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Worst Music Video Ever? Armi Ja Danny – I Want To Love You Tender


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  1. @TheSuperBored1 I’ll keep that Alaska in my mind, and yeah it’s a swear word, originating from finnish mythology. So when a finn told you that „perkele“ means „thank you“ he was just messing with you.

  2. Anybody who wants to download this (or anything on YouTube), first download these. You´ll be able to convert & download as MP3.

  3. I LOVE this video. One of my favorites, undoubtedly. Did anyone else notice what happens at about 1:59? I crack up every time I see it!
    (This was one of my inspirations for my Student Body President dance)!

  4. Omg. This is absolutely amazing. Amateur acting, amateur dancing, the cheesy voices coupled with the sleazy pornstar look of the guy who’s singing… it’s perfection! And he ALWAYS looks like he just doesn’t give shit, haha.

  5. @deliverannce Minua taas hävettää suomalaiset jotka alkavat dissaamaan omaa kansaansa sen takia että joku suomalainen on tehnyt jossain jotain mistä ei itse tykkää.

    Ihan oikeasti: Tällainen video ei ole suomalaisille sen enempää häpeäksi kuin kunniaksikaan. Tällainen video on asian suhteen täydellisen yhdentekevä. Pidätkö kaikkia jenkkejä juntteina koska nämä ovat tehneet jotain punaniskakantria?

    Kokeiles kasvaa aikuiseksi. Ja ota se lippis pois päästä sisällä.

  6. 1. the stage theme is ridiculously absurd and random.
    2. The dancers aren’t synchronised.
    3. choreography is terrible.
    4. The dancers‘ costumes are so very very random.
    5. The lyrics of this song don’t make much sense.
    – Let me know if I forgot something.

  7. @BritishCog This is a music video that is amusing due to the period it was writen in and the dance crew having fun and a good time. Lady Gaga’s music videos fuel her attension whoring and are generally shit.

  8. They are both thinking, they are somthing better. Huh? Well… It was good, if they where anything at least haha! I hate it. They are all dancing like the’re gay. The womans are dancing like the’re gay too. 😀 The Song is okay… But it isnt the best one I ever heart too. I can’t the believe, that the most of people, who heart that like it.

  9. I cant listen to this video enough. glad Youtube has made the song listenable to more ears than the probably 50,000 in finland who saw it originally. the real story behind it is more drama (he dumped her) to stay with his wife and she died of alcoholism) than ive ever seen

  10. This was performed in 1978. „Danny“ (actually Ilkka Lipsanen) is still going strong as a pop singer in Finland at the age of 67. Unfortunately, the delectable (if rather Sunday-schoolish) former Miss Finland Armi (a full 16 years younger than him!) died a few years ago from pneumonia brought on by alcoholism. There is no truth to the rumour that she started drinking heavily after watching this video.

  11. @TBMFan
    Yes we can. Lady Gaga revives music from the late 70’s and early 80’s and adds her own *ahem* distinctive spin.
    She owes her entire career to one David Bowie. As do many of the singers from that era.

  12. This song deserves more credit than it gets. I hear some people say it’s the worst song ever. <.< The dance move at 1:56 is the worst I've ever seen, though, lol. 🙂

  13. As Dani Calabresa (brazilian comedian) well notes – she is a sort of poor man’s olivia newton-jones (3.24 onwards) and he is he-man after losing the battle of greyskull. Note the HUGE geezer on 2.01-2.03 – SCARY

    Quadrilha de Sao Joao MUITO BREGA ao hino do Corinthians (2.50-3.11) Tu es orgulho dos esportistas do Brasil!! rsrs

  14. @10feetenjoy たいそうなコメントしてるがコレ「世界で最もダサい楽曲」らしいぞww


  15. THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!! Best dancing I’ve ever seen! I’m trying hard and working 4 hours a day to dance like them. I have a group named zeepobs and we find fantastic dances ;ike this to copy! You should come to our first show.. only $45 a ticket! Get one while you still can!

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