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Angry Video Game Nerd: Nintendo vs. SEGA


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  1. Dreamcast was really beautiful. Maybe it was the time but I loved that thing and it was long after I had a Playstation. I guess It helped that I had every game on bootleg.

  2. i must say i hope xbox does not i just want them to go so far as to call the next one the sex-box just to try to hold on a little longer and then just fizzle out. PS3 looks cool but i don’t have one so whatever nintendo is cool i have a wii and it’s pretty cool

  3. it is tru tho, that saga is a fucking mess with all that plugin crap and add on and hardly make any more game than, well actually they do but not alot, u know what i mean. nintendo do take time to make the system and games… am i right?

  4. Thats the good thing about the PC.
    It’s mainly made for offices and programming… but its still a better gaming platform than all consoles.
    PS3 is an overpriced piece of shit.
    Xbox 360…. just suck ass, the red ring of death, etc.
    And anyway, I’m a computer nerd, so I gona stick to my PC.

  5. Id Say Xbox has some classics too like Halo. But i own a wii and a xbox 360. But i still think Xbox 360 or Wii is gonna come out on top. Still Nintendo is going closer and closer to casual games. Theres too many of the games like Wii fit.

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