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Tune Of The Day: Seabear – I Sing I Swim


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  1. @rdeckelman415 me too 🙁 but I guess if we wrote songs just like them then that would we wouldn’t be original…. ha That’s the joy of there music its fresh and original!!! but man this IS great!!!

  2. Human skin, can be hard to live in
    You’ll feel better in the morning..
    Trails lost in the snow
    Make way for winter’s eerie glow
    And that black rock in your bedroom
    I hope you’ll climb it soon
    In your boat, tied to a tree
    I hope you’ll find the sea
    Throw me a dream please, it’s been a dreamless sleep
    For such a long time, such a long time
    Sing myself awake
    Watch the branches break
    No one could ever take your place
    Wash your face in the lake
    You’ve got a diamond under your skin

  3. „I miss you even when you’re around“
    I wrote this line almost exactly the same for a song I wrote, but it was „I miss you even when we’re together.“ But it still sounds the same, now I have to think of something else… fuck.

  4. @itstimetosmoke

    „And I miss you when you’re around “ -modest mouse
    „And I miss you, even when you’re around“ -seabear

    although, it’s not word for word there are obvious similarities. that still doesn’t change how beautiful the song is, nor it’s meaning. in the end, does it matter? does that honestly bother you? just enjoy the song for what it is, and remember how it makes you feel.

  5. we all have our different tastes in music. the alternative against the country. the pop against the screamo.
    we dont need hater comments though, or else we’ll be hating right back on your music.
    and we all have our opinions about the song itself… so stop trying to ruin the mood for people who actually do like this song.

  6. luv searbear, you also might really like this up and coming acoustic instrumental trio. they have a new song, search Youtube (use the quotes) for „a month’s lifetime“ by star fk radium.

  7. 3° …perché in quelle come noi c’è sempre posto per la dolcezza, il romanticismo e… un tocco di vintage nel cuore.
    Video „Seabear – I Sing I Swim “

    Continua così Clio, non smettere mai di essere te stessa.

  8. 3° …perché in quelle come noi c’è sempre posto per la dolcezza, il romanticismo e… un tocco di vintage nel cuore.
    Video „Seabear – I Sing I Swim “

    Continua così Clio, non smettere mai… di essere te stessa.

  9. @laudanumpotion ~ well… in Nova Scotia on the coast, there are some rocks that they call „black rocks“ and if you climb on them chances are the tide will pull you under.. so they’re very dangerous and many people have died becuase they climbed the black rocks… but I dont get the reference..

  10. Icelandic sheep: always three of them 😐 I mean, really. HORSE.
    More musically related (and sensible): Icelandic music is like the country they come from; different and surprising and something you just fall in love with. I regret not buying Seabear’s record when I was there (did see it though…aaargh). Mail-order it is!

  11. @chyidean To clarify I’m not saying this song is bad. I love the band and indie folk in general…. I was just wondering if anyone else heard it too, or if I was just hallucinating.

  12. @chyidean Yeah, it’s because both songs use the same chord progression (I V vi IV). A lot of songs use that chord progression, and since the melodies are different, it’s not „copying“ or whatever.

  13. @LilyLovesLabyrinth My point being that it seems a bit naive to say that every band from Iceland is great when you’ve only heard a couple.

    That being said Sigur Ros is amazing.

  14. @lancebramsay hmm, sigur ros, amiina, mum, olafur arnolds, for a minor reflection, and of course sea bear. I’m sure there’s more out there, i just need to take the time to find em

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