits), look to Psalms 92:10 where it clearly references the „horn“ (singular) of the unicorn.

  5. I’m pretty sure this is a joke?
    I dunno American accents can sound a bit dumb to me.
    if its a joke gg mate 😉
    if not then… enjoy your life and live it how you wish but avoid oppressing peoplez kk mm?

  6. @part2themovie Oh I see! I’m usually the first one to yell at people for not reading the description!
    but I missed it this time ! Oh noes!
    anyways GG video poster man!

  7. @craigblast,

    And while I do acknowledge that there is support for the numbers you’ve presented (there is also support for the numbers dlorp1 gave), the issue you’ve attempted to raise is strictly one of popularity. There is a very good reason that argumentum ad populum is well-known fallacy – there is simply no correlation between the popularity of a belief and the veracity of that belief. If 80% of the world turned to worshiping Bugs Bunny, it wouldn’t make Bug’s Bunny a real god.

  8. atheists say we don’t know how the universe came into existence(infinite regress of the universe). we(atheists) therefore conclude that there is no God because we don’t know.

  9. „The New Criminology“, Max D. Schlapp and Edward H. Smith says:

    „the ratio of convicts without religious training is about 1/10 of 1%. W. T. Root, professor of psychology at the Univ. of Pittsburgh, examined 1,916 prisoners and said „Indifference to religion, due to thought, strengthens character,“ adding that Unitarians, Agnostics, Atheists and Free-Thinkers are absent from penitentiariers or nearly so“

  10. @craigblast

    More Atheist babble won`t change the fact that only 2.5% of the worldwide population are Atheist compared to 97.5% being Theist.

    1. What about agnostics, and adherents of non-theistic religions?

    2. The atheist population is growing as people get more educated.

    3. It’s not as if the a lot of camaraderie within the theist population. Right here we have a person calling himself/herself „fuckallahandislam“, and elsewhere a „diaperheadkilla“.

  11. @craigblast Well I’m sure 99% or more of all living things on our planet is non human yet we rule the world.The fact that you outnumber us means nothing it only proves that true intelligence is often scarce and lost on the greate part of the population.How many ppl in Columbus‘ time believed the earth was flat?What do you think the percentage is for all the inventors and great thinkers who created things like airplanes,phones,cars.lightbulbs,computers etc.? less than .1% im sure.

  12. @craigblast,

    Instead of being puzzled that popularity is not a valid indicator of veracity, why don’t you take a moment and actually try to learn something. Look up „argumentum ad populum“. Here is what you might find if you check Wikipedia;
    – is a fallacious argument that concludes a proposition to be true because many or all people believe it; it alleges: „If many believe so, it is so.“

    Do you see the word „fallacious“?
    MOST of the world used to think the sun orbited Earth. It doesn’t!

  13. Oh and here is something quite thought provoking:
    „We are all atheists, some of us just believe in fewer gods than others.
    When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you
    will understand why I dismiss yours.“
    -Stephen F. Roberts

  14. @craigblast

  15. @craigblast Everytime i get a little depressed i remember that there is lot of people out there like you counting on god and then i laugh and feel better about my situation. I say at least i’m not that dumbass craig. YOUR A CHILD. LITERALLY A CHILD. SOME CHILDREN ARE ACTUALLY SMARTER THAN YOU THOUGH.

  16. Sooo your proof is that it’s written in a book.

    Well then, orcs and goblins are real because it’s written in Lord of the Rings.

    If you disagree, you’re delusional, because it’s proven, because it’s written in a book.

    I rest my case.

  17. @craigblast
    Will you, at least, try to be a little consistent ?
    ‚Twas not i who made issue of the „godless“
    destroying the Churches but you. Now you
    state Churches are unimportant, ONLY after it
    is pointed out the Theists also destroy their
    Churches and suddenly, its no big deal.If
    that is so, why mention it in the first place?
    Are you not just another Theist hubberer with
    no real point to make on any serious issue ?
    Just trying to „muddy the waters“ as you Theists
    are wont to do.

  18. @craigblast when has god ever revealed himself…..??? maybe if he did, oh just say once even, all these people wouldnt be having this debate…!!! but he hasn’t because he’s been to busy nonexisting ….religion is for the little kiddies who refuse to grow up….this isn’t disney land ,you die….
    get over it…..

  19. I am sorry to say but you are the most retarded person I have ever seen. Do you really think that earth is 6000 years old? I am not an athiest but I can tell you that if Bible says that earth is 6000 years old then it is better to throw it into trash.

  20. @craigblast
    I believe your interpretation of psalm 32 1-2 is incorrect. It doesn’t say god will not judge you, it says god has the ability forgive. Meaning that if you do wrong you will have to answer for your sins. The second part is referring to a perfect person– who does nothing wrong. I don’t think you are deluded enough to call yourself perfect (lol major pride). So it seems like you are trying to cheat God– you can commit any sin as long as you ask for forgiveness. Seems like a cop out.

  21. 2Timothy 3:1 But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come:2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, 4 traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away!

    Sounds alot like now…

  22. also get the grasp on what theism is it means „WE DONT BELIVE IN ANY DIETY OR ANY SUPERNATURAL THING“ face it you guys seem to say „oh god is real because it says so in the bible hardy har har“

  23. this video lies. the bible doesn’t say god created the heaven and the earth, it says: „בראשית ברא אלהים את השמים ואת הארץ“

    there’s a big difference.

  24. @chriscyrilcall I donate to the Red Cross so I know I’m not funding kidnapping. Some religious charities donating to these types of disasters also fund terrorism. Even if collectively all of the christian donations amounted to more than any single secular organization, it still doesn’t add up to the tax dollars the churches don’t pay, which we, the individual tax payers, must make up for. Trillions of dollars. Churches wouldn’t survive without tax breaks. Charity doesn’t make religions truthful.

  25. @chriscyrilcall no and i dont think older people who are scared of death who turn to religion are bad. but young people who just wont look at what they are doing objectively, and instead keep practising religion are essentialy cowards.
    it takes a big leap in human intellect to liberate your mind of a false authority, and to accept that you dont know all the answers. i find it quite humbling to not know the answers to life. church is the psychologically easy way out

  26. @Mary1172 The rebirth of the country of Israel..
    Isaiah 11: 11-14, Jeremiah 16: 14-16 and 31:5,14, Ezekiel 11:17, and 36: 1-15 and Amos 9: 14-15

    All these sections of scripture speak of the reformation of Israel after being run out of their land. How ironic, in a single day in 1948 those very prophecies were fulfilled. Oh that is coincidence right.

  27. @chriscyrilcall donating money to a church is tax exempt, jackass! It’s so funny, and kind of pathetic, when people say they are „giving money to God“. Churches also own upwards of $80 billion worth of tax exempt real estate property.
    I said christians are stupid, which they are. In the 21st century, Christianity is considered a cult in many circle jerks.

  28. I’m agnostic, but I’m still a really nice person, so stop hating on people like me… that’s all I ask… and the only reason I switched to being Agnostic is because acording to the bible, god hates me for who I am and aparently, I should go to hell for who I am… even though I never did anything, but I guess I’m wrong.

  29. @repoknight it states in the bible God loves everyone! Read it and weap! Give up cuz one day wen u pass on…ull be all like „dang, shouldve beleived the Christians!“

  30. For a limited time, the following work of art will be displayed as my channel’s background image for your viewing pleasure:
    Piss Christ is a 1987 photograph by Andres Serrano, a small plastic figure of Jesus on a crucifix submerged in a glass of the artist’s urine. The piece was a winner of the S.E. Center for Contemporary Art „Awards in the Visual Arts“ competition, which is sponsored in part by the National Endowment for the Arts, a government agency.

  31. While atheists get all wrapped up in science, which I greatly enjoy studying, they are missing the point of having a relationship with God. Even if there were no heaven, I would still be a Christian. I already enjoy the benefits of this relationship, including the relationships with my fellow believers. First, I had faith and believed. Since that time, I got to enjoy seeing God at work, time after time, performing what some would call miracles, none of which can be explained scientifically.

  32. @xxxLOVINMUSICxxx Of course not silly. humans branched out from apes an extremely long time ago, as a species we have been established for ages now. I can understand why it would be hard to imagine evolution on a grand scale like that, but that’s only because it happens over such a slow period of time. It’s hard to picture what the world would be like in about a 100 years, let alone millions and millions! So no, your parents were not apes, neither were your grandparents. But all of us are

  33. @xxxLOVINMUSICxxx descended from apes. If you want to put it into perspective, it’s like saying that I am a descended of.. oh I dunno, Aristotle. It doesn’t mean that he’s my father, or my uncle etc. But he would be in my family tree way way down below, going back centuries and centuries. Does that make a little more sense?

  34. @xxxLOVINMUSICxxx We dont come from apes. Humans came from a common ancestor of apes. Your a common christian…you assume and state things only on opinion before doing any research on what you are arguing. You obviously have not a single understanding of Evolution or abiogenesis. Yes we come from our parents but God, no. Science is learning and growing unlike your religion which is stuck in the bronze ages. Please, read..ANYTHING besides your Bible.

  35. God is mighty and powerful.Not only because He has super powers beyond superman.But also God knows everything.In the early days People wrote d bible hu happened to be guided by the holy spirit. God was suppose to explain everything I think. Bt God’s greatness is far frm a mans mind can comprehend. If God would explain how he created the world, life, galaxy and everything. Than God should discuss laws of Physics, Medicine, astronomy, mathematical equation. Which I bet ppl b4 wont understand. -.-l

  36. I made a book about a flying spaghetti monster who created the universe…i gave it to my son and told him it was real. he is now a spaghetti-Catholic. When people tell him its not real he says it cant be because the spaghetti monster said so in the book.


  37. @sonic55193 That is the stupidest argument I have ever heard, alomst. God is supposedly all knowing. Therefore, he would know what a day meant TO US. Since the postulation is that the bible is gods word TO US, it is safe to assume an all knowing god would speak to us in terminology that made sense. How idiotic would a god have to be to call huge amounts of time a ‚day‘ when trying to convey to us how long it took him to create? Couldn’t he see the confusion comming? What an idiot god is.

  38. Haha…. i wonder if this guy is for really serious or just being stupid…. If i write a book, does that mean everything i say is real…

  39. I’m glad that the video poster put ‚yes this is satire‘ in the comment, because you really wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between this and a deluded religious person!

  40. RETARDED!! Just like the church once said that the Earth was the center of the universe! SCIENCE PROVED THEM WRONG!! The bible is a plagiarized book of the original religions in Egypt and Greece! I guess you believe in Zeus and Osiris, why not, you believe in talking snakes and incest with adam and eve…what a JOKE!!

  41. 0:28 is called “ Circular reasoning “ which is a logical fallacy
    if u ask these dumbass believers “ how do u know the god exist ? they will answer , because it’s written in the holy book ; and if u aks how do u know the book is right , they will answer because god wanted that book to be written .

  42. @RayTech70 You are 90% correct. His IS frustrated. So am I. He IS funny and pretty original, so he probably realizes it.

    He’s not exactly anti-theist – more like anti – blind, stupid theist.

    And it is foolish to BELIEVE all the fundamentalist junk, not just w/o ’scientific proof‘, but w/o any logic, evidence, or critical thinking.

    He will, as will we all, grow old (with any luck); he may, as most of us do, die in misery. But in the mean time, he’s having fun spreading fun, joy, and thought.

  43. good point about the size of the universe, its to far from one end to the other for the big bang to be true, even if the plants spread at the spead of Light, god musta created it already in motion, just as he created trees w/ tree rings & Adam as a full grown man or at least not as an infant , I think your sarcasm isnt as sarcastic as you think, Gods only unbelievable if your perspective of him is to small my friend

  44. @FlyinSpaghettiMnstr7 Because we left the trees that modern apes still inhabit and developed and somewhat perfected the use of tools, as well as walking upright. Oh, and just to let you know, writing in all caps does not make your comment that much more important and it isn’t like we can hear you virtually shouting. Furthermore, learn some grammar.

  45. @ekajeht The word? You mean that collection of myths and superstitions? The one written by misogynistic war mongers that portray god as a vengeful petty tyrant who plays mind games with his creation? That word?

  46. @mh477abc Faith in evolution and carbon dating? The „faith“ you speak of in science is based on testing that can be repeated with the same outcome each time. Then the testing is reviewed critically by like minded peers of the same science. So when you say faith in science you really are saying faith in that which can be proved – which really isn’t faith at all – it’s called a fact. Such as evolution – fact – carbon dating – fact. Jesus judging me is not a fear, you getting to vote in the USA is!

  47. I feel so stupid, Just 20 secs before this comment i wrote another one that was pretty angry, but then i looked at your channel and relized that the things you say in this vid is just fun and not your real opinions, Great fun by the way, keep it up!

  48. @mh4777abc You’re in for a surprise when you find yourself standing before Zeus on judgement day. Because Zeus is the One True Creator. I suggest you stop worshipping your false idols before it’s too late.

  49. almost all people wwho watch atheist videos are atheist,and same gose for god videos,unless they CAME to argue,but most just come for reinforcment,with that said your video even has 1/3 people disliking it,wt dose that say about your fellow Christians?

  50. @TylerDurdenMakesSoap
    Whats the point? Its a great fucking laugh thatst he point.
    Nothing makes me laugh harder than watching some religious guy spluttering and trying to think of some comeback or some way to present evidence to prove you wrong. After a racking their tiny brains for about 5 minutes they settle for „YOU HAVE TO RESPECT MY OPINION!“ or something along those lines.

  51. Faith is belief in something, anything, mathematically sustainable or not: FAITH in one’s fellow man; FAITH in the the U.S. dollar. FAITH is a synonym for fidelity. One must remain FAITHFUL to one’s wife. FIDELITY is a synonym for truthful. The science {„scire“ : knowledge} of men, falls only within the strict confines of human intellect. Man can’t know anything outside his capacity to understand, perceive/conceive and measure. The mind of Man, surely, isn’t the be-all & end-all of knowledge.

  52. @TylerDurdenMakesSoap In a debate, whether we come to a final decision or not doesn’t really matter. It’d be nice to always be able to do that, but it’s a bit like not wanting to go for a drive because you might get lost. It’s still fun and educational along the way. Also, if your debates always end in flame wars you should debate with more interesting people. Neither side claims to know everything (You may have heard the saying ‚God works in mysterious ways‘). I’m 17 but that’s hardly relevant.

  53. @TheErikaMonster
    the big bang is just a term. its not a literal „bang“. this is where theists get it wrong. they use terms they do not comprehend and try to form an argument based on that. and you failed when you said „god created us so well“ what does that mean? does it mean complicated? or does it mean in his own image? or does it mean so well that only god could have created us? either way, saying god could have created us because we are „complex“ beings, is a baseless claim.

  54. We used to believe in Santa when we were younger.

    The problem with God is that growing up doesn’t stop people from believing in him. But thanks to us, atheists, there’s a flaw in His plan.

  55. @ekajeht
    i am just gonna go converse with someone more level headed and smarter. you have scientific evidence at the tip of your nose, heck, you have it UP your nose and still believe in an ancient god. my 14 yr old nephew couldve written an entire treatise on how god/religion is bullshit just like santa claus. and my 5 year old neighbor could have at least posted youtube comments that sound like he used his cognitive skills better. its hard to believe you are being serious about this issue.

  56. @Beastt17 im only human, yeah i get offended, dont expect me not to, but the thing is God does love you and that unconditional love is a beautiful thing, its how you look at it… people make religion what it is… people produce hate, and people have no tolerance… but God doesn’t hate, even though atheists claim that the Bible contain a lot of violence and yeah it does… but you have to think, is God telling me to go kill that girl because she had sex or is the moral sex before marriage is

  57. @Beastt17 wrong! its all about point of view, and the way you understand it, but in order for you to see the way i see it, you can’t read the Bible with a close mind and constantly in your head saying „this is stupid“, if you read it willingly and with an open mind, you’d be surprised.

  58. @Beastt17 You do not know your facts . There is clearly support for ID and then there is eveidence against it.You are intellectually dishonest in stating that but it is common for people to lie and exxagerate to prove a point

  59. @taffydavenport1 your statement doesn’t quantify truth. You sight no reference, you make a conjecture without any support to back up you idea. Instead, like every other so-called christian, you curse and use profanity, showing all of us how blatantly uneducated you truly are. I have met more well educated and highly intelligent atheists than christians. It is, unfortunately, the average christian that is truly ignorant. God bless you….drek:)


  61. @EvanJBest Great questions. I love reading these message boards about this topic. I, nor anyone else, have an answer to your question.Many peopel will try to answer it thinking they know but in reality, they have no clue. I always pose this question to people you believe in science. If all living things come from living cells, then where did the very first living cell come from? Where? No one can answer it. Many try but it’s all theories and bullshit.

  62. @EvanJBest so, why do people continue to talk about a subject that they have no answers for? That’s the part that amazes me. Yes I know people have the right to spout their opinions. Remeber though, they are just that, OPINIONS and nothing else. I was in a public market the otehr day and saw a man walking up and donw the street with a hat that had some atheist message on it. What’s the point? Same goes with bible preachers on a street corner. What’s the point? No one has a clue. Quit pretending

  63. hahaha great video…in the first 10 seconds I was just ready to fire an attack about improper use of tautology (although all use of tautology is improper)…you had me going!

  64. @DanzAzzie
    The earth was most definitely not created in 3 seconds… After 3 seconds there wasn’t even suns. And the earth obviously came after suns that went supernova which takes quite a bit of time

  65. @duralf2 the sun was the first thing created in the big bang of this solar system. And ok i guess it was more like 4 seconds. Supernova’s and such came after.

  66. I am not really a believer, but atheist idiots like the owner of this video really need to get a life and stop mocking christians, I mean what have they done, they are just good people who follows the bible.

  67. Hell is a vile, abusive, disgusting concept. God buys love & loyalty with torture? A Gandhi, Teresa, Mandela would never think of torturing their enemies, whereas a Saddam, Hitler, Stalin would. This is the company that God keeps? Karma & Rebirth is the better, non-violent way. You are not punished, nor are you simply forgiven because you groveled enough. The most important aspect of Karma is that you are held accountable for your actions, you are reborn, given another chance to make amends.

  68. @007nitfire Because this is a king based religion – god made in the image of a medieval king. Once they die they go back to the 4th century or so, where this king runs a pleasure palace for his loyal subjects & a torture prison for those who anger him. Hence the getting down on one’s knees, begging & grovelling for his mercy, the pleased king will let you in to the seedy, flesh-pot, 64 virgin heaven.

  69. @coongirlkaela

    dude, you cannot believe that God crated the universe, and made monkeys to eventually evolve into humans.
    That is just, no.
    Unless Jesus said so himself, that is FAR from the truth.
    You’re confused, brother.

    God created the universe, the birds, etc, and made humans last IN HIS IMAGE.
    Yeah, this fool in this video is, well, really narrow minded and blinded by the world and its ways.
    You cannot be a true christian but we believe we evolved.
    A monkey aint my Uncle.

  70. @hAtEiSmYfAvOrItEwOrd

    You’re so small minded.
    There is a God.
    Jesus does exist.
    Just suck it up and deal.
    We aren’t freaking apes.
    So, deal, and love him.

  71. @taffydavenport1 thanks for the concern, im still just a teen ager right now, i still haven’t found the so called „God“ in my life. well i guess ill just wait if ever he will come. Thanks 🙂

  72. @teddiamond7 – Not down with Christianity, but down with the die-hard fundamentalists, for it’s they who are causing the most problems. If all of the religious were peacable, there would be little to pick on about religion in the first place. There’d be no homophobia, no racism, no sexism, no discrimination, no terrorism, nothing like that.

  73. @MyDollBabies0388

    « God is Awesome, isn’t he? »

    This video is a satire made by an atheist.

    « They believe you can have all the wild, kinky sex you want without fear of any consequence. »

    If they feared no unwanted consequence, why would they promote the use of condoms? Christian societies in Africa are known for banning condoms based on their religious belief; what is the result? Spread of sexual diseases, including AIDS. Talk about minding consequences.

  74. @MyDollBabies0388

    « just have an abortion and all your problems will be solved »

    … which can lessen the woman’s psychological trauma from rape or even save her life.

    What’s more, science has recently discovered that the human fetus is naturally ’sedated‘ and feels no pain before 24 weeks.

    « Atheists are stupid! »

    Statistics clearly indicate that atheism correlates with higher levels of education, social health & equality, and lower rates of homicide and poverty:

  75. The bible is a BOOK!…when you where younger, and your parents read you Walt Disney’s „Peter Pan“, did you believe you could fly? no…because even as a child you know that fiction is created to entertain. As an atheist, if i write a book about disbelieving god and claim that its the Atheist „bible“, then we can counter this video’s argument with the exact same theory. 100 years from now, somebody could pick up the book that i wrote, and claim that it was law, and people would be none the wiser

  76. @ExtantFrodo

    That’s not what I was saying. You quite missed my point.

    Of course we can measure the quantitative aspects of our cognitive inputs and thus objectify our subjective, interior experiences. We can have a map of which parts of the brain correspond to what kinds of consciousness. But that does not let us experience the actual content of the consciousness of each other. The actual quality of redness is experienced only subjectively.

  77. @mirandansa No, that in and of itself will not allow you to experience what the other person experiences subjectively, but when we rebuild ourselves be able to utilize that data to map (and connect) inputs to inputs and outputs to outputs thereby enabling true telepathy (very possible with mature nanotechnology) your notions of „subjective“ will be very archaic.
    Search youtube for „color changing card trick“ and witness the value of your subjective perspective.

  78. @ExtantFrodo

    « when we rebuild ourselves be able to utilize that data to map (and connect) inputs to inputs and outputs to outputs thereby enabling true telepathy (very possible with mature nanotechnology) your notions of „subjective“ will be very archaic. »

    That would still be a form of subjective, interior experience.

  79. @utrapzab Fucking die you christian bastards, we will see at the end of the world who’s right you fucking dumbwad, lets see your so called Rapture happening, don’t start saying that you was right when the end of the world comes.
    And the holy trinity is fake, go watch the top ten reasons why jesus isn’t god.
    Also the bible has been changed fucking many times without you knowing like adding the holy trininty.

  80. You can’t just prove everything from the Bible. I’m a Christian too, but you need to do better than just proving it mainly from the Bible. Science has a place in our lives, because it can explain how God created this world around us. Imagine what the world would be like if we didn’t have science?

    Think this video over prior to posting it.

  81. @MrDavies90 im sure athiests in islamic countries attacks islamic beliefs but in the western hemisphere christianity is the most common religion therefore athiests from here rip on christians

  82. @MrDavies90

    Check out, Pat Condell, he strongly criticizes Islam far more then Christianity. ( He lives in the UK)
    So I’d guess that there are just more Christians in the US, though IMO Christianity probably really isn’t the biggest fish to fry of the Abrahamic religions. There is a lot of animosity on both sides.. .

  83. @telo54 Why do most apologists have the spelling capability and ability to explain themselves of a 4 year old? I have absolutely no idea how to decioher the nonsense you have just spewed mate!

  84. obviously an atheist trying to mock christianity. i dont need a bible to know god is real. what kind of snake would lie to try and belittle god. you dont believe in god. theres nothing wrong with science or studying the universe. you really think you fooled anybody, this is whaat some people resort to to try and disprove god. if hes not real you dont need to make an effort to disprove him.

    and some people will come away thinking he is a believer and make us ll look stupid what fucking dick.

  85. This is the argument people use to disprove god, you use a piece of paper to disprove the creator of the universe?. all you can disprove is some stupid book has flaws has anybody got a decent argument to disprove god as the creator without using the bible?. the only rebuttle you can ever give iis „prove gods real“, that isnt a rebuttle. there is nothing factual to disprove the model of god. also the model of an eternal creator has no paradox, if somehting has no paradox that means its viable.

  86. god is imaginary.

    ALL religions can be traced to human origins. so, the god of those religions are products of human imagination.

    christians, why are 4 billion people non christian? why has god only been around for 1% of humanity? (200,000 years?)

  87. @07iron0 I find that it is very difficult to get through to a people who have worked at keeping there ethic purity for centuries, the Jews in this case.
    I have had extensive dialog over biblical matters with Muslims and find that it is a one way street. No matter what you question them on or present to them in a diplomatic and educated manner, the response is always a step aside from the issues.

  88. @ZRANCIS In a true sense you are right God is Imaginary and is what they preach. I though feel you not mean it that way, Now as a comment to undermine a paticular religous sect, it is simular to a raciest remark. That can only lead into a war,or more bad words.

  89. This vid like your others are so funny. Especilly that one where you „touched“ 5000 volts lol. At any rate I had realised something about atheism and it was this, there really is no need for the term atheist. To call oneself atheist is to some how give credence to theism. In other words to say I’m an atheist is in effect saying I give legitimacy to theism,but I choose to not believe any god. The proper designation would be sanity against insanity. lol I hope that all makes sense it does to me.

  90. Living relationship with God validates a Christians belief in the Bible. People are saved and experience the Holy Spirit.

    The Bible is subjective to anyones skeptacism (as any historical documents of such age) it provides suffiecient insight into the life- death – ressurection of historical Jesus which is the backbone of Christianity. However a Christians acceptance of the Bible is validated through living relationship with God.. not initially. Your video is embarrassing for atheists.

  91. @mitzuca8 My experience is, that trying to talk about anything which could be of creedence, is heckled before it leaves my mouth. My example is if Jesus stood in front of you on the street, you’d try to run Him down and hide the body right? Also many who are atheists, say the are Rationalists. Not by definition, Not Bill Maher who says he is Rational, he is a Empericist (sp), and Rationalism and Empericism don’t mix.

  92. My experience is, that trying to talk about anything which could be of credence, is heckled before it leaves my mouth. My example is if Jesus stood in front of you on the street, you’d try to run Him down and hide the body right? Also many who are atheists, say the are Rationalists. Not by definition, Not Bill Maher who says he is Rational, he is a Empiricist, and Rationalism and Empiricism don’t mix.

  93. @ExtantFrodo no what I’m saying is there is no point in arguing about it because I cant change your mind about how you think and feel no more than you can change how I think and feel thats all I was saying I mean why should anyone get angry about other thoughts and Ideas and whats pointless to you isn’t pointless to others some believe in god and some don’t ok so what?

    But, to answer your question: I have my own philosophy, which directs me to do good when I don’t really „need“ to be. When noone is watching, I still do what is right, without need for a god scaring me into not doing harm, without threatening others of hell-fire.

    To me, Christianity is all about FEAR!… You may talk about love, all you wish, but the threat is still there… implied. It’s a religion of bullies. Hold your tongue and teach by example, and we will all be friends.

  95. If I really wanted to destroy atheism in this country, I’d have Christians join the American Atheist or American Humanist Assoc.. I’d make sure they went up through the ranks, by making large contributions to the various Atheist’s Orgs. Once I had enough people in, and enough control, I’d start eliminating my competition to higher offices. All the while making ceremonious speeches, networking and such, until finally no one could tell, what they were and why they joined.

  96. As verses of the Qur’an tell us:

    His command when He desires a thing is just to say to it, “Be!” and it is. (Qur’an, 36: 82)

    [God is] the Originator of the heavens and Earth. When He decides on something, He just says to it, “Be!” and it is. (Qur’an, 2: 117)


    It’s important that the word “design” be properly understood. That God has created a flawless design does not mean that He first made a plan and then followed it. God, the Lord of the Earth and the heavens, needs no “designs” in order to create. God is exalted above all such deficiencies. His planning and creation take place at the same instant.

    Whenever God wills a thing to come about, it is enough for Him just to say, „Be!“

  98. @notnsanetoothpick I agree with most of what you’re saying. But if this is not a matter of salvation, then why even bring it up. Jesus didn’t preach creation. The apostles didn’t preach creation, Saul of Tarsus didn’t preach creation. Follow what I’m saying. In terms of evangelalism, the promotion of creation or id, is just shutting the doors for reaching people with the hope that we believe in.

    Yes I might have been a bit close to Carl-Max and his „Religion is opiate of the people“. Yes the problem is that in a democracy the majority of the people who vote have the power or at least that is the way it should be. If only the X-tians vote they have the power. Now since religion has the nice property of teaching people to accept things without thinking about them they are very easy to subvert which is exactly that has happened so many times through out history.

  100. @karakzanreal I’ve been contemplating how to present the issues that are at hand in EU & UK. As you know, there has been an influx of people from the mid-east. In your case what you see are the superficial returns of agreements, that were made before you or I were born. There is not near enough room here, to even come close to showing you what transpired at the beginning of the 20th century. I would like to PM you 2 book titles, that will give you a better understanding. Your PM is blocked.

  101. „We will never question that, because we are 100% certain god meant what he wrote“ Well believing in something or someone is all fine and dandy, but when you never question something how can you know if its real or not? Even if there was proof to the opposite you would be too blind to see it.. Oh, and really, please don’t resort to insults and name calling, it just weakens your position.

  102. @MaikUniversum – your kind of ignorance is precisely why atheism (or as I like to call it – accepting reality) is growing so fast! Thanks, you and your kind, keep up the good work!!!

  103. @MaikUniversum In that case if you believe in hell, you are going to hell for saying motherfucker. Oh no!! D:>

    Moron. You should get that long overdue surgery for head since it hit the floor as a child.

  104. @MaikUniversum Edward current is an atheist. And if you were a Christian, you would be trying your best to show God’s love to „atheiest pigs“, who are God’s children. You’re an imposter, you’re not a Christian.

  105. @twigs45 Thats exactly what I believe. Just as I said when I was religious: „I think that when the Bible was first created, God didn’t think we were ready for science so he basically did what parents do to their children about the stork and Santa Claus. Now we are ready as all children should be when the time is right. And I think that God is ready for us to see the reality of the world.“

    Now this theory is a lot less cheesy when put in atheist terms.

  106. Look, I don’t care how long it took to make the Universe, maybe it was already there and someone just gave it a jump start. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t change anything useful for us today. It only serves as a crutch to those who don’t want to believe in God. Fine believe or dis-believe, who gives a rats-ass. You got to get on with life and make what we have a better place to live. spending money to prove one way or another is hopeless costly endeavor.

  107. @velardur That is not the premise of Origins of Life. I suggest that you look up the guidelines of OOL. It is based on the premise that life was spawned by a solute (Water and minerals) by natural means of cyclic tidal or waves of the primoidal oceans.

  108. You are the deluded one, motherfudger.
    There is no proof at all that “god“ wrote the stupid piece of shit you call the holy bible.
    Science on the other hand is based on actual facts and real proof.
    Stop being so retarded.

  109. @VTI98

    It’s sarcasm dude. Besides supposedly it was not god who wrote the bible it was his apostles. It was over 1000 people writing those non-sense pages. I’m an atheist btw.

  110. I think the reason some people don’t realise this is satire is because the creations on youtube use arguements that are just as, if not more, batshit crazy as the ones EdwardCurrent puts forward in jest.

  111. 100% sure means proof. Using a book to prove a point that the same book endorses is called a fallacious argument. That is like me saying „I know I created the universe because I said so.“ and considering that factual. I dunno if you are trying to be funny with the checkmate thing, but if you are being serious there is no trying to even have a logical discussion with you about the subject of god. Too far deluded.

  112. @TNTee
    Modern western Science only came about as a result of interest from the Catholic church, without their investment and support at a political level, eastern science would, most likely, still be leading the world in our understanding of the physical universe.
    So to be honest, you and anyone else who see the perceived benefits produced by western science and it’s resulting technology, owe a massive debt to the medieval Christian church.
    Give credit, where credit is due and stop spinning.

  113. Scientists despised the Big Bang Theory when it came out in 1929. They said it supports the Creationist view. They fought against it. Today it is taught as fact, however my opinion is it’s just a more detailed version of God’s work. Evolution as well has faltered and is no longer a theory that has reasonable evidence. Oxford Evolutionist Richard Dawkins is now the laughing stock at Oxford University, England. He even says that there is a 50% chance of God, and I believe he is a devout atheist.

  114. Reading a ‚book‘ is not proof. Your argument is weak and pathetic, and throwing insults at anyone who doesn’t agree with you just shows your utter ignorance of the subject matter. Weak.
    If you don’t like science then ditch all your technology, medical care and healthy food.
    Otherwise you are a hypocrite.

  115. @DastardlyDawkins I have no doubt that the church of science has really helped, but it has also stood in the way now and then. The church does much good at the moment, but sometimes I see the pope on television as he cursed prevention. Atheists often see only the negative aspects, which are plentiful, yet the church still does much good and so I continue give credit. I have nothing against Christians, unless they are too fanatical, there are often problems.

  116. @banner387 Wait… what do you mean Christians would call themselves sinners? I’m Christian. I sin. Therefore I am a sinner. Every person is a sinner aside from Jesus, because he is God. That includes Christians. Say, why are you friends with them again…?
    Yes, I agree, atheists are smart. I have nothing against atheists. Yet, when it comes to posting so many videos mocking my religion, you’ll understand me when I get mad. I notice that Current is overreacting in his videos.

  117. oh my god in one of the previous comments it says somming like he gives an 6 year old explanation…that is soo true!! any one could have wrote your crazy bible..infact any releigous could have been written by any other deluded person!!.and you only evidence is „it says in the bible this,,,,it says in thre bibile that..
    I could write a book saying the person who made this video has a dick the same size as his mothers…but it does not make it true!!

  118. this makes belief in God look stupid. But in actual fact, it’s quite logical. the Earth is Billions of Years old, and the Bible does not disagree with that view. Humans are approx 6000 Years old, not the earth.

  119. I’m not Catholic, but I like to visit their churches cuz of those lifesize figures of Jesus on the wall. When nobody’s around, I’ll climb on something so I can reach up & touch Jesus’ naughty parts. One time a priest came out of the back & watched me do this. He didn’t say anything, he just fiddled with something under his robe, so I kept on fondling Jesus’ private parts. When I finally went to go, the priest asked me if I was coming back tomorrow. I said “probably not”, & sorta left quickly.

  120. I think you should have made it a little bit more clear that this is a satire.
    There are a lot of stupid religious people who will actually believe your video, or believe the bullshit even more then they did before.
    Maybe you can make a little annotation at the end or something.

  121. @SjoerdvdKroon Then they are simply making fun of themselves infront of more intelligent people. Just take their idiocy as an added parody bonus 😉

  122. @zumoglue As an atheist, I am actually a little embarrassed by number of negative comments by other atheists, who either failed see the satire and humor in this video, or possibly didn’t even bother to watch it.

  123. @KLowD9x I was invited to here the YEC speak. According to this guy, that G_d created the light without the sun, was to prevent early man from Sun worship. Well it didn’t work, did it. At least for Egyptians. So the guy from CSI is wrong. I think it was Jesus who said many false teachers would come. Same thing with Hal Lindsey, predicting the Christ would come, That didn’t happen, after his prediction didn’t come true, he was supposed to be kicked out of the church, that didn’t happen.

  124. @RUDAWAKNING – After a quick google search I found an article on Science Daily titled:
    „Liberals and Atheists Smarter? Intelligent People Have Values Novel in Human Evolutionary History, Study Finds“

    I don’t know if it’s true because I’ve only skimmed it, but it’s a good start if you’re interested in knowing.

  125. You all have to admit with out religion we wouldn’t be here today, i mean that was the only way we could be organized and civil. Promised eternal happiness and peace after death if you were good, or eternal punishment if bad. Most of you cocky athiest and cocky religious people need to shut the fuck up and quit trying to control how people live, i swear if one more jahova- i dont give a fuck how its spelled- comes to my step i will knock their fucking teeth out- same with an athiest asshole.

  126. @Cteammember1 While this vid does come across as quite self-righteous, the bible has been proven over and over. There are over 14,000 ancient biblicial manuscripts that are exactly the same. No other ancient work has that many. Not only that, but they are finding many archeological artifacts that prove the bible got it all right.

  127. @ZaneTheCarpenter Has an Atheist ever gone to your house? It’s Jehova by the way. Religion is not need for civility for example look at prison populations in which Atheists make up a mere .2% of inmates, despite the fact around 11% of Americans are Atheist/Agnostics.

  128. @coolmom9 LOL is this a troll? Who cares about anything you just wrote – thats not proof! There are also huge discrepancies within the bible that is supposedly perfect.

    The bible was written by ancient tribal people who had no idea about electricity, disease or the solar system.

  129. its impossible to say that athiests are deluded, atheists are meerly saying what god isnt, not what he is. to state the origin of the human species, to actually state beyond a reasonable doubt the answer to the most interesting and intruiging question known to man – „where did we come from“ is so small minded it amezes me. i dont know what god is, or even if there is one, to be honest i dont know anything about the origin of the human species, and guess what… neither do you.

  130. and neither does anyone on the planet. you just preach „hear says“ to everyone as if its fact. your the one who is deluded… im open minded. so get your head out of your arse and out of jesus’s. thank you.

  131. @pinkfloydrules118 When I was in the Army and I saw the atrocities that the UK and USA did to mere innocent families in Iraq, I started asking questions. So badly did I get after I left that I started taking drugs. One day in my pathetic flat I prayed to God whoever you are, make yourself known. I have an open mind so I will accept whoever you are…The next day a Jehovah’s Witness knocked on my door…and you know what, I actually listened! and boy didn’t they have the answers I was looking for

  132. @pinkfloydrules118 So I did my teaching degree and questioned Evo tons. I came to the conclusion through unbiased research that its wrong. And the JWs had it right. I did everything in my power to prove them and the bible wrong but I couldn’t. They are the only group of people I know following the bible and they can prove the bible and get past all this crap that people say about it that is simply untrue if we dig a little deeper.

  133. @sammy3212321 Thank you. An honest person at last. And by the way, I am right and I 200% know it…You don’t need to be convinced and I won’t try because its your right to think what you want, but I know that I have found the truth.

  134. @mattbiker419 Oh I agree, very shortly organised Religion will be destroyed: did you know that the Bible says it will? Yes, it is soon to be removed by the governments of this world along with the UN.

  135. all the so called writers on parts of genesis were either retards or just common CROOKS!they favorised the stories or made them more spooky,daring or just added horror to it.natural things they made kinda gods fairey tales kinda dramatic but enough fear to surpres their followers.religion is the opium for poor minded the entire universe are no gods at all and rememeber reiligions are a HUMANE INVENTION!

  136. Starting a video of with a lie isn’t a good beginning, but I guess Thou shalt not bear false witness doesn’t mean a thing to you, unless it’s you who is being lied to.
    🙁 Sad indeed, and full of straw man and ancient foolishness.

  137. @FilledCircle There is zero proof that evolution skipped the baby stages and then went back to the baby stages…..that is insane…..that is intelligent creation if that is what you believe… essence that is putting the adult form on earth first so that they may multiply…..this is just one of the many things evolution cant answer

  138. @GAWDclanvideos No one could be that stupid? Look, he is just rehearsing the views and beliefs of millions..and millions of Americans. No more, less, no exaggeration. Only his tone of voice gives this ironist away.

    More deadpan next time, Edward. Well done

  139. @FilledCircle Evolution….just like creationism….has holes all over in its theory……it is really the same thing as creationism in that you have to have faith in certain areas to make it valid

  140. What’s up Ed? Talk about up, I seen an angel above the tree in my yard yesterday. I’m pretty sure she came just see me. This angel told me, and only me, that God was pissed because I viewed the stuff you said to distract my attention from him. That’s cool bro, I stuck up for you and told her I’d quit watching, yup. But I lied, straight up lied to this angel that perhaps will tell Mr Big! So, I’ll be going to hell pretty soon, got any messages for all your pals down there?

  141. @0120CHRISONEILL Pretty sure Edward is atheist to be honest; his videos are jokes made to make Christianity look absurd which is amusing. And there are intelligent theists, generalizing people is stupid.

  142. @willymunroe
    That`s right. Religions+sects+god belief and education+science+intellect exclude each other. There are so many christians don`t believing in santa/easter bunny, because it`s an obviously unrealistic children`s story. On the contrary they really believe in the bible-SF-stories (man live in a fish, speaking snake, adam made of mud). On the one hand they use their mind to form an opinion and on the other hand they condemn atheists for the same. In Germany it`s called DOPPELMORAL

  143. christians are a dying breed. come 2100 religion wont be important. that means god has 90 years to prove he exists. and if im lucky, i’ll live long enough to see a world without religion and the planet WILL PROSPER.

  144. @killa2000dec „christians are a dying breed.“
    It may seem that way if you keep telling yourself that.

    „come 2100 religion wont be important.“
    Actually, religion is just as important as it ever was. Come 2100 it will be the same.

    „and if im lucky, i’ll live long enough to see a world without religion and the planet WILL PROSPER. “
    I don’t know your definition of prosper but when things like science is killing millions everyday I have to question your ideology.

  145. @mun090 Who needs a hell when you we have hell here on Earth? Hell is the misery created by bad people and inflicted on, usually, poor people. Just look at the so-called ‚hell-holes‘ of Calcutta, North Korea, many parts of Central Africa, the slums of South America, the shit-kickers of the southern states of the USA etc etc etc. If god existed, then he created hell when he created us!

  146. @telo54 I never said they ARE the same, only that they started as a connection between religion and philosophy, but this was around 700 b.christ. science is it’s own thing, but science itself is full of holes, and hypothesis and things that can’t be proved, but what science do right, is that they want to find out the truth, but most religion just takes it as it is and never questions anything. even though I am a believer, I also love science for it’s bliss.

  147. @ContemplateYourLife which is a bit sad.. religion to me is not to have a god, but to explore the world in many ways, and life itself. to have the guts to believe in something you cannot prove, or cannot see. it’s very fascinating, but also a choice of mind that anyone can make. I have respect for other religions even though I choose to believe differently. though I might not like some of the Islam ways of using their religion.. but religions in itself is fine, it’s people that make them bad.

  148. @ronin241703 I think you missed the point, I don’t think that the God of the bible arbitrarily goes around killing name callers. There would be no one on this Blog if that were the case. Really! I think it was more than probable cause that the intent was more than to make Elisha angry. We don’t know what the prophet even said to them, outside he cursed them…that may have been quoting from the Torah. We don’t know, and neither do you. Pray to whatever you want, no-one is stopping you.

  149. @Adevarro your argument is based on a book what the fuc% there all fairy tails there’s no proof at all and your only come backs are „but the book sez“ are all you moron’s telling me that not for one second you might have thought that ohh i don’t no some guy wrote the book and wait for it SAID THAT „GOD“ TOLD HIM 2 i mean common ppl how can u all b that stupid ,religion has been and still is used 2 explain thing’s that science can not but the number of things are getting smaller by the day

  150. are u a retard your argument is based on a book what the fuc% there all fairy tails there’s no proof at all and your only come backs are „but the book sez“ are all you moron’s telling me that not for one second you might have thought that ohh i don’t no some guy wrote the book and wait for it SAID THAT „GOD“ TOLD HIM 2 i mean common ppl how can u all b that stupid ,religion has been and still is used 2 explain thing’s that science can not but the number of things are getting smaller by the day

  151. @bestfirend123 your argument is based on a book what the fuc% there all fairy tails there’s no proof at all and your only come backs are „but the book sez“ are all you moron’s telling me that not for one second you might have thought that ohh i don’t no some guy wrote the book and wait for it SAID THAT „GOD“ TOLD HIM 2 i mean common ppl how can u all b that stupid ,religion has been and still is used 2 explain thing’s that science can not but the number of things are getting smaller by the day

  152. There are many nonbelievers who have hated everything of God and Christians or whatever, but have had transforming hits of God, usually associated with a family or loyal church member who was sincere and committed to having someone come have a Christ encounter with God’s love. Being intellectual smart is a gift but it is not to be your god, that is, the most important item you trust.
    Your sins stand against you, they are to be your witness, nvrmind the Christian who you mock and call foolish.

  153. @Magiman2011 So, in response to a video that satirically points out the delusional aspects of a particular organised religion, one example given that followers of this religion unquestioningly look to the writings in a very old book, you simply quote from that very old book.

    I may be wrong but I think you just attempted to argue against the intentions of this video but instead proved the above point it was trying to make.

    Just unbelievable… 😉

  154. @af6373 Unbelievable. Here are some facts:

    1) The Lazarus taxon, 80 mil year old fish, found alive today – no changes (+80 other taxa found).

    2) There is no documented positive mutation that has been shown to increase the information in the genome (DNA), and has not been reproduced.

    3) Abiogenesis theory has not successfully reproduced any new life.

    4) Evolution cannot account for even one complex system having ever come about through increasing mutations alone, (e.g. – rete mirabile)

  155. @kaadauwgg i dont care if you think you beat me, this all just coming out of one voiced opinion, being an athiest doesnt make you this horrible person, it makes you another different human being maybe one that couldnt jsut grasp their mind around other religion so they gave up on it. i was just offended on how EdwardCurrent posted his feelings and so strrongly said that a person like me, an thiest, „hates“ God. i dont hate him. i just dont believe in him, every person has a right to their belief

  156. Actualy, the „God“ does NOT say HE wrote the bible. The imperfect human beings who are capable of lying, are the one’s who say „god“ wrote the bible. Checkmate for atheists. 🙂

  157. @kinglbkiv Because Zeus will not answer your prayer but Jesus will ,trust me .And has nothing to do with religion but with faith.If you don’t belive GOD exist pray and ask him to show you He is reall , you can do it at your home not in a church,but from the bottom of your heart ask Him to show you how reall and wonderful He is .

  158. HOW DOES HE EXIST? LOL. So a book that could have been written by anyone, you say that it is god. No one knows for sure, but you say you are 100% sure. When you made this video, did you honestly believe that you were going to prove all atheist wrong? This is pathetic. People that are aithest don’t believe in god because there is NO PROOF that he existed. It is all a fairy tail. No body knows Jesus real birthday. December 25 was stolen from a different sun gods birthday, It is all fake.

  159. ~oo0O0oo~~oo0O0oo~~oo0O0oo~~oo¬0O0oo~
    For centuries, men have wrestled with burning questions that the bible left unanswered: like would Chuck Norris own Jesus in a fight? Would Jesus triumph in a battle with Superman? Well now you can leave your vote (yes or no) on my channel, & an explanation as to why you voted that way, on the question „WOULD JESUS BEAT SUPERMAN IN A BATTLE?“ (see my channel background image).

  160. this is all based around the fact that the bible is completely correct some of it is im sure but really if he had reasons to why we might THINK the bible is incorrect i might not of thought that this wasnt christian propaganda in a realistic sense

  161. omg !!!! your a fuckin moron did ya even read all the bible !!! the bible says adam and eve were the first ppl on earth !! but they had 2 son !!! where did every else come about and thats just one small part of the bible compared to all the other bullshit stories in it! read the bible !!! all of it ! !!! and your a fuckin idiot !!!

  162. @juliaaquilina,

    Re: „i know that God exists through moral certainty“

    This is the same moral certainty that caused people to believe in Zeus, Horus, Dionysus and a hundred other gods. Demonstrate one time where this supposed „moral certainty“ has been believed over objective evidence to the contrary and was confirmed to be right. Can’t do it? That’s because it NEVER happens. Indeed, you don’t „know“ that God exists, you simply believe it against the evidence and that’s really all you have.

  163. @Yourfaithiscourage,

    Re: „The author of this is right.“

    I don’t suppose you’d let the fact that the author is an atheist and you completely misread his entire message persuade you into realizing that you’ve misunderstood everything. Faith is simply denial of any evidence you don’t like. It works just as well for Vishnu and Zeus as for the Christian God. You keep adding your imagination because you don’t like what the facts keep telling you. You want pacification, not truth.

  164. @Norbert66676667,

    Re: „atheist have their own truth“

    There is only one truth – reality. Reality manifests itself in objective evidence. Anything else is self-pacification. My question is this; why do you believe in a god when there isn’t a single shred of objective evidence for the existence of any god?

  165. @kaykko Because God doesn’t have to abid by his law, does an ant tell you that its not OK to step on it? No. So you don’t get to tell God who he can step on.

  166. By the way, i would like to apologize for being such a idiot, so over look the misspelled word and the incorrect lanquage. My disagreement with the bible is the fact that even being from God, God has not made It’s self clear. God did not seem to know lots of things, which he should have known. That is why i disagree with lots of things in the bible. I not going to try to science because i know little about it, i base my reasoning on the words within the book and attempt to understand it meaing.

  167. This is another stupid theory. Who wrote the bible? It didn’t appear out of nowhere. Man wrote the bible and it has been scientifically proven that man has evolved from animals who evolved from bacteria who are composed of molecules and atoms, protons neutrons and electrons. The big bang is just a theory about when time started, it has not been proven. But we can’t argue the fact that there is a god when there is no proof of one existing and vice versa so the argument is pointless.

  168. :45 All scientists are freaks! The last scientist I saw was exactly like in this video; he was sitting in a wheel chair with question marks floating all around him. I knew right then and there Creationism was true.

  169. Sir EdwardCurrent, I am an uneducated African, but didn’t you realize that the last 30 seconds of your 3:07 min video did impeach your whole statement. You said “ science and reason has no place in our lifes“, don’t you think this is delusional when you are using the produce of science which are computer,internet and your famous YOUTUBE to tell the whole world that that science and reason has no place in our lifes.

  170. You just said “ it is though for us christains “ Jesus Chris said in the bible if you believe in him you will have peace and nothing will be though for you. So my question is why is it though for you christains now ,as you just said in the first phase of your video when you believe in Jesus Chris. I don’t understand You, Jesus chris and the bible. So simplely explain to me why „It is though for all you Christains“. Remember to use simple english, because I’m an African wt english as a sec langu

  171. @MrMonkeyspanner

    „if you have genuinely made no assumptions then you cannot be logically…“

    – that’s a premise which you are yet to substantiate.

    i can prove atheism as the logical default quite easily:

    – belief is a dichotomy between atheism and theism, you either believe in a god or you dont. agnosticism is a completely different attribute.
    – theism makes and affirmative claim and hence requires evidence
    – atheism doesnt make any affirmative claims and must be the logical default

  172. @types10000 „i have already demonstrated that your claim that a God is responsible for the universe is an argument from ignorance“ You have not demonstrated it, you have just repeatedly asserted that, without adequate logical proof for your conviction.
    „the only thing that remains is to point out the simple fact that atheism is the logical default“ I have already outlined why it is not the logical default and you cannot counter my arguments, you just keep repeating your assumptions.

  173. @types10000 „“if you have genuinely made no assumptions then you cannot be logically…“

    – that’s a premise which you are yet to substantiate.“

    This is the point where I simply have to tell you that you haven’t learned a thing about logic and in fact have just proved beyond all reasonable doubt that you don’t even understand what logic is. Get ANY textbook and it will tell you that without axioms you don’t have logic. It’s literally part of the definition of logic.

  174. @types10000 „“if you have genuinely made no assumptions then you cannot be logically…“

    – that’s a premise which you are yet to substantiate.“
    No, that is fundamental to the very definition of what logic IS. Get any textbook you like and it will tell you. I’m genuinely convinced that you have not studied logic at all, since EVERYONE who has studied logic knows that logical statements cannot be made without axioms. Axioms serve to define the set of things you can reason about.

  175. I immediately heard in his opening phrase that the title of this vid is misleading.
    Amazing how reactive and cynical so many atheists are. What is so interesting about this is that THEIR MINDSET is largely identical to a fundamentalist mindset:
    they’ve merely changed the contents, the software, while the authoritatively controlled rigid mindstructures are essentially identical.

  176. @TheeKingslayer If websites and spurious data convince you, then you might want to look into the work of Lawrence S. Myers into proving that the Earth is expanding. His work is easily refuted by taking measurements, as is the work of Setterfield.
    Physicists use instruments that depend on c being constant. It is constant, and if it weren’t it would have been noticed and excited the scientific community long ago.

  177. @telo54 fish burn waves u 2 high 2 explain mud corn behold two cannons book of physics says rock will fall toward earth so ovens with chickens are and another thing revelation spirit faith badger tree climbing banana but only because have you considered dat there are two suns frogs are slimy so you will burn in hell if and another thing chuck norris killed the dinosaurs with roundhouse kick because they never existed the earth is like a hat spanish omlette staples in car OK?

  178. look the bible is a fairy tale. don’t belive everything it says. and the fossils that we find are carbon dated to show that they are millions of years old. the bible was not wrote by god, it was wrote in 200AC. and the bible dosn’t say anything about dinosaurs, they deny they even exist, even though we have hard evidence of them existing like, the skeletons we find od them. please let me hear your thoughts.

  179. @types10000 For once in 10,000 posts u said something truthful. Yes, an atheist morality must be based on evolution, reflecting that ur DNA is programmed for survival & little else. Which explains why Hitler exterminated the “lesser creature so that the fittest may survive” & philosopher Peter Singer can claim that children should be bred as organ donors. “With God out of the way u don’t believe in nothing u believe anything.” Such is the wisdom & morality of atheism.

  180. Check out watch?v=YtdE662eY_M very interesting presentation by Brian Green regarding the string theory. However at 13:40 he makes an interesting point which suggests that the universe is in fact an „intelligent design“ and not just a random act of nothing.

  181. athiests are not deluded, they just inteperate, things different. The belief of god is so old, there’s a chance he doesn’t exist. I personally believe ‚god‘ was used as way to explain things where their knowladge is limited, it is still used today resptively. I’m irreligeus not athiest, I’m open minded and do accept other peoples belief, at the end of the day the more we discover the more questions we’ll get and I’m still unsure wether god exists or not but regardless I wont worship him

  182. @TheeKingslayer Scientists search for understanding. They have no reason to lie. They might distrust new ideas, but if they are correct then this will soon become apparent, and new ideas will be accepted.
    Contrast this with religious fundamentalists. They start with their conclusion and dispute evidence to the contrary. Hence the existence of such lies as ‚the speed of light in a vacuum is variable‘ or ‚radioactive decay rates vary‘. Such claims are demonstrably false.

  183. @TheeKingslayer
    People are always trying to prove each other wrong and learn more, and it’s through this that Science is constantly checking and refining it’s discoveries. Do you really think they could get away with creating false data with everyone pressuring down on them, trying to find the slightest mistake or error at all times? I don’t think so mang.

  184. @mecher3k
    „Anything that is outside of nature, is outside of science. Science studies nature and attempts to understand it.“ That is the damned point! Do you understand that it is possible for a physical theory to propose a proposition that it, fundamentally cannot answer? If not, you haven’t met Godel’s theorem! If so that is why I have to use science + logic to prove the ’supernatural‘ origin of the universe. The proposition that science is the only source of truth absurd e.g. mathematics.

  185. Your are right, it is unbelievable!
    The sad thing is that most viewers don’t seem to recognize that this is a satire.
    The inabiliity of most people to think is the reason religion works.

  186. @haitipi Some South American fundamentalist Christians do believe the world is 6000 years old because theyre spoon fed it from birth. Also, why should ‚Intelligent Christians‘ decide what is or what isnt true if the Bible is that trust worthy in the first place?

  187. My least favourite thing about this video is the fact someone’s hacked your account to claim that it’s satire. Anyone with enough of a brain to be worth caring about can tell from the content of the video that it is completely sincere.

  188. @zephyr3x3
    „Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings.“
    While that is very funny, and i’ll probably steal that ….
    It would be far more accurate to say:
    „Competition gets you to the moon, oppression get you into destruction.“

  189. @MrMonkeyspanner well i cant see pluto or saturn from where im sitting just the stars moon and sun kan men really understand all things and most things but no way even 2 the depths of hell wat is man 4 as the grass is withered away same are the days of men and riches of wealthy men

  190. @telo54 „well i cant see pluto or saturn from where im sitting“ Pluto is not really a planet and Saturn looks like a pale yellow star to the naked eye. Just because you don’t know what you’re looking at, doesn’t mean you can’t see it. If you used optical help you could see it much clearer. People have been able to do this for hundred of years. Unless you’re sitting in a box and can’t see the sky at all, which means your statement depends on an unwillingness to look outside the box you are in.

  191. This is sad that this all they can come back with. Just cause the bible says so?
    The bible has NO proof. Someone could have written that thousands of years ago as some fairy tale and we wouldn’t know the difference.

    The worst part is you call steven hawking a genius, a scientist freak. God cheese head, you must be deluded.

  192. Uh,dude, go to a doctor!!! Ok you believe in God and I have got no problem with that, BUT: 1) From the time you say that the smartest people on earth are stupid and you’re more clever than them you surelly 100000000% have a problem. 2) If they were stupid as you said today you would live in a cave and say“ Uga Uga!!“ (and surely won’t have anything)!!! So Shut The Fuck Up!!!

  193. @selvmordspilot I say that because the belief that people are wicked creatures is a destructive belief. Prisons are full of people who think the world is wicked. This belief is what makes people do wicked things. If people knew that we are to be cherished then we would tend to cherish each other. We don’t need to hate ourselves. We need to love ourselves and each other. The world needs more belief in loveliness and certainly not in sinfulness. Guilt trips do not heal people. Appreciation heals.

  194. @Masterdarwin88 Let us not hate our brother who’s eyes can see only sinfulness and hell. Let us instead see that he is not a sinner but a brother and a child of God who has forgotten the goodness that God placed in him and so remains in him forever. He is deceived by his own flesh and forgotten that the Spirit is what gave him life. All sin is of the flesh and the flesh is of no avail.

  195. @manuel221988 Read New scientist Jan 2010 and see that Evolution at least by Natural Selection is a dud. To say that natural selection (alias mindless processes) programmed 200 proteins each with 100s of amino acids with highly specific 3D structures, brought them all together at the same time along with the means to reproduce and form a simple cell, has to be the great cosmic myth of our times.

  196. I love it. The sad thing is that creationists actually pose their arguements this ironically, so for the first few minutes I wasn’t sure If it was satire.
    Scarry world.

  197. @robertfusion The difference is that nothing in science pertains to the supernatural. When religion talks about other realms of existence it is speaking of situations beyond the physical world. Science only deals with the natural and religion deals with the supernaturals.

  198. @dashan091 Hi you dishonest fucking asshole. You say I don’t answer your questions, I answered them ALL but YOU dodged mine. I’m gonna follow you around and let everyone know that you are just a sneaky little shit who pretends he’s so fucking high and mights but when someone like me calls you on your bullshit you can’t answer FUCK YOU!

  199. EVERYONE, I have blocked dashan091, he continues to ask stupid questions which I have taken great pains to answer and still says that I have not answered ANY of his questions. I don’t debate with morally dishonest people like dashan091, and I wish I had not spent so much time answering his question. I suggest you do the same since he will not answer your replies and then profess, like a child, that you never answered his questions in the first place.. oh and FUCK YOU dashan091.

  200. THANKS MEN… You surely encouraged me a lot… I was down just now by some atheist I bumped into… They have so many nonsense to talk about.. Even the most common question would be made into a huge problem… Haist??!! But you really did help a lot man… Thanks!!!! GOD BLESS YA…

  201. This video is so ridiculous from the outset that I thought….. this has got to contain a punchline. Something like…. just kidding the last 3 mins 7 sec of this video was the biggest load of shit known to man or…. I am an undisputable smack head or…….. I’m far too stupid to understand most things so I’ll stick with this explanation instead?? You gotta love you tube as it endlessly illustrates the growing amount of lunacy when it comes your beliefs in something religious.

  202. Well Edward Current, you really got me there. After surfing the religious madness on YouTube for weeks and months I was’nt expecting this kind of humor. Very clever. Or may be I’ve grown very stupid lately.

  203. @BallsDangleton You clearly don’t understand the difference between science and religion. In your book, you have to believe it on faith alone. In ours, if we got a problem with it, it tells us how it works, and how to check for ourselves. It dares us to question it, because that’s how progress it made. And yes, I’ve seen an atom. Atom bomb? No, but I have seen the theories behind them, and can test under my own ability if there even possible. Your religion cannot do that.

  204. I think there might be some Christians that watch this video and say „wow atheist are stupid, this guy is good, he totaly makes a good argument god exists“,,,yes, never underestimate the dumbest,closed minded religious folks out there. So many of them, 😉

  205. Haha… I stopped watching when he said he was 100% sure!

    Even Dawkins, who can be described as a fundamental atheist, puts himself at 6 on a 7 point scale from 1=’I know there is a god‘ to 7=’I know there is no god‘. Anybody at 1 or 7 is not sane… THAT, I’m 100% sure of 🙂

  206. y r some christians sooo untolirent of other peoples beliefs. what happened to „treat thy nabour like i would thy self“ from the bible so it must be true to u guys so follow ur own book and stop slaggin off atheists and get a life!!!!!!!! for the record im atheist :P.

  207. Yeh it strengthens the fact that the bible is pure bullshit and has no rational sense what so ever, it proves that god is imaginary well basically religion is a fairy tale for adults.

    I cant wait for science to discover the origins of the universe and it wont include a god in the equation

  208. @newexperiment I’m glad the bible tell you something. Cuz the stuff I read in this book is slavery and magical fairies. Its like you liked the idea of someone having god like powers. Thats cool. Just admit that you believe cuz you want to. Cuz you can’t handle the fact your not special. 🙁 Nobody is.

  209. @tabladokapre
    Caveman believes in superstitions, christians believe in superstitions.

    Also we look at people with deformities as people unlike some people who will just say that they must be full of sin for god to create them that way.

  210. @jb42682 you’re wrong can you write a book then tell me its from God and show me it’s history, culture, archeology, science and how your book would change peoples lives? absolutely I won’t believe you coz the bible is proven.. its history, science, culture, archeology and its influence to change the lives of people from darkness to light.

  211. Ecclesiastes 12:12-14 „And furthermore, my son, be admonished: of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh. 13[This is] the end of the matter; all hath been heard: fear God, and keep his commandments; for this is the whole [duty] of man. 14For God will bring every work into judgment, with every hidden thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.“ Its looks like Christians do not affraid of GOD???? By doing all of the evil things on Earth.

  212. @TheBlikityblack „how many christians do you know personally really go to such lengths to scare their children.“ Every single one who actually believes their false doctrine (that not enough fear = eternity in hell for their children)
    „who are you to decide how someone is to raise their kids[?]“ I’m no one, but the statistics speak for themselves from both the individual and the societal level.
    If you watch this you should understand why: watch?v=CMpWRZ7_A34

  213. you cant use a a religious book to prove that religion is real. So god made the bible, therefore proving god exists… not the other way around? theres no way a book couldv been written to say something exists and that something made that book, proving that particuliar entity exists? lol checkmate? FAIL for fucks sake just use your brain.

    im fucking over it

  214. @libetta -Nope, God created evil. God even had it put in the bible, as he was ranting about his power. Isa 45:7 has God Himself saying this, so who are you to go against what the biblical God said about Himself? If the biblical God revealed Himself as none other than Satan…you still couldn’t say anything against it.

    Also, „freewill“ is a manmade doctrine to take the blame off of a God, because otherwise, you’d rightfully blame Him. „Freewill“ throws religious minded people off.

  215. I was going to say something about going ballistic whenever I see a comment like „This is satire right?,“ then I thought about the limited mental power of someone who would believe in the invisible, goofy skydaddy.
    Keep up the great videos, Edward! Always the best!

  216. its funnty becaus the beliefs that i hold were not taught to me i did not grow up with these beliefs and yes you are correct you have every rigjht to question mybeliefs ans to be honest im glad you are because it says to me that there is an incling of intrest and the more you ask the morei respond and the more i respond the more you here and te more you here the more the oppoirtunity you accepting the TRUTH which is the main goal

  217. @jerry18291 what fact? fact indicates that there is evidence thats been proven and tested. there is non for the fairytales of a book that has no credibility for so many reasons it makes harry potter look like a science text book. anything you’ve said is based on nothing but what you think, if your ever going to try to convince someone that you are right your going to have to show credibility by backing up what your saying. im actually a lil angry ur spamming this whole page with ur bullshit

  218. @jerry18291 because that doesnt make sense, and as you say might its pretty clear that you dont even truly believe what your saying. nobody who thinks for themselves will believe what you believe, give me a good rational reason to believe the religious spam your spilling on this webpage

  219. this isnt serious…..right you say god wrote the bible… your wrong god did not right the bible the Bible has 66 different books written by at least 39 authors over a period of 1,500 years and was started by moses so if your gonna go against people that don’t believe in what you do get your facts correct read your bible study it then make another video apologising for your mistake and remember hou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour. you checkmate was just returned! PEACE!!

  220. @jesuswasadancer


    First off this is what we like to call Satire. Look it up. and secondly, please dont make assumptions about the bible which you clearly dont know. You have been taught that Mose wrote the beginning where as if you look at the original it is incredibly clear that he did not and was actually written by 4 people. Please do some research before talking about religion.

    The „checkmate“ has just been sent back to those it was originally intended! PEACE!

  221. awsome video. i love his satire. TO EVERYBODY: pleas check out the video called DO YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE IN CHRISTIANITY. you will find it if you search „gulbirk“. its a video that shows why there are so many christians that dont actually believe. they just „believe“.

  222. awsome video. i love his satire. TO EVERYBODY: pleas check out the video called DO YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE IN CHRISTIANITY. you will find it if you search „gulbirk“. its a video that shows why there are so many christians that dont believe. they just „believe“

  223. @fatcatband Dude God didnt make the bible, and those followers that rewrote it, maybe they spiced it up a bit to make people believe in it a bit more, the ones who made em back in the time were crazy, I mean fucking 400 pages or some shit like that. But seriously Your fucking dumb there is no evidence you got no proof that god actually touched that book.

  224. …Ok well… Do you believe everything your read?…First of those „Scientist freaks“ have given us so much knowledge of our earth and our universe.. they are not blinded by faith and belief of an imaginary friend!
    Of Course evolution is real… everything on this earth has evolved and will continue to evolve… it is a never ending cycle, things change and adapt! they become better… faster, stronger, smarter… etc
    „God did not create man in his own image…man created a god in his“

  225. „Miracles that defy the laws of physics are the truth“
    Listen to yourself…think logically about this! you are blinded by faith and believe! for an imaginary being…one that you cannot see or touch… or has any kind of evidence to prove his existence.
    „Science and reason have no place in our lives“
    Well if they have no place in your life.. you should stop using electricity/ all electrical appliances, your mobile, medicine, your car! etc because they are by products of science…

  226. Ask yourself this.. Isn’t this enough? just this world? just this beautiful, complex, unfathomable natural world… How does it so fail to hold our attention, that we have to diminish it with the invention, of cheap man-made myths and monsters….
    Im an Atheist.. and with the knowledge that science has given us, it makes this world even more beautiful!
    „To gild refined gold,
    To paint the lily,
    To throw perfume on the violet.. is just fucken silly!

  227. man this guy is an ignorant ass. I imagine hes an athiest jerk trying to poke fun, since I have never come across a real christain who is this dim whitted. why are we as a people spending so much time attacking each others beliefs. are there no grander battles to be fought. I believe in the Lord, but I would never force my way on anyone, nor waist my time on nonsense like this. I only wish I had read the details first.

    It’s Time To Wake Up Now

  228. Ohhh, I get it now. You’re an atheist acting like a strawman Christian so you can backhandedly poke fun at how hilarious their beliefs really are. At least, I’d really hope so after the Steven Hawking bit. Pretty funny stuff man!

  229. God does exist !!!

    1. Living God-bread of life like Jesus promised in Bible
    Eucharistic miracles of Naju !

    2. Manopello veil of Veronica and Jesus face and blood like on shroud of Turin, Fatima 1917, Zeitoun 1968-70, etc

    3.Eucharistic Miracle Lanciano, Italy 8th Century A.D. till now alive, real blood AB!

    4. Uncorrupted bodies of catholic’s saints

    5.Calanda, Spain in 1640, a young farmer’s leg was restored to him after having been amputated two and a half years earlier

  230. I really hope this is a joke. This is the dumbest, non-sensical shit I’ve ever wasted my time listening too. Tell me this…How the FUCK, did one man and one woman result in numerous different skeletal structures, religions, languages, and skin colors? There is NO proof that God DOES exist, so…Checkmate.(assholes)

  231. @TheHatefulDead Ouch must of hit a nerve! There is a wild card in all of this debating that we as Christians haveon our side, prophecy. If as an intellectual you would have read the Holy Bible you would know that about 500 predictions have come true thus far. And here is the kicker this is what is in store for you…

  232. @notessimodude Atheists always like to say that because somebody goes to church they believe they are Christian. A true follower of Jesus Christ is marked by love and would never murder, in fact, did you know we are taught to love our enemy? Just as I know that not all muslims are bad either. I don’t agree with their point of views but I also don’t believe the corporate controlled media. Religion is not behind war, disease, and poverty, PROFIT is! Wouldn’t you agree?

  233. @notessimodude Also show me in the Bible where is says that…I don’t actually think you have read it. Just cruising the web and found flat-earth societies that believe that…and then come here and spew it?

  234. @Strusra You mean he (JC) pissed his own people off so much they crucified him. I just wish the bastard had stayed dead! Then we would not have to suffer this fucking disgusting Christian bullshit religion 🙂

  235. @jlcohns I think the way you spell says alot about the kind of person you are. An uninformed idiot. If there were a god, he would have presented himself by now. Otherwise, whats the point? Why have a world full of people who dont know, doubt, or never even heard of him, when he could just show up and fix it? Seems pretty sketchy to me. But, then again, I guess logic never had anything to do with religion to start with.

  236. @xNoReligionx You don’t understand, all murders will go to hell, why listen to a murderer? They’ll lead You to hell, Jesus never murdered and neither do real born again followers of Christ. Thats one way You can tell a real born again Son of God from a false one. False ones kill in the name of Christ.

    And Jesus came here to set man free from hell.

  237. @Strusra You may not realize this, but you’re probably insulting many in the military who have answered the call of duty in the past who have given their lives and still put their lives on the line in defense of their country. Also, wouldn’t the great flood that God sent make him a murderer?

  238. @ravish4real You are all welcome to your delusion, but it pisses me off when you religious fucktards try to have stuff done in the name of your putrid religion. I am right and yes there us just death.. blank! Wishing you went to heaven in an afterlife don’t make it so.. there is NO evidence you MORON.

    What if you are WORNG… what if your chose the wrong putrid religion and you are going to hell… ha ha ha ha !

  239. @xNoReligionx Besides the fact that you are rude and immature, where is your evidence? I haven’t called you any names. This must really get to you, if Christianity is false what is it to you? I pushed nothing. I like you also have a right to my beliefs. Hey if you don’t believe it’s really no skin off my nose. I have better things to do than argue something I know is real. Can you explain, speaking in tongues, or prophecy, or revelation. All things I have experienced, not to mention healings.

  240. @ravish4real My evidence for you cunts messing with the world is so overwhelming and massive it would take several volumes to put it in writing. But here are a few:

    1. Wanting Intelligent Design to be taught alongside Evolution in Science class
    2. Galileo (what the church did to him and science)
    3. Being bigots and voting against Gay marriage on religious grounds
    4. Evading Taxation

    There is so much evidence this is just the tip of the ice burg.

    Fuck you religious bastards!

  241. every1 knows that religion is just some1s little try of making you their bitches… @ uuu go to church and believe in god , THEN YOU CAN GO TO HEAVEN YAY !

    you just fell in the big pedobear trap. suck that you god believers *Morons!

    Who says Bigfoot does not exist ? you haven’t seen him so you can proof that he doesn’t … that the biggest pile of crap argument the Christians have ever come up with…

  242. @leptismagna10 Wow, you got me pegged. Not! None of that stuff means anything, and that is surely not what my faith is about. Do I disagree with homosexuality, yes I do, but it’s a person’s right to choose. I think gay marriage is a the homosexual communitiy trying to force everyone else to recognize them. What the heck would it matter if they marry or not to them, it makes no sense other than forcing those that disagree with it to have to accept it. I think gay marriage is just stupid.

  243. @youcanfeelitallover Actually, evolution makes no sense at all. Dr. T.N. Tahmisian of the Atomic Energy Commission said, „Scientists who go about teaching that evolution is a fact of life are great con-men, and the story they are telling may be the greatest hoax ever.

    Evolution seems to supply more questions than answers. It is a false religion.

  244. @InnerExperiences

    So you take back that you said „God is in control of everything“? Since we are part of everything, no?

    Everything that happens TO you because of other people, like who made or prepared the food you eat, cleaned the water you drink, speak to you and let you see videos on the internet…everything you see that is happening TO you because of other people…are none of these controlled?

  245. @Beastt17 okay maybe it does work, but speaking of debates you use the ad hominem a lot! and now you are not explaining how, „what you believe is utterly and DEMONSTRABLY wrong“…“It’s simply that you won’t accept the reality“…“the Bible is a purely human work“…“and you’re wrong“. Maybe you are just having an off day. I’ve been debating for 8 years in person by the way and had more than 16 conversions. They are called conversions by the way, no matter what they convert/revert to.

  246. Because the bible says so! That seems to be the phrase of the day. Someone should ask God out for a drink and make sure he wasn’t wasted when he wrote that.

  247. @beccyed *face palm* Yes, the Bible was written along time ago, but no matter what era it is, it still the word of God. So everybody should know it and follow it.
    No, it doesnt say Everybody who doesnt believe is bad/wrong. It says He who says in his Heart there is no God, is a fool. 1Corinthians 1:19 says „I will destroy any human wisdom and discard their most brilliant ideas.“ You think youre smarter than God? (Im gonna answer this one for you, so no need to worry) No.

  248. @jinkis4 lol nobody believes in science. People trust scientists because they PROVE what they say and they put it to GOOD USE. Science = results. Religion = delusions. If it wasn’t for science, you’d still be paying 1/10 of all your incomes to the church and be burned on a fire if ANYONE said you said something wrong about religion (even if ur a true believer, it wouldn’t matter, its just a way of burning ppl the church doesn’t like) and get all your wealth taken by church. Medieval ages ftw

  249. It would be all easier if people live and die. that’s it. NO afterlife. Why do we HAVE to BELIEVE it to get to heaven, and if we don’t, we go to hell, no matter if we are good or bad. that does not make sense. and why doesn’t god show himself and make REAL miracles, i have seen none…,,,
    there may be a God, who created all this, but i don’t think we humans have afterlife. i think we don’t need him, because he doesn’t really help us. our life is up to us, not God….

  250. As fernandizzle25 said: „There is no right or wrong.“ There is no truth, we all have only our one truth and we most respect that of each other. Doesn’t matter if you are religious or not. You can be a good or a bad person with or without a religion.

  251. @sanctous You are right, we are to use our mind about our beliefs. We are also to allow our faith to guide our mind. If we follow man they will lead us to destruction. We must be very careful when recieving information from anyone, for man is selfish and has is own agenda.

  252. I ran out of toilet paper yesterday…..I was going to use some pages from the bible to wipe…..then i realised i cant clean the shit off my arse with more shit.

  253. Your satire adds nothing to your argument. Neither side can prove their beliefs – so either we’re all stupid, we learn to tolerate each other, or people like you continue to sow the seeds of hate for others to reap.

    Getting along is what Christianity is supposed to be about. Peace and love. And if you think that those ideals are lessened by the belief in a God than you’re not helping make the world a better place. You’re being oppressive. Christians may be @55holes at times, but God isn’t.

  254. @FusionRecords2010 God just is. Its hard to understand, even for the most brilliant minds to understand. But Im sure you understand everything so, explain to me the history of the big bang. And what was there before the big bang.

  255. the creator of this video is awesomely stupid…
    how does he know that God write the bible?
    is he sure of it? is there any evidence supporting it?
    should i say „checkmate“…?

    and one more thing, all of the thing he says always based from the bible.
    so i ask thee, how do you know the Holy Bible is the truth?

  256. @ShiPshapeD00d „im sure you understand everything“ ??? where exactly in what I said did you get that from ???? I was actually asking a legitamate question … you said we’d be „idiots“ not to believe so I would hope you’d have some sort of idea what it is you believe if you’re going to make a statement like that …. don’t get all mad cuz all you could come with is „its hard to understand“ as for your random questions at the end …. who the hell knows? I know I never claimed to …

  257. Only wicked people try to throw away instruction this is the biggest instruction read the manual to learn how live forever. Look at the history of it go and search for other books which backs up what the scriptures are saying. Man cant create a sun moon mosquito, funny thing is man knows that Carrotjuce is made out of carrots.

    Since your so smart what is a Carrot made out of? figure that out..

  258. @big7bro7 The problem is that all these pissed-off atheists have seen about three scores of videos on youtube alone in which the ‚arguments‘, the line of argumentation and the presentation were absolutely identical.
    And the people who made those were *serious* about it. Dead serious.
    This satire is so very much spot-on that it isn’t even funny any more… Let’s take these comments as praise 🙂

  259. @kidbrianmusic WHAT; DUDE, i used to believe. i was a strong believer for 14 years. GOOGLE NORWAY, we have something called piblic church. our country is christian, they teach us about christianity in school like its a fact. its a wonder that ANNYBODY in this country can end up not believing.

  260. @kidbrianmusic really? y’know what?… I’d much rather be a well informed expletive using ass than someone so empty of common sense they think there are seven forms of nothing!

    And yes, obviously I can choose not to use expletives, something I can do using my ability to choose… from having been educated well enough to do so!

    Seven kinds of athiesm my ass!

  261. @loebgot1971 How can an atheist believe they will destroy a god? What you mean is ‚YOU‘ are worried that there isn’t any god. I’ve yet to meet an atheist that goes out of their way to try destroy things that they don’t think are real.

    Anyway if you’ll pardon me… I have to get back to chasing those darned leprechauns out of my garden! Now I don’t believe they exist… but that doesn’t stop them from ruining the flowers!

  262. @robertsigsworth there is goin to be a lot of attitudes in hell so what are you pertaining tp the fact that we are hitting you over the head with teword if so thats too bad you feel that way

  263. omg… u tell some one that god say that n god say this….and he dont believe in god…..r u retarted…..ur so stupid……we believe in bible cuz god wrote it….i dont believe in god so how would u say that bible is right cuz god wrote it… FRECKEN STUPED

  264. ther is only ONE GOD under heaven where which man shall be saved the NAME OF JESUS THT AT THAT NAME EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW AND EVERY TONGUE CONFESS THATJESUS CHRIST IS LORD dont you worry your little head off i know the ONLY REAL TRUE GOD

  265. @candoyja answer me one question how else is a church supposed to pay thier bills(hydro,gas,land taxes) people think that just because we give money to the church its evil funny money is not evil its the love of money let me say that again so people can get it the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.When you go to a bar you by their beer correct you by their alchohol correct how else is that bar supposed o pay their bills

  266. @youcanfeelitallover No, because faith is believing in something that has no proof. I can have faith in anything. I can have faith in my dog to run all the way across the country to my new house, but even if I sincerely and strongly believe he will, that doesn’t mean he will.

  267. athiest are dangerous to the worls as they dont ave to answer any body and they can do anything , killing blasting war so on and on…. belive in God, visit harun yahya . com darwins is beatne to ground zero

  268. its funnt people think that just because we give money to a church its evil that is so rediculous,people think that just because a preacher drives around in a new fancy suit and car that its all abou money,yet drug dealers,sports athletes walk around with diamond earings ad necklesses and fancy suiits and the are considered heros funny eh

  269. He made it sound to serious at times for being a satire. Although he very clearly did the circular logic symbols. For the first minute I wasn’t entirely sure if it was a joke or not though.

  270. Reading and listening to Christopher Hitchens has made me want to learn more about the world. He has helped me emancipate myself from a geographically inherited virus of the mind, known more widely as Christianity.

    I’ve never heard anyone speak so clearly about the falsehoods and dangers of religion. It amazes me that what he says goes right over the heads of believers.

    Please Google „The Intelligence Debate – Christopher Hitchens Unedited“

  271. @lfaivor21 God forbids, your wife dies and all your friends leave you. Again, wait till it gets unbearable and hopeless. When it does happen, I know you will finally call on God for answers and ask him for forgiveness for all the times you failed to acknowledge Him. It’s not too late…

  272. how can you even think you know anything else but the bible?…cause it take a life time in your shoes to study and reword your bible to make sense of the fact that have been proven not to be from god or cause of god….read your damn book without adding or taking away….for it is because i read the bible with the blinders off and not adding or taking away…and found it to be evil….the very thing you think your against..wake up idiot!!

  273. @mynameissooriginal2 fear mongering worked on you we can with your statement…you better go in your book and read what it says about judging,casting the first stone,speck out of your eye before you can take out others…directly or indirectly calling people fools…….and your own self-righteousness…matt.6:5….go read…you have alot to learn to practice what you preach….hell bound are you also 😛

  274. @kidbrianmusic you are fucking stupid, sorry, i dont usually say this to people. but thats the most idoitic coment ever. of course i have read the bible. ALL OF IT. you see, what they dont tell you in chruch and in school, is the „bad“ parts of it. its not a book of peace at all. and thats what i understood when i read it face value. instead of trying to make exscuses each time i came to a part i didnt like. either 0% of the bible is important. or 100% of the bible is important. dont choose.

  275. @Markpauljames „Not all those who cry lord lord will get into heaven“ „have we not worked great works in your name“ “ the lord says be gone with you I do not know you“ Seems to me you might not be going either.

  276. you are sorting, unproven god, by unproven god, it matters not. yes by proof I mean evidence…….verifiable evidence. all the years ..all the practitioners… not…one…drop..nothing…no…thing…..nothing

  277. God does exist !!!

    1. Living God-bread of life like Jesus promised in Bible
    Eucharistic miracles of Naju !
    2. Manopello veil of Veronica and Jesus face,
    3.Fatima 1917, Zeitoun 1968-70, etc
    4.Eucharistic Miracle Lanciano, Italy 8th Century A.D.
    5. Uncorrupted bodies of catholic’s saints
    6.Calanda, Spain in 1640, a young farmer’s leg was restored to him after having been amputated two and a half years earlier
    7. Hiroshima 1945, untouched house,even grass outside, where rosary was prayed!

  278. amazing, ATHIESTS, overwhelming avalanch of inter- connected , mutually supporting, multi-discipline, multi-national, multi-ego, competative, peer reviewed, data gathering to reliably replicate our predictions, or religion AAALLL religions nothing . Explains nothing, predicts nothing reliably, Which one to go with if you’re daughters life rests on it….and it does.

  279. What a jerk!
    Did „god“ send that F*cki‘ book by fax to earth?
    No, it was written by humans; humans that wanted to control little mind like yours

  280. lol yeah but ur stupid to ttake the bi ble like that. It a little more deep then that 🙂 i think religion and science go hand in hand and in the same direction and are far from being antagonists.

  281. Very funny, tongue in cheek. You know, it’s a real slagging for Christianity that most people from both sides of the fence and comment here think that this is not sarcasm

  282. …even as a christian, watching this was sad. reasoning does have place in our lives, we wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference between sin and moral law. pretty terrible video if you ask me. and science just helps me appreciate nature and if anything reflects Gods beauty in my opinon. ex: the bang theory and Genesis 2:7 both suggest man came from dust..dust is on the ground…things like this, just put a smile on my face.

  283. i love it how the clappy happys comment tryna be wise without even realising that the video is mocking you, not athiests! sarcasm is the lowest form of wit you know…and you still don’t get it.

  284. read mathew#24 in thebible and you probably dont have one so let me paraphrase it says nation shall rise against nation,there shall be earthquakes in diverse places,there shall be people who are lovers of themselves now look around at all the things that are happening on the earth today look at all the earthquakes that are happening and that have been happening in the last few years and you will probably say there has always been earthquakes and yes you are right but if you have noticed that

  285. cont- there has been an increase of earthquakes and the siverity and the diverasity of the earthquakes and also theattutude of people today very and extremly self centred and look at all the extreme hared towards GOD today,also look at all the wars that are happening within nations.random events i think not,proof that there isa living GOD i think so,proof that we ar living in the last days i think so

  286. @fonz1231 You’re ‚maybes‘ there might require some further investigation.

    Fact is (and its a real fact…as in factaully demonstrable) atheists tend to be wealthier, better educated, more intelligent, happier and have a higher social ethos than the religious…

    I can back that statement up with statistics. Which are observations in a real world as opposed to „heres what I ‚think‘ so therefore its real.“

    Erm… try do a little investigation you’ll find the fairys and leprechauns disappear.

  287. @fonz1231 and unless you are a lion or a leopard my guess is you don’t ‚prey‘ …thats the one where you go hunting gazelle on the Savannah…

    I think you meant ‚Pray’… which is where you talk to an imaginary friend…. the one where the imaginary friend talks back…thats called ‚psychosis‘

  288. God is an idea. Not a person. Early egyptians instincts were to try and figure out where they came from and how to obtain eternal life. Watch national geographics: egyptian secrets of the afterlife (youtube). In the 6th century the old testament was written by people who had lost their land. Watch John Romers „testament“. That tells the who wrote it, why they wrote it and the history of religion. I have 3 degrees and spent 2 years researching it. There is your answers.

  289. These „fables“ are etched on the walls of Seti 1 tomb in Egypt and are strikingly similar to all the bible stories. The authors of the bible were in Egypt before they wrote it in the 6th century. They had access to all this information. To have access to the stories and then write the bible with strikingly similar stories as Egypts…

  290. „When we say that Jesus Christ was produced without sexual union, was crucified and died, and rose again, and ascended to heaven, we propound nothing new or different from what you believe regarding those whom you call the sons of Jupiter.“ – Justin Martyr, church father
    Early church fathers saw the same relationship to previous/egyptian gods as can be found on seti 1 tomb in Egypt.

  291. Your so blind to everything around you…you want to criticize scientific evidence right away and attribute everything to a non explanation idea …how can you honestly say that you know something this absurd is truth? we cannot say that something exists outside of the universe that actually made it when that is unperceived by the five senses! So to say you can perceive it is violation of the five senses and also automatically means your using your mind to think up that very thought.

  292. if a so called „god“, creator of everything -had a set of rules „he“ wanted us to live under. why couldnt „he“ the (creator of everything), simply „implant“ laws and understandings when we were born, right along with our animal instincts we ((naturally have))? why do we have to (learn about it), in a (((book))) anyone couldve created in history? -when „he“ couldve SIMPLY „created us“ with it? –cuz its man-made! DERP! dont argue with pages on a book, to people actually (studying) natural life.

  293. HAHAHAHAHAHA you christians are too fucking hilarious, if there was a god then he must of created christians for entertainment! why do you people continue spiting in the face of mother nature and let millions! of years of human EVOLUTION go to waist! you people make me sick. hope you all go to your imaginary hell! theres a reason why christians used to be persecuted! you people are bad for the human race!

  294. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH seriously funny shit!! he should be a comedian. nothing was fact it was just ………. quote „because the bible said so“ good shit

  295. This guy is a naive idiot, believe something just because people tell you without any concrete proof to back it up is sheer stupidity. The bible is a book that was written by man, the stories in it are just tales to explain the world around us, every society and religion has made up these stories as a means of feeling like they understand what is going on around them. He is an idiot like so many religous perople out there today, clinging to mystical ideals because of fear.

  296. You don’t attack any credible philosopher of theologian in your video. You just attack the most retarded blind faithfuls, just like Richard Dawkins. There’s no pride in dominating the weak. Instead, when you choose to mesure yourself to lowest adversaries, you bing yourself to that level. I always despised Richard Dawkins for thinking he’s a genius by saying things about evolution that any rational person already know. The absolute truth, that’s what he think he has, just like the bible…

  297. this guy isn’t a christian at all, he has no idea what he is talking about or dealing with, i feel sorry for him and all the deluded people who think this is how christians come to a place of faith. The faith of a Christian totally rests on the lIfe and resurrection of Jesus.

  298. The faith of a Christian totally rests on the lIfe and resurrection of Jesus.One question i have is; if his disciples weren’t really sure if he really did rise from the dead how come all but one of them was willing to be killed for telling people that they had seen Him risen?they didn’t need faith in something they had been told about they were witnesses to it

  299. lols.. 1st, to prove something is true, you need evidnce.. but not just from 1 source, many! Its called triangulation of ideas. So what god is real in the bible? Can you prove that the bible is a reliable source? Do you have any other non-bible-related sources that prove that god exists? SO if jess exists, what about allah? what about the buddha? You cant possibly say that only 1 god exist.

  300. @EvidenceFaith Sorry but I just can’t be bothered any more. You’re talking about science, cosmology, energy, abiogenesis, epistemology, philosophy of science as if you knew anything about it (which you obviously don’t) when in fact you’re just another uneducated Muslim.
    I could try to teach you but a) I don’t have the time, b) I don’t have the inclination and c) you wouldn’t listen anyway. So what’s the point really?

  301. This would all make sense if the bible were proven to be written by god which it has not.God can’t be proven to exist.If so then there wouldn’t be many Atheists.god is an imaginary fantasy creature,and anyone who carries on conversations with such creatures can rightfully be considered a whack job.

  302. WOW!! good thing the bible doesn’t demand 10% of youre wages
    oh! wait a minute it does!! good thing i’m not dishonest i could slap on priest’s
    robe throw on a cross and rob millions of their money oh! wait a minute
    that would be church!!! you religious fools!!!

  303. please i invite you to argue the point with me. In fact i want you to show this video to your pastor or church leader and ask them if they approve and i guarantee they will not. I apologize to all of the atheists out there watching this video and i can assure you this person does not share the same views as the rest of the Christians.

  304. @MrPosi2010 This is SATIRE. Which means he’s being massively sarcastic. That’s why at 2:58 it says „Inspired by Sam Harris & Richard Dawkins“ – two famous atheists. I myself am what you would call an atheist, as I do not believe in the same God as you do. I believe that the perceiver is God, the one who knows everything he knows… too hard for me to explain here – but still, remove all of your comments, since Edward Current is an atheist, and he WILL mock you……

  305. @MrPosi2010 Oh my god! You actually thought this was real? How do you get by in day to day life. The world must be such a confusing place!
    My mind has just imploded due to your incredible stupidity.
    N.B My mind didn’t actually implode.. I thought i better clear that up in case you were phoning me an ambulance!

  306. Religion is an incredible waste of time. It’s a tax on the gullible. Feel free to pay as much as you want. I’ll live my life exempt of the tax, and free of the wasted time.

    Where’s exactly is the problem?

  307. @kidbrianmusic OMG, are you this stupid. i can use ONE of my arguments to diprove the whole thing. so im sticking to the animal thing. first of all. when to animals have babies, and those babies have babies with each other. and there babies have babies with each other, thats INCEST. it creates great damage on the spiecy. Secondly, you tell me, how he got all the animals ON THE PLANET: AND BROUGHT THEM BACK TO WHERE THEY BELONGED?????

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