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Wheel Of Fortune Spelling Fail


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  1. @qwertypower9 umm ya. i already fucked myself….but i wasn’t trying to diss them or anything…big booty bitches is a video…and i was sort of commenting because of what deadlywhite was saying…so you should probably think about what you say in your reply and use your brain a little bit. im not sexist and im not a bastard you cuntbag.

  2. @DQ2LOVESJUSTIN it funny because i tryed to look back on what i said and i saw a hole page of you bitching about off people lol grow up and stop acting like your going to do something about it. im not the one wasteing my time on what people have to say about some black people messing up on words i could care less …… ur cool……your fucking Pansy

  3. Black people always make great game show contestants. Today on Family Feud the survey was „Wealthy people“. What’s the first name that comes out of the black family’s mouth? No not Bill Gates or Trump. But Obama. Good stuff.

  4. @Homers69charger for your information i’m black you dumbass! it was just a simple joke but i guess you were too busy licking yourself to see that!

  5. @Homers69charger listen you don’t know shit about me i’m not a racist its not my fault you’re too much of a cunt to realise a joke ok so how about you lick my balls (yeah i know you’d love that won’t you bitch) and die! fuck off!

  6. @Homers69charger oooo very creative i’m sure you liked it! i hope you didnt get her clit stuck in your yellow teeth though she hates when that happens…. anyway you can stop replying now because unlike you i have a life aight so fuck off. god bless you!

  7. @MaicoMoon
    Go watch „Judge Judy Fail“… then think to yourself and say „white trash, how typical“
    Dumb ass!
    P.S. I’m white myself so don’t bother with your racist bullshit!

  8. @Mrguy891 yeee doesnt rly matter but i duno in thestates i u make a statistic or smthn the majority of black people would chose kfc… anyway who cares.. id say both are tasty from what i saw^^

  9. @KasplazmTV

    Your logic baffles me. So if two black people are stupid, all black people are stupid?
    It’s people like you that just don’t deserve to live.

  10. @cozytoe123

    It’s people like you that ruined America. I didn’t say if two black people are stupid they are all stupid. The real fact is that the general population of black people are ALL FUCKING STUPID SAVAGES! Look up the facts. Their country, Africa, is shit. It’s all shit. Their fault, because they are savages. They haven’t created anything. Televsion, computers, cars, the fucking keyboard you type on were ALL MADE BY WHITE MEN. You discust me with your stupidity!

  11. @KasplazmTV What about the traffice light? Air conditioning? automatic gear shift? typewriter? stove? thermostat control? rolling pin? REFRIGERATOR? peanut butter? motor? mailbox? lawn mower? key chain? horse shoe? hair brush? folding chair? folding bed? fire extinguisher? egg beater? door stop? There’s many more. Lol..
    I’m white but man your argument is terrible.

  12. @BlissfulEmptiness

    Traffic Light – British
    Air conditioning – Chinese
    Auto Gear shift – Germans
    Typewriter – British
    Stove – British / Possibly American
    Thermostat Control – British
    Rolling Pin – China
    Refrigerator – Australia
    Peanut Butter – Aztecs – Canada
    Electric Motor – British
    Mailboxes – French
    Lawn Mower – British
    Key-Chain – Unkown, Thought to be Frederick J Loudin
    Horse-Shoe – Ancient Greece
    Hair-Brush – US
    Folding Chair – Greece / Rome


  13. @BlissfulEmptiness

    Fire Extinguisher – German-Britishman
    Egg-Beater – America
    Door Stop – Unkown

    You are the most fucking stupid person I have ever encountered, because EVERY ONE OF THOSE MEN WERE WHITE! WHITE WHITE WHITE! Your argument is invalid! Africans didn’t make any of that, WE DID! We as the British, Germans, Americans, Chinese, Australians, Canadians, French, and Greeks (excluding Aztecs)! We are the white men! We created all of that, so get your liberal ass off my fucking back

  14. @BlissfulEmptiness

    And you know what? Even if they did create something, out of that fucking list, they made a KEY CHAIN and a FUCKING DOOR STOP. Fucking pointless compared to cars! And another thing, those men that possibly created the door stop and keychain, were TRAINED BY WHITE MEN! EDUCATED BY WHITE MEN! God, just get it through your thick skull that white people are the supreme race! Asians, are some what white, if you noticed, they aren’t savages. They are part-white.

  15. @KasplazmTV One of the most intelligent comments I’ve ever read. Thank you for putting him in line, these new world order ideas of equality/reverse discrimination have gotten out of control.

  16. Man these comments are hilarious. In Africa, people aren’t extremely far in the shit hole because they’re savages or something, it’s because their governments are greedy assholes who push them further down then cement the way back up. If we take out their shitty politics maybe they can – in time – grow to be another Euro or Asia.

  17. You know what I hate most about black people, is when they fucking think that they are so good because they are black, this one kid in my schools excuse to things is… „CAUSE AM BLAACK!“ Fuck they wanted to be treated equally, yet a lot of them think they are so much better because they are black, god dammit they can make me mad.

  18. @KasplazmTV As hard as it is to admit, A LOT of African Americans are pretty dumb, but not because they’re black, but because they’re just uneducated. I’m black myself, and it pains me to say other black’s acting stupid on the streets and in the media because it’s „cool“ and its „uncool“ to „act white“. And the worst part is, „acting white“ to some people means being civilized and intelligent, that’s one thing about this country that we all need to get up and fix. I’m sorry for offending, btw.

  19. @KasplazmTV From what I can tell, you were either raised this way, or had a bad experience with a black person, and I most likely can’t change your way of thinking because that’s nearly impossible, but I can see that your an intelligent person and that’s why I’m gonna ask you to LISTEN to what the INTELLIGENT blacks have to say about racism for one second please!

  20. @cozytoe123

    That is NOT true! Even if they are educated, they are fucking savages! You say you are black, and if you were white, and intelligent, you would see it my way.

  21. @TheHaitian145 – damn! Those dumb bimbos had $3,150 to buy a shit load of vowels. They could have bought the vowels out of Pat Sayjacks ass, and still had money to burn.

  22. It’s amazing how if these were two white girls, they would have just been called dumb. Point blank. Race wouldn’t have even been brought up. But because they are black, they have to be called dumb niggers, and this is somehow made into an example of blacks‘ low intelligence. It’s really sad how people can still be so ignorant. But hey, if making racist jokes anonymously hiding behind your computer screens makes you feel better about your pathetic self, do that. It will certainly get you far….

  23. @Dmustaine123 First of all, proofread before you post. Then we can talk about how far being an internet racist has gotten you, because it looks like it just made you more dumb. Second of all, maybe you need to get beat up, but then again, I guess a punk like you couldn’t take it.

  24. „You wanna‘ just go ahead and solve that?“

    Even Pat is thinking „They’re women, they’re black, and if it was chicken, they would have got it.“ You can tell due to his tone.

  25. not really funny. the comments are somewhat funny though, but at the same time sexist and racist and that discredits any worth this video has. just giving my personal opinion; i’ll be waiting for the racist chauvinistic tard’s reply. =]

  26. @TheDarklord0211 apparently u didnt get my sarcasm. eated is not a word. past tense of eat is ate. i was commenting on your terrible grammar. and you dont eat air, you breathe it.

  27. @TheDarklord0211 Once again, u apparently didnt get my sarcasm. i was mocking u for ur attempt to seem ignorant. not that u arent but its hard to believe that a person still wouldnt know that eated is not a word after being berated for it.

  28. @KasplazmTV

    ROFL! That’s all you got Sir Fags-alot? „Go fuck a duck, cunt face“? How old are you?! 12?! How about you go in the kitchen. You don’t even have to make me a sandwich, my sweet little bitch. Just slit your fucking throat and bleed to death. 🙂

  29. @KasplazmTV

    What I actually said:


  30. @loopstheloop wow check out all those RETARDS getting sucked in (not sucked off- he’s not a priest) by the troll coppercab on the gingers do have souls vid. Boy they must be FUCKING IDIOTS not to see that coming

  31. wow look at how hardcore all the you tube trolls are, they must think their so bad ass eating their big mac and quarter ponders slobbing on their shirt in gitty with excitement over their comments like a fat kid getting a cup cake for desert. idiots they all are.

  32. @yohomedog oh i don’t mind a good laugh im sure they were laughing about it along with their family when they returned home from the show. If i trip up or make a mistake i expect someone to laugh at it along with my self at. i just don’t encourage racism along with you know? Thin line between funny and ignorant (exm:crealtons was neither funny or creative it was just meant offensive all together) but i did laugh little the first one.

  33. sometimes people just have a blank moment. It happens. You are so nervous that you don’t see the word in front of you. I feel sorry for them because they are probably hitting themselves over such an obvious word. Poor girls.

  34. What some of you are saying is seriously messed up!! They made one friggin mistake on one word, and what now that gives you a friggin reason to make racial remarks?? Now let that have been two white chicks and there wouldn’t be any racial comments!! Seriously?!?! Grow up and get a freakin life!!

  35. @Dmustaine123 I know you ain’t talking about freaking ignorance!!! Look at what you just friggin wrote!!! If that doesn’t say ignorance, then i don’t know what does!!! Look, instead of looking for a reason to discredit black people why don’t you friggin learn to spell!! Oh and btw if you’re gonna talk about crime, watch the freaking news, we aren’t the only ones committing crimes!!

  36. I never heard of a Taco bar before watching this clip. I didn’t know the right answer either. I just knew it wasn’t TAKE. Before you ask: i’m not black, nor am I a woman. And I don’t live on planet Mars

  37. I thought they knew it when they called for a „c“. How many four letter words start with tac? Three? tact, taco, tack. All you can eat…. Gee, what one makes more sense? DUHHHHHH

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