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worst music video ever?


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  1. i don’t think u really want to….no one is so brave…u only playin big cheese on us….hehehe…anyway…good one…love that song…especially when in blue mood

  2. wtf? Can’t someone take this vid off youtube? I’m begging you!!!!!! It’s horrible!!!! I can’t stand this anymore, if you’ve got a gun to lend, so I can blow my head off while watching this – why don’t you contact me! It will be the most generous thing you’ve ever done to someone. For the benefit of all mankind, pleeeease contact me! 😉

  3. This Jan Terry song makes me envision her babysitting a box of jelly donuts on a night that’s she’s bar-hopping, and she is singing that song to remind herself not to accidentally leave them on the table when she heads out for the next bar. „just eat you alonnnnnne“

  4. I’m trying to decide whether this vid is excruciatingly funny or painful to watch/listen to….I believe it’s an excruciating combination of the two. Where the hell did you get this from, Derren?

  5. there must be satanic hidden messages in this fucking music. i hear always her voice and this extremely bad melody in my fucking head, multiple times at day. i’m schizophrenic now and i need help. i will to institute proceedings against that woman.

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