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Chronologically Confused About Movie and Video Game Sequels


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  1. @jadenyuki1988 How could you claim that I know everything without thinking that you know everything, yourself? I don’t recall saying I did. Just because I know of obvious facts that you doesn’t mean that I „know everything“. That’s a pretty arrogant statement from you. Sure, there are people with „different thoughts“ than those of my own. Some of them are wrong. If you’re talking about something that is subjective, then how is that relevant?

  2. @jadenyuki1988 I don’t care if some people thinks that anime isn’t for little kids, that is the demographic. But maybe you’re too young to know what that word means? That’d kind of prove my point, anyway. Conker was aimed at both children and adults.. again, who do you think played it the most? Kids (-20) or adults?

  3. @jadenyuki1988 Oh, and PS, you’re the one here who obviously was in the wrong and then couldn’t act mature and accept that you were wrong when someone corrected you. So how is spouting complete bullshit and refusing to be corrected not thinking that you know everything, you fucking hypocrite?

  4. @viaco10 Did you watch the video all the way to the part where he says „By the way, I’m just fucking around‘? Not to mention the disclaimer at the beginning which says „Complaints expressed by the Nerd are satirical“.

  5. naked guns are numbered like that to parody the hilarious mistakes you just pointed out. the whole movies one big joke so why not start the jokes right off the bat with a joke in the title

  6. @mopbrothers Yeah, but this was done 3 years ago. Besides, would people watch it if they thought he was sane? lol
    And it is one of his characters, after all, not the real James Rolfe ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. the nerd rocks ive watched every video. i cant beleave the amount of people that thougth the nerd was being serisous about the naked gun series. he was joking. again nerd is awesum fav video atari 5200.

  8. Let me tell you something about hebrew movie titles, because the way movies are translated in my country is shit.

    Alien = „The Eighth Passenger“
    Which makes sense… ONLY FOR THE FIRST MOVIE.

    Die Hard = „Dying to Live“

    The Ring = „The Ring“ (as in a phone call, and not as in a circle)
    The translators sat 5 minutes through the movie and saw the phone ring part and they were like „Oh… the phone is ringing… so that’s why it’s „The Ring““.

  9. things I found so far in the beggining.
    E = Yo mama
    ET (most likely referring to the atari 2600 game) = BS
    mario’s head
    and well that’s what I saw so far

  10. I wonder how AVGN is gonna react when he knows that the new Mortal Kombat game will be called: Mortal Kombat… This goes like this:

    Mortal Kombat
    Mortal Kombat II
    Mortal Kombat 3
    Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
    Mortal Kombat Trilogy
    Mortal Kombat 4
    Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance (MK5)
    Mortal Kombat Deception (MK6)
    Mortal Kombat Armageddon (MK7)
    Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe (MK8… that counts so said Ed Boon)

    Now… the new MK game will be called: Mortal Kombat

  11. A lot of the naming I try not to think about. The more I think about it the more confused I get. I’m still having a hard time calling Final Fantasy VI by its right name as the cartridge says III and thats what I first knew it as.

  12. Naked Gun 33 1/3 IS the third movie, it’s just exagerating it’s the third by using the number 3 3 times in the title of the third movie. Just like Naked Gun 2 1/2, which uses the number 2 2 times in the title of the 2nd movie. Clever huh?

  13. i was at a game store today and saw street fighter IV i cant believe they havent got further XD and to make things worse i saw „super street fighter IV“ in the same store XD

  14. @jadenyuki1988 Naruto and DBZ are shounen animes and shounen is for young males. Seinen anime like Berserk and Hellsing is aimed towards adults. America and Japan have different ways of censorship.

  15. Some his predictions were correct. Alot movies sequels nowdays don’t use numbers. I know some are remakes but could you add subtiles like Star Trek: Captain Nero’s Revenge and than Star Trek 2: Invasion of the Tribbles.

  16. I have all tge baked gun movies and they only have naked gun files from police squad naked gun 2 1/2 and 33 1/3 and 2 1/2 is 2 33 1/3 is 3 they just do it for a joke

  17. Dang now the preditor series is gilty of this!! We have preditor 1 and 2 and so on then we have alien vs predior and alien vs preditor 2 well.. Ok but WTF!!!!!!! Now there’s a preditor …. Idk where this falls in is it A hole nether series?!?!!

  18. I praise the Saw movies. No subtitles, all roman numerals.
    Saw II
    Saw III
    Saw IV
    Saw V
    Saw VI
    Saw VII (3D, but I can forgive them for that)

  19. @AnitaKathy First, I am talking about the tittle, NOT the story or the order it has on MK story-line. Second, It’s not a „re-imagining,“ it will actually tell what happened between Mk1 and Mk3 but with the changes the enlightened Rayden will make to alter the timeline in order to avoid all the events which lead to his fight against Shao Kahn after MK Armaggedon. I am not mad at you, yet I am indeed informed ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Yeah like supermam the movie, superman 2, superman 3, and supermam 4 the quest for peace (werid) then superman returns! I know that it takes place after superman 2 but i prefered if it was a flashback and titled it superman 5

  21. ’so they were other files fancy games you know about I was playing six all along and not three what a bunch of falkand all flock‘ LOL
    ‚but they’re going to flock it ought now back on the nyone rocky balboa‘ LOL

  22. After seeing the new movie preditors I find they messed it up too, I believe it’s in the preditor series but instead of numbering it like the others it’s preditor movies they just put a (s) in it…

  23. wait… is he being serious about the Naked Gun sequals? Naked Gun 33 1/3 is Naked Gun 3…. it’s ment to be a joke but it’s not so much funny as it is confusing. (i think i’m right, feel free to correct me if u know differently)

  24. Are you guys fucking retarded? Ofcourse he was sarcastic about The Naked Gun, why the fuck would you thumb up that retard who bitched about it? Jesus christ almighty.

  25. @johnsnake71 First of all, it’s pretty obvious he knows alot about movies. Second, at the end he says: I’m just fucking around or something. And third, most of the things he says in videos are satirical. It’s not that hard to understand.

  26. funny he didnt mentioned gta series ,if you are not a gta fan it would be pretty confusing.
    the nerd actually has a point about the confusing numbering why they cant they keep it simple.

  27. Sadly, the new Rambo movie WAS called John Rambo. Considering your Rambo video, though, you obviously knew that already. If they name the sequel Rocky L. Balboa (does he even have a middle name?), would the next one be Rocky L. R. Balboa and so on? I wonder how that would even work.

  28. you miss GTA series
    GTA I
    GTA II
    GTA Vice City
    GTA San Andreas
    GTA Liberty City Stories
    GTA Vice City Stories
    GTA IV
    but i think GTA 1,2,3 and 4 are telling a story from someone from liberty city,liberty city stories just tell how they fucked up with liberty city,vice city and san andreas tell stories of a diferent city and vice city stories tell how they fucked up with vice city i think i am wrong but,well i try

  29. @blaiserzx i know first time i watch this video i think it was when gta IV first came out until them i knew what came first and last and what was the sequels and prequels with all this GTA IV expasions(that tell some story right) i lost myself

  30. Saw I, Saw II, Saw III, Saw IV, Saw V, Saw VI, and now Saw 3D.
    Yeah James I feel your pain. They completely fucked up a title in one of my favorite movie series too. What’s worst is that their whole logic behind it was to let everyone know that final film is in 3D as if they couldn’t just tell people in the god damn trailer and commercial spots. *SIGH*

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  32. @DavidTRichard Oh, yes, it was. I had only heard the part about them planning on naming it John Rambo, but I guess there was a good amount of backlash against the idea.

  33. @darthneji1992 the whole idea just gets more stupid every time you think about it. the original title was „Saw VII 3D“ but they didn’t like it because it was „too long“ for the audience to read so they change it to „Saw 3D“ thinking that it wouldn’t confuse ppl. BUT IT DID. pppl started thinking that it was a Saw I remake or remaster so they added the tagline „The Traps Come Alive“ thinking that it will tell pppl that this is a new film and not a remake. *SIGH* if feel like killing something…

  34. @latripiada Don’t forget call of duty united offensive, call of duty finest hour, call of duty big red one, call of duty roads to victory, and call of duty final fronts.

  35. Now the halloween movies are even more confusing
    halloween, halloween 2, halloween 3, hallowwen 4, halloween 5, halloween 6, halloween H20, halloween resurection. Then we rinse, reapeat and start again,
    Halooween, Halloween II…. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!

  36. be glad that you don’t know about Karate Tiger 1 to 8 series known in Czech and Slovak
    Karate Tiger 1 – No Retreat, No Surrender
    Karate Tiger 2 – Raging Thunder (also called No Retreat, No Surrender II in HK)
    Karate Tiger 3 – Blood Brothers (No Retreat, No Surrender III in HK)
    Karate Tiger 4 – King of the Kickboxers (???)
    Karate Tiger 5 – Best of the Best
    Karate Tiger 6 – Best of the Best 2
    Karate Tiger 7 – Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back
    Karate Tiger 8 – Best of the Best: Without Warning

  37. also the star wars althoguh their great movies but why have the last 3 in the series realese first then like 10 yrs later start from the begging people must have like wtf.

  38. so wate final fantasy 3 is 6 WTF or is 6 actualy 3 what the hell happened how the fuck did they mess that up am actualy playing 6 or 3 or whatever it fucking is at the moment so what the fuck am i playing and another good point is when they released 10 we got a sequal called 10-2 WTF people years from now are going to wonder wtf happened here then there was 11 which hardly anyone cared about then 12 then 13 and now were getting a game called FF13 versus?? WTF IS GOING ON and were also getting 14

  39. kingdom hearts1, kingdom hearts chain of memories, kingdom hearts 2, kingdom heart 358/2 days, kingdom hearts birth by sleep…(in the order they came out)
    chronological order is
    kingdom hearts birth by sleep, kingdom hearts1,chain of memories,kh2,358/2 days (during 2)… more confusion!!!

  40. The games in the main Gradius series are called, in order: Gradius, Salamander, Gradius 2, Gradius 3, Salamander 2, and Gradius 4. And this is just the core undisputed „tree trunk“ series; there’s so much other funny „branches“ I’m skipping. For example, the MSX made its own sequel to Gradius called Gradius 2, as well as a sequel to the real Gradius 2 called Gofer No Yabo 2. My favorite funny thing is the two different NES Gradius games called Life Force.

  41. irate gamer does a review of the ds version of ff3 and steals james chronilogical timeline of ff series in the us and japan

    chris stop stealing his stuff its getting beyond a joke now sir. sorry to add something so futile people just had to mention it.

    sorry again guys.

  42. Mortal Kombat, sadly, also did it..

    Mortal Kombat 1
    Mortal Kombat 2
    Mortal Kombat 3
    Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
    Mortal Kombat Trilogy
    Mortal Kombat 4
    Mortal Kombat Gold
    Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance
    Mortal Kombat Deception
    Mortal Kombat Armageddon
    Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe…..

    Mortal Kombat 9

  43. @majinshenmue Jesus… calm down, it was only a suggestion. Saw IIV in 3D is all i need to say. Besides, the Tron movies did the same thing, the first movie was called Tron and the new one that’s coming out is called Tron Legacy which is fine but i wish it would be called Tron 2 instead but i’m okay with Tron Legacy.

  44. @TheAdam1995
    i’m sorry if you misunderstood me. my reply to you wasn’t meant to be an attack towards you but an attack towards the saw team. there initial title was indeed „Saw VII in 3D“ and then after that, the whole thing just spiraled out of stupid control. but yeah, sorry if you thought that i was attacking you.

  45. @majinshenmue It’s cool man… Not to mention all of the James Bond movies are never numbered and that could be a problem when figuring out which order to go in in my opinion.

  46. my only …..greif here….
    Mr. Romero……….thats a first
    never ever ever heard someone say
    Mr. Speilberg….Mr.Bay……. Mr.Lucas………the list can go on
    espicially when there just talking about them

  47. the Star Wars series can get KIND OF confusing… Episodes 4, 5 and 6 were the first 3 films ever to be released but 16 years later after 1983’s ROTJ, Episode 1 came, then 2 in 2002 then ended the saga with 3 in 2005.. and then 3 years later after revenge of the sith we got that crappy animated movie The Clone Wars and then it became a television series… I could care less about The Clone Wars and the god awful Holiday Special.. but the 6 movie saga and all the spin offs I like.

  48. The Wizards and Warriors games caused some chronological confusion for me back in the day…on the NES we has Wizards and Warriors 1,2,and 3, but then on Game Boy there was Wizards and Warriors X (not sure if that X was a letter X or a roman numeral 10, if it was a 10 then it seems we’re missing a few games)

  49. You forgot gta series first there was GTA then GTA2 then GTA 3 but they stopped numberring them GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas and others on the PS2 but then they continued numburing them GTA IV=4

    Gta San andreas
    Gta librety city stories
    Gta vice city stories
    Gta IV

  50. @daydaviddunn Um, how is that an issue? He’s really more into movies than video games in real life, and maybe he was paying more respect to Mr. Romero because he appreciates his work more. That being said, Dawn of the Dead was great for its time.

  51. the naked gun numbering is a sort of a joke.
    the naked gun (1)

    the naked gun 2 1/2: the joke is that there is 2 numbers of 2, ant the half symbolise the 2 and should sound like 2.

    the naked gun 33 1/3: the same joke, you hear in the name three times 3.

    got it ?

  52. what about silent hill, the first 4 are numbered, then origins, okay we have a prequel, then the arcade, then mobile, then orphan, finaly after all that we get 5, but they don’t call it 5 they call it homecoming. after that we get shattered memories, a remake of teh first. now their coming out with silent hill 8 even though the other ones werent pert of the main series.
    what about the play novels. oh and i forgot orphan 2, the escape…WHAT THE FUCK *head explodes*

  53. Add to the list Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. There was Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit then Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 and now Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit…wtf? Just call it Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 3!

  54. @yugioh5dsuk Almost right, I think the series order is.

    GTA London
    GTA 3
    GTA Vice city
    GTA San Andereas
    GTA Liberty city stories
    GTA Vice city stories
    GTA 4
    GTA 4 The Lost and Damned
    GTA 4 The Ballad of gay tony

    and that’s is just the relase order not the chornological order of the storyline.

  55. @yugioh5dsuk
    That’s because all numbered games use different game motor.
    All GTA’s between GTA 3 – GTA Vice City Stories use the same game-engine.
    GTA IV uses different game engine, so it has better graphics and physics, and thats why its numbered.
    Got it?

  56. they did it with the halo series! >:(
    Halo combat evolved
    Halo 2 (FTW! happend to combat evolved!! never mind fuck it)
    Halo 3
    Halo ODST (FTW?!?!)
    Halo Reach (WTF happend to 4 or ODST!!)

  57. btw this is the most confused thing ever in video game history!
    arma (armed assult) research done in wikipedia
    5.Agung Rai Museum of Art
    6.ArmA: Armed Assault
    7.ARMA 2
    8.Armenian Medical Association
    9.Association of Records Managers and Administrators
    10.Association for Renaissance Martial Arts
    11.Autoregressive moving average model
    12.ARMA 2:operation arrowhead
    description: Damn..WTF?!?!

  58. @yugioh5dsuk That’s only because rockstar consider Vice city, San andreas etc. just expansion games to the GTA3 era. GTAIV was named such because it was supposed to represent a new direction of the franchise, and it is pretty different.

  59. @yugioh5dsuk those are numbered by the different engines they created for those games


    they used the GTA 3 engine way too long.
    even i know this, and i hate the GTA franchise on several levels and for several reasons

  60. @yugioh5dsuk Well, in Rockstar’s defense, Vice City and San Andreas are technically prequels. Any game made after 4 now will be referred to as a prequel or expansion made with the GTA IV engine.

    I mean, you’re not going to call Episodes from Liberty City sequels, right?

  61. Then it gets worse.
    Super Smash Bros. Brawl was released in 2008 (same year as the translation of Mother 3), and Lucas (under popular demand, which didn’t stop Nintendo from not releasing Mother 3 in the US) was made a playable character. This is where things get really fucked up. Going back to Mother 2, Porky was renamed Pokey in Earthbound. However, since Mother 3 was never US released, you cannot truly call Porky ‚Pokey‘.

  62. And since there were bosses in the SSBB story mode based on the Mother 3 Porky bosses, the bosses were also called Porky in the US. WOW!!!
    Oh… and guess what?
    Nintendo are so much of a douchebag that they can’t be bothered to release Earthbound on the Wii’s Virtual Console.
    And you know what else?
    I’m pissed!!!

  63. Hello, before that at all I apologize for my possible mistakes but the Englishman is not my language.
    On your video you have the whole reason! Not that to say of all those Asian movies that in The United States his own versions are copied and do! We have as clear example “ the ring “ that is a copy of the original Japanese, when the original one came to The United States the original one they put the number 2 ยก

  64. and of this there are a lot of examples! What chance do not filmmakers in The United States already have imagination to film his own creations? And where the original numeration stays? Those persons that it does not like to collect the videoes will not be known by them which is the real order of the movies and they are going to get confused between them.

  65. Mortal Kombat
    Mortal Kombat II
    Mortal Kombat 3
    Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
    Mortal Kombat Trilogy
    Mortal Kombat 4
    Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero
    Mortal Kombat: Special Forces
    Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
    Mortal Kombat: Deception
    Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks
    Mortal Kombat: Armageddon
    Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe
    Mortal Kombat (9)
    Yeah, Midway was guilty of that too.

  66. Megaman X, 64, and classic take place in the same universe, in chronological order its classic, X,Zero,ZX, and 64. Megaman battle network takes place in a diffirent universe were communication technology progresed instead of robotics.

  67. Another series that had screwy sequels was the House series. I don’t mean the doctor house either. I am talking Sean S. Cunningham House. House1 (Ding Dong Your Dead), House 2(The Second Story), and Then House 4. What happened to House 3?

  68. Ok so here it goes, I hope this helps you James. I don’t know much about Naked Gun so…..
    Its Naked Gun
    Naked Gun 2 and a half
    Then finally Naked Gun 33 and a third. No 32 other films.

  69. Nobody knows this except for a certain few people, but the Naked Gun series was actually a Finnish production where they did make 33 sequels. Also 1/2 and 1/3 because they had the give the rights of production to a goat that was some dude’s wife. So now you know…Pass it on.

  70. Megaman goes like this.
    1 then 2, 3, 4, 5… 10. Then a couple hundred years comes X1, X2, X3….X8, Commando Mission, Then Megaman Zero, Z2, Z3 and Z4. Then ZX and ZX2, then MM64 (or legends on the PS).
    Megaman Network and Star somehting are alternate universes.

  71. Call of Duty did the same thing (started numbering, then stopped numbering) just look, Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 3, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: World at War, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops.
    this just pisses me off so much, WHY CANT THE PROPERLY NUMBER THE SEQUALS!?

  72. halo:CE, halo 2, halo 3, halo wars, halo ODST, halo reach. thats like pullin a legend of zelda thing. halo 2-3 are all direct sequels to halo CE, halo wars, ODST(sort of), and reach are all prequils. its not like theres any missing titles or anything but damn

  73. @Rockguy2010 i don’t know but it probably started from modern warfare and COD 3. because cod 3 is treyarch and cod 4 is IW. So Mw became its own series and Treyarchs games are just something random

  74. @mikkodude112 yea i know that. if you actually give a shit about halo’s story(which i do) then you’ll know how it fits in but im talkin about how they released them. the halo trilogy then the prequils afterward. its not a perfect example but if you where completely new to the halo seires you might think the prequils were mabye sequils. but thats most illogical cuz im sure everyones knows about halo and the order even if your not a hardcore fan

  75. @167349productions Yeah, he did a review on it on Gametrailers/Screwattack. It’s a shitty platformer that features Ryu’s son, I think, and you have to kill the evil space demons before they COMPLETELY take over the earth.

  76. @pwnegetime good point there ^^ and you really have to be a dumbass to think like Halo reach is a sequil because the commercials said a prequil to… but halo wars and ODSt might be confusing but little trip to wikipedia or halopedia solves it ^^

  77. the naked gun siry’s is a joke cus its 1 is just one and 2 plus 0,50 for the joke and then 33,3 is one plus two is three and for the joke they desidet lets call it 33,3
    but thats a fault in the name it should be 3,33 thats actuly what the screwed up

  78. @mikelad777 he says at the end of the video, „by the way, i’m just fucking around.“ if he knows his shit about movies, i’m sure he understands that it didn’t really have 32 1/3 sequels.

  79. James Final Fantasy doesn’t count as sequal because Squaresoft (Later Square Enix) made these games with different plot so the only link between them is the year of production in countries (so because of this we have Final Fantasy 1, 4 and 6 called Final Fantasy 1,2 and 3) only two games are sequal of previous games and they areis Final Fantasy X (with X-2) and Final Fantasy IV The After Years

  80. Another example is the Bemani rhythm games by Konami.
    How many Beatmania, Guitar Freaks, and Drummania arcade and console games are there? There are over a dozen mixes, spinoffs, versions, and sequels to gimmicky titles when are too many numbers.

  81. Just like they changed „Mรคn som hatar kvinnor“(Men who hate women) to „the girl with the dragon tattoo“. or just like sweden changed „cloudy with a chance of meatballs“ to „Det regnar kรถttbullat“(Its raining meatballs). the last one I could understand that they changed, cuz of the long name. but I think that „the girl with the dragon tattoo“ would have had a better name with „men who hate women“.

  82. Well, it looks like in Italy we fuck up a lot with horror movies! Same thing of the Dead series happened with Evil Dead! The first was called La Casa (The House), and Evil Dead 2 was La Casa 2. That worked, and for the third they just translated the title to „L’Armata delle Tenebre“. Ok, nice arrangement. The problem was that they strarted doing random unrlated sequels called La Casa 3, La Casa 4 and La Casa 5! What the fuck!

  83. How about Troll? The sequel to Troll is Troll 2, but it doesn’t have any trolls in it, they’re goblins. Also the director and cast were completely different.

    Then Troll 3 came out, which doesn’t have trolls or even goblins! It had plants in it, and again, completely different director and cast from the first two movies.

  84. i agree with the rocky thing its really stupid i asked someone about why they do it and she said it was because it was so long since the others came but its a sequel so the newer generation should watch the others first so why dont call it rocky VI?

  85. @kallemick Well, see, it’s because the films have nothing to do with each other, other than genre.

    It’s not really a chronological thing, but it’s kinda the opposite of the Star Trek issue he addressed.

  86. @Firebert aha…. well i guess its kinda the same with night of the living dead and dawn of the dead i dont think any of the original characteres are in it but its in the same series i have seen a box set called „trilogy of the dead“ with night of the living dead and dawn of the dead and day of the dead

  87. @kackjo As far as star wars is concerned, it was decided that way from the beginning. Early in the creation of the saga, george figured he couldn’t fit all that stuff in one movie.

    Still the movie weren’t numbered 4-6 straight away… number 4 and 5 where added during the re-release of the movies latter (can’t remember when). I think jedi made it to the theaters as number 6 though

  88. @loreermejo I think they did that on purpose, to prove james was right all along ๐Ÿ˜€

    James has supernatural powers to achieve this, I am certain of it ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  89. I disagree with the Rocky numbering beign perfect. The perfect numbering should have numbers AND a subtitle consistent with the plot (unlike Resurrection, Returns, Revenge or shit like that) The title should make you insantly recognize what’s the movie in the series. It should be something like this: Rocky; Rocky II: A New Challenge; Rocky III: Black Soul; Rocky IV: Russian Power; Rocky V: The Next Generation; Rocky VI: The Last Match.

  90. I can’t believe the amount of comments I’m reading by people who actually think that James is being serious when he talks about the „missing“ sequels from The Naked Gun franchise.

  91. not to mention Grand Theft Auto (I’m a big fan)
    GTA London 1969
    GTA London 1961
    GTA 2
    GTA 3
    GTA Vice City
    GTA Advance
    GTA San Andreas
    GTA Liberty City
    GTA Vice City Stories
    GTA IV
    GTA The Lost And Damned
    GTA Chinatown Wars
    GTA The Ballad Of Gay Tony
    and why do GTA III and GTA IV use the roman numerals instead of using regular numbers like GTA 1 and 2? I know the other ones were rumored to be „breaks“ from the series but that means there are more breaks than main games.

  92. The Zombie movies are just as confusing as the Evil Dead movies from Italy.

    Evil Dead = La Casta (The House)
    Evil Dead 2 = La Casta 2

    Then it went crazy as Italy released La Casta 3 which wasn’t Army of Darkness but a compleately different movie, and it kept going for La Casta 4 and 5. So like the Zombie movies they were sequals of sequals.

  93. If Yellow Submarine had sequels, these would be the titles:
    1. Yellow Submarine
    2. Yellow Submarine 2: Return to Pepperland
    3. Yellow Submarine 3: Vengeance
    4. The Yellow Submarine

  94. @AlyBubsen The 3D Edition is just the 3DS version. It’s the same game. What if I counted every version of SFs 2, 3, 4, A1-3 and EX1-3 and called them versions? It doesn’t make sense.

  95. I have trouble with these: Pokemon-starts out with The First Movie, The Movie 2000, The Movie 3, and 4Ever. No problem. Then, we have Heroes, Jirachi Wish Maker, Destiny Deoxys, and so on and so forth. It’s no better in the games, where they use colors instead of numbers to indicate sequels. Star Wars: Episode IV, V, VI were first to come out, but not first in canon, hence the prequels. Sonic 1, 2, 3, & Knuckles, 3D Blast, Adventure, Adventure 2, and now we get to Sonic 4. More to follow…

  96. there’s also the lilo and stitch movie titles
    1.Lilo and Stitch
    2.Stitch! The movie
    3.Lilo and Stitch 2! the 3rd movie! thats what it is! the 3rd fuckin movie! why couldn’t they just call it lilo and stitch 3? 1,2,3! it’s just, like what were they thinking?

  97. @CapsuleJX Megaman X7? Is for Ps2, PC, and I think for GC also, and HOLY GOD IT SUCKS MONKEY BALLS, and Im saying it and Im a Megaman fan. That game was bullshit, it was the worst Megaman game EVER, and maybe one of the worst games for PS2

  98. Even though the games themselves are great.The titling of the *MAIN* Call of Duty series just boggles me.


    At first, it’s simple:

    Call of Duty (2003),Call of Duty 2 (2005), and Call of Duty 3 (2006).

    In 2007, we got a fourth game titled Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

    The fifth game is called Call of Duty: World at War (2008)

    But in 2009, they return the number in the *SIXTH* entry called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2! and MM2 is a direct sequel to CoD4… WTF?

  99. @DeathKnightBally I understand, but think about it, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is a direct sequel to Call of Duty *4*: Modern Warfare. In a nutshell, CoD4 is a sequel, but at the same time the *first* game in relatively the same series. Also, isn’t it wierd saying that Modern Warfare 2 comes right after Call of Duty 4? I don’t know, the games are great, and that’s all that really matters.

  100. Naked Gun 2 1/2 and Naked Gun 33 1/3 was obviously the film makers trying to be funny in defying the boring numbers of 2 and 3. But then again, the rants against it in this video is all fake and satire. All the other chronologically misnumbered sequels makes sense in this video. Naked Gun series milabeling the sequels was based on it’s style of humour. Doooyy!

  101. Something’s been confusing me ever since I first watched this video: what version of Final Fantasy III is that at 3:46? I don’t know of any incarnation of III that was released in 1994.

  102. i don’t see how it’s confusing, the titles were for humor’s sake cause, there were only three „Naked Gun“ „Naked Gun ‚2‘ and a half(TWO halves equal a whole get it?), and Naked Gun 3’3′ and a THIRD, they though they wer clever, that’s all

  103. @NeoSarinatan the order of resident evil were like this i belive:
    Resident Evil, Resident Evil Director’s Cut ,Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil: Survivor
    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis,
    Resident Evil Code: Veronica,
    Resident Evil Zero,
    Resident Evil 4,
    Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles,
    Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles,
    Resident Evil 5, and i know its not a big deal im just saying those are also games that wernt number in order

  104. @thegamingguy1 No. I’ve played all megaman and megaman X , megaman battle network , megaman ZX , Megaman Zero (amazing series btw!) , megaman star force (well it was something like that) , the megaman shooter , the Wily wars 1 , 2 , and i think there were willy wars untill 5 , and i also played complete works and it’s 4 sequels. Tell me a megaman game that was better than X6. And i’ll tell u what i think

  105. @reggiardito X6 is really hard, it was the first to have voice acting, in JAPANESE tons of grammatical errors bad level design. the battle with gate you have to wait for him to attack to hurt him. gates lab one you have to have the jumper ability to play as X or shadow armor.Z Zaber which does little to no damage. terrible music. in ground Scharavichs level it is completely random as to if you can get the capsule or not. want more? look up „all you need to know about megaman X6“ by Clementj642

  106. I think they called Rocky Balboa like they did because it really is meant to be seperate from the rest of the series. Just like calling the 4th Rambo „Rambo“. But you did make this before it came out, so I understand.

  107. Movies now are getting worse adding/taking away „the“ for a sequel. Also confusing is the Saw movies there’s 1-6 then „3D“ sounding like a remake. To make matters worse theres now a video game series. Saw (a sequel to one but not based on 2) and Saw 2 (not based on 2 but comes after the first game) You could also look at the Batman moves and Twilight for more screwed up titles.

  108. kind of dumb to include the naked gun series which was clearly mocking sequels as you do in this video. it’s like someone making a self-deprecating joke about himself being fat and you then make a fat joke at him.

  109. What are your thoughts on the giant turds that are the Fast and the Furious series? 1.The Fast and the Furious
    2. 2 Fast 2 Furious
    3. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
    4. Fast and Furious.
    Apparently there’s another giant turd on the way called Fast Five or The Fast and the Furious 5.

  110. Great review!

    Well, to me Naked Gun films are a good pun on the entire sequel issue. Cause there are so many trilogies and some of them, I wonder why were made and sometimes there are more than just 3 – as you James put Rocky and Star Trek a few. But Naked Gun made a joke and wanted to show how funny it may look if a studio went to far and made 33 movies. I would be shocked, if such a thing happened.

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