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The Prodigy Feat. The Zimmers – Firestarter (The Old Guys Version)


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  1. dude lol the youngest in tehe band is 67 the leadsinger is 97 older than my grandpa and the oldest in the band is 103 years old that like epic can ur grandpa do that/

  2. @smhorse Sorry to hear that Alf has died what a character at the age of 93 he would put Keith Flint to shame ..I’m sure everybody would love to have a granddad like him………..RIP Alf

  3. RIP Alf.Awesome video,awesome cover of the original song.So,old people must abandon life and become boring,guiltful creatures?Shame on some brainless who support racism against people based on age matters.We young have much to learn from their courage and experience.Way to go zimmers!

  4. I’m obviously old, as Firestarter was the shit when I was young.

    This is by far, the coolest shit I’ve seen in ages.

    And proof that British accents are TOO cool in the US

  5. @djscotty1111 I’ve not seen this before! They banned the song in the UK from been played during the day. Raching No. 1 caused a bit of a problem especially on „Top of the Pops“. To get round the problem, they played the last minute of the video which has no lyrics (its the lyrics they had a problem with).

  6. I absolutely LUVIT !!!!!! watching this video makes me smile every time
    hmmm can you imagine @ a parade of some sort 20 -30 creative Grandads and Grandmothers all dressed with the Firestarter stars n‘ stripes dancing to Firestarter :)))
    If I see him in Britain a Pint for the Grandad Cheers!

  7. Stop the bashin, cause we all know when we reach his age we will still act the same way we are now, saying the same things, doing the same things.

    Kudos to this man for doing something unexpected and actually making it good. If yall don’t like it yall shouldnt have clicked on the vid.

  8. This idea has kind of already been done , ok, not in epic proportions tho, but has sought of already been done. It was done in a UK commercial for a drink i think (possibly lucozade?), where it had an elderly man suddenly transform into Keith lol.

  9. After watching this Keith now looks to me as dangerous as a schoolgirl…
    Forget piercing man – pull your teeth out if you want to look scary!
    All jokes aside, Alf (Raffaele Carretta) really did this marvelously! Even his voice gave something special to this song. When he says „YEEEAAAH“ at 1:10 shit freezes in your ass, as we Croatians say.
    Unfortunately he died in 2010, aged 93. Rest in peace Alf… We’ll remember you!

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