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Rat Brain Robot


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  1. this is not a real rat brain. It is controlled by cells grown in a test tube and linked in a neural network. The researchers probably dont even know what they are doing, they are just experimenting with long term potentiation

  2. Cells from a rat’s brain…
    There was an experiment done using the same technique but instead of a robot, the cells were linked up to a flight simulator. What researchers found is that the cells would automatically adjust to different weather patterns and learned to fly the plane in those harsh conditions.

  3. @jacksawild yes basically now we are fucked lol. justs imagine…. this world is starting to look like that movie „the matrix“ more and more everyday.

  4. This is horrible, as the mouse will eat? If people want to make a robot with a brain, do with themselves, think about what this mouse is for, maybe, someday „eat“ cheese, this certainly is a torture for the poor mice!

  5. @leowulffan the scientists here are using biological cells as an information-matrix as they were evolved.
    In the same way that your computers „on/off switches“ are in just such a positional-state that you can read these words just as I typed them the scientists are using biological cells (carbon structures) to house the state-position-potential for the „robot/cyborg’s“ actions.

  6. @leowulffan When they say the thing can „learn“ the implication is that it can use some of the „positional-structural-state“ of the „structure“ as a kind of template for more common „challenges“ the thing might face.

  7. It’d scare the crap outta me if my brain got used to become a robot… e.o Or would it… well, I guess cause:
    1. I cant smell 2. I cant eat 3. People would claim I’d kill them, but naw, I’d kill my creator for TAKING MH BRAIN OUT

  8. They’re not using an entire brain, they grew a cluster of cells in the lab. Those cells began to form electrical connections, then they hooked them up to electrodes.
    The clump of cells probably wouldn’t want or miss food, mainly because it’s never actually eaten?
    I have mixed feeling towards this because I’m not a huge fan of animal testing. However, seeing something like this is breathtaking.

  9. @sdafdsfsdfdsfsdf Yea, I guess so…. I’m a member of PETADFZRASYT
    (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals who are Dead but are Forced to be Zombie Robots for the Amusement of Scientists and YouTubers.)

  10. @saske23b It’s not actually controlled by a rat brain, just by a random bunch of rat cells thrown onto a bunch of wire (in this case those electrodes control the motor movement of the wheels). Those neurons get way too limited/wrong input for it to become a „real rat“ within the brains lifetime as the neurons will have to adapt to the new input structure. Basically it’s just having an epileptic seizure which will grow smoother over time.

  11. This technology could be amazing. If you could link cybernetics with a human brain?

    I’m not talking Borg or anything, I mean using cameras to allow a blind man to see again, or new ears so a deaf man can hear again. This would be amazing!

  12. I have great trouble believing this is for real. I really hope it is not for real. There are great ethical and philisophical problems here. What about the rat’s conciousness – is it still present in the brain. Has the rat woken up to this strange twilight life? It is impossible to test for this, we do not know, but if this is what is happening then this is extreme animal cuelty. We have to err on the side of caution and not inflict this possibility on an inocent animal.

  13. This is really quite disgusting when you think about it. Going by the video, it sounds like the scientists remove the rat’s brain, take a sample of brain cells that are then grown and placed inside the robot. The brain is placed in a jar, most likely hooked up to electrical equipment, and the robot performs actions based on the wireless communication between the sample cells and the brain in the jar. Since the brain can only survive for so long without a body, they’ve gone through numerous rats.

  14. i think we should try this on humans. take the human brain from a dead subject (not long dead) and try to hook it up to see if you can get the human to never die
    inject nutrients so the brains neutrons dont wear out

  15. @WaichiMak Actually, I think they just remove some neurons from a rats brain without removing the brain itself. Or they convert stem cells from a rat into neurons. They grow the brain and place it in its robotic body.

  16. This is amazing! If they could just find a way to feed the brain oxygen and nutrients while its in the robotic body, the brain could live much longer! Maybe even longer than a rat brain in a biological body. Make more robots and allow them to communicate via radio or wifi and they could form a closley knit community of robot rats! So many possibilities!

  17. That’s pretty horrifying. Its a Cyberman mouse. Cybermen are a race of machine men from Doctor Who. In the new series a Cyberman is made by taking a human brain and welding it to a human shaped robot after giving the brain a chemical treatment that makes it last forever. The problem with the cybermen was that they had to be inhibited so they couldn’t feel anything because of how much it sucks to live that way. Animals can get scared and I’m sure that those mouse neurons are very much.

  18. The reaction speed and inconsistant change in direction is good proof of non linear thoughts. only an organic brain can do that. Dont ever put it in a robot, cause it will not follow the 3 laws. Even if you just want it to control movement, cause the brain might develop thinking later.

  19. @IXXVIIX
    Clinicly impossible to the extent of recreating the eye accurate enough to transmit microscopic details through a wire that isnt advanced enough to give the effect of a real brains command let alone the legs arms and blah blah blah you get it?. What this is, Is but a headless fish with nerves that still „randomly“ moves. The rat is dead but its brain is still functional. Like a lung that can be transplanted.

  20. what about a human brain
    they have the stem cell stuff, couldnt they do that with a fetus brain? If the cells are developing newly, it could be much more addaptive couldnt it?

  21. This is so amazing, I am really glad i was born at this time. I cant wait ti see all of the neet amazing stuff us humans come up with to make our planet cooler and a better place. Come on people have faith we are all good at heart… You just have to have faith in your fellow human.

  22. this reminds me of a comic i read once about animals surgically fused with robots and turned into cyborgs. I thought it would be funny and fucking stupid.

    There was this part where a scientist was showing how rats could be controlled to build a airplane in half the time of a human. He used a remote to take control of a rat with a drill for a head and made it stab another rat in the gut I just remember him grinning and the very very graphic blood. The scariest thing I’ve ever seen.

  23. @Droman6969
    It can not tell to eat. It is not a natural rat brain brain. The „brain“ that commands the robot is a manually grown brain.
    You put rat neurons (that did not create any connection yet) on a specially designed electronic grid. You run the device and let the neurons start learning.
    Basically, each time they hit a wall they will be electrocuted.
    Also, the grid includes the information of the sonic sensors in front of the robot, and includes a simple interface to control the robot.

  24. @continue from the prev post:
    Eventually the neurons form connections to not to get electrocuted, and control the robot in a way that it will not ever hit a wall.
    In other words, these neurons will not feel any hunger as a natural rat does.
    The neurons will feed of the solution that they are in.

  25. @masis, they breed lab rats specifically for this. When the rat dies, they immediately freeze a portion of it’s brain. When they need it, they thaw an even smaller portion, and grow it.

  26. Give it time and it will be a brain that thinks its heading for a food source and avoiding predators. When really its hooked up to a cruise missile heading for a gps spot on the earth (Food) and avoiding surface to air missiles (predators)

  27. I have found an other video where they roughly describe that it’s not a fake: watch?v=1-0eZytv6Qk . Things have gone far … since the last time I searched about neuronal interfaces πŸ™‚ was 15 y ago.

  28. Fucking awesome.

    If I ever become a vegetable or go in a deep coma with slim chance of coming out of it I want to donate my brain to science so they can do shit like this with it

  29. whats freaking me out about this video is why the rat controlled robot would stop at certain points and turn around. Can it sense that going forward result in a dead end? What we’re talking about here is rat brain cells grown in a petri dish… nothing more, nothing less. Basic neurons. I would like to see the unedited video of this frankenstein in a rat maze………

  30. This is cool but think, what if scientists gave it more than just wheels? A brain develops, learns and has emotions…what if we hurt it and it „thinks of how to, then decides to“ retaliate? What if it „learns“ to use something we thought was harmless like a limb to hurt or kill someone? This is EXTREMELY delicate! Every possible action to protect ourselves must be taken. People aren’t going to be satisfied with a rat…they’ll want to see what else this tehnology can accomplish…or destroy…

  31. I’m OK with this as long you don’t put a human brain or anything close to that because that would cause a huge mass murder it be like this killing the robot which is living or it be killing us. Remember this is not a program you can control it a living bien with a stronger body.

  32. So it can think.
    Now the scary question: can it feel?
    And for as for as I see it’s basicly a rat, but without the body. So, does it fear?
    Because when you feel frightent, isn’t that so because your brain tells you so?

  33. @JokerishDish It can’t feel external sensations… but I think if you threaten it, it’s brain knows he got nothing to defend himself, which makes it scared as hell, trapped in that body. on the other hand, it’s „commands“ might be only chemical reactions going on reacting to empty space as a way to go, and walls as a dead end, and a person as a threat, and cheese as food (lol)… I guess if it were a human brain cappable to speak, even if it says it feels and exists, might be only chem reactions

  34. @henhen7890 Rat brains are less complex than human brains. They do it with rats because it’s more ethical to do it with rats than dogs or monkeys. and they didn’t have the technology to do it with humans.

  35. this is so scary. imagine being a rat and having died, and then waking up with electric motors for muscles, wheels for legs, and a green lighted camera for eyes. it’s an existential nightmare.
    very cool!

  36. It’s only using a tiny piece of a rat’s brain about 300 thousand neurons a full rat’s brain is composed of 21 million neurons.
    I believe they actually started with neuron precursor stem cells and put them on a silicon chip and the neurons assembled them selves into a functioning neural network.
    This research could pave the way for better artificial eyes and limbs.

  37. i think this is fake. i’m not one of the guys who calls every video fake, but this one… where is the rats brain ??? and how is it possible to get a connection between the biological brain and the mechanical robot ?

  38. if u make robots like this they can have minds of there own and have feelings and they would not like being under the control of the humans so theyll proboble either kill us or enslave us

  39. @fjbutch well sorry, it is very hard to tell the difference between people who are being humorous and people who actually mean what they are saying who say things like that, because people who actuslly mean it tend to be so stupid it could be humorous even if it isn’t… anyways, I suppose even if you weren’t being humorous I should not have said anything anyways.

  40. @lazyninja929 technically it is not a ‚robot‘, as it is controlled by an actual flesh brain, it’s a cyborg.

    If we were to apply the same conditions to a human brain, (of course with a much much much more advanced robot body) they would have no incentive to do harm to other humans, unless maybe something happens like they panic, extreme pain from not feeling things and having nerve endings, vertigo from not having eardrums….

  41. Omg thats mean, how could they use a rats brain ??
    Its like if an alien comes and gets are brain for a cyborg, but thats not all, if the rats neurons die in 3 months are neurons would probably die in 1 year or 2 :'(.
    That is not Cool. :S

  42. @blacksamurai2012
    Not exactly. They can’t use adult brain cells. Not adaptable enough. Instead, they probably take stem cells, so that this brain actually becomes a ‚rat with a robot body‘. Since it never consciously had control of a rat body, this is completely normal for it.

  43. so if this is real, what does it think when you take off „find food“ and „mate“ from it? maybe he will still try to find food to stock but he can neither eat nor pick up the food, he can’t smell, etc

    btw i think the „cyborg“ couldn’t stop doing the same back and forth movement @ 0:45 – 0:49 so they had to edit the video

  44. LMFAO, this is awesomely creepy, mostly awesome as I think the music adds the creepy. I wonder if the brain can still ‚feel‘ emotion.
    I can imagine the despair and possible terror going through it’s.. mind? Due to not being able to stop, feel or breathe, to name a few.

    Let the animal masturbater flaming commence, because they are vaginas.

  45. @cpypcy If there is no evidence, it doesn’t mean it’s fake.

    „A robot controlled by human brain cells could soon be trundling around a British lab, New Scientist has learned. Kevin Warwick and Ben Whalley at the University of Reading, UK, have already used rat brain cells to control a simple wheeled robot.“ from newscientist

  46. @Yurikeukens – true point but I was talking about the original research (paper) and not some copied press releases from news sites all over the world – try it πŸ™‚

  47. @winstontheband Look at the video titled „Robot with a biological brain“. It explains what they have done. At this point, they’re just small cultures of cells, so it’s almost certainly not conscious.

  48. @FatherLicorice No, it isn’t. The brain is not dead. See, you may not know this, but zombies don’t actually exist. But they’re friends with Jesus.

  49. @ajkl27 It is alive, and it is only alive because it’s being fed nutrients and oxygen. If you didn’t hear, the brain is not in the robot. It’s in a special jar that has a life support.

    But I don’t know if it’s the actual rat brain or just a bunch of brain cells grown on electrodes. I don’t think they have anything close to the rat brain as far as the number of neurons goes. I’d be surprised. And it seems unlikely that they were able to take a fully formed brain and then wire it.

  50. Okay, what about research sources? I do want to read more about this… Since by the video it might just as well be a remote controlled little machine with added text that claims to be something quite unique.

    Sources please.

  51. @eVoluci0n
    correction son.
    there gonna go after humans again.

    those that doubt me,you can confirm it in your own head.
    Anytime the gov lets out information you can bet your bottom dollar that its at least 2decades old(at leasts)

  52. For years, I’ve been expecting this kind of science… (Cyborgs) And now, when I see the first part of this (Rat’s brain) I know I will be here, on this world, watching cyborg people walking next to me. It makes me feel so… Bad… We, humans really are stepping over the line.

  53. OMG i hate it, not the invention but the following: i hate it how i keep on comming up with so many inventions and upgrades in technology that is realeased to the public, not the classified and secret ones but the public ones, and i keep on comming up wiht plans and everyting getting ready for the future and all and i do so much research to find if it is real already and then the next day i see it has just been released lol, someone is watching me lol. i cant invent anyting now lol

  54. this is a bunch of bullshit.. no one has used a whole rats brain on something like this. though a rats brainCELLS have been used in so called „cyborgs“ like this

  55. @Tornstuffedbunny The brain was grown from cultures, The brain doesn’t have nearly enough cells to feel anything, pain, emotion, nothing. The brain is composed of 100,000 neurons.. thats it, it isn’t considered an animal. Animal cruelty has no part in this. don’t be an idiot.

  56. It’s haunting, watching that robot scamper around as if it really believes itself to be a rat…

    Sure, it isn’t a complete rats brain, but it’s close enough. Scaryyy.

  57. @vanjastanic nope, we’re not. Everything you see around you is there to explore! We’re exploring new things, fusing metal with flesh is a step in the right direction! We can better our bodies in so many ways, learning things will be in the past. By the time your brain is fully grown we can just insert data directly into the brain, or into chips that the brain can access and we’ll know everything. Imagine 10 billion super intelligent human beings? This is the future man.

  58. @travtravhaha
    Yeah, once they get it working properly paralyzed people can get a new chance. Of course, it probably takes a LOT of practice, but I don’t think they would mind.

  59. @psychique13 maybe itd be useful as a punishment for criminals… Like rapists have their brain put in control of a blender… or a the motor of a fan or something hahahah

  60. It will be very difficult to make the human body „better“:
    Humans=40% fuel efficiency (and all waste energy is released as heat to keep us warm). Best gas/electric hybrid=16% fuel efficiency (and all the waste is polluting the air).
    1 pound of bone is much stronger than 1 pound of concrete.
    Processing unit to processing unit, the smallest insect brain is quicker than supercomputers for making calculations, complex decisions and it does it without the need for us to write code.
    I can go on and on

  61. World’s first „cyborg“? Maybe.
    Creepy as all hell? Sure.
    Is this one step closer to me accomplishing my dream of being built like Major, from Ghost in the Shell?


  62. @lf2planet I think there are computers about now with the intelligence / computing power of a cat. Or am I wrong? I thought that in something like 20 – 25 years time, there should be computers as powerful as humans if development continues along the curve it is now.

    Something like that anyway, I heard about it last year in a lecture, and looked into it a while ago, can’t be bothered to look it up now, too late haha.

  63. @joesesagrero506
    Yes we can make better robots, and I don’t have an issue with that. I’m just saying to those who want biomechanical augmentation (want superpowers with mechanical limbs, etc.) that the natural parts we already have are pretty damn good.
    Yes, I heard this but I don’t believe it since the best supercomputers are not even capable of running some of the most basic human processes (such as protein folding) effectively, let alone the complex functions of a nervous system.

  64. @emniko91
    The living brain is actually capable of high degrees of adaption to new input.
    They have done work (with human subjects) where a video camera is connected to a blind person’s tongue by electrodes. After significant time spent like this, the person begins to be able to see (shapes/darkness/light/etc) at a very rudimentary level. The same can be done with audio. Our brains are FAR more efficient at 99.9% of things than computers (raw number crunching is where we fall behind).

  65. @lf2planet

    Concrete and bone are not terribly good comparisons. For instance; carbon-fiber reinforced bone would be nice. A greater visual spectrum would also be nice. At the high-end of insanity, replacing the neural system with fiber-optics, increase reflexes and reaction-time.

    It’s easy to make the body better, but replacement is usually less useful then augmentation.

  66. @sacr3 Just because it’s the best doesn’t mean it’s anywhere near valid. Just because it’s the ‚best right now‘ doesn’t make it correct.

    Also, your ‚requirements‘ for being superior are purely subjective. Just because you say those particular qualities are important doesn’t make humanity superior in the larger scheme.

  67. @Kelavarus See this is what I don’t understand, I claimed that it is the best we have, but I also said It could be wrong. We are Intelligent enough to see what is superior, On this planet we are the superior animals. Why? Because we can manipulate an atom, we can leave the planet and continue with our species. The definite answer is yes, we are more superior than any other animal on this planet. I don’t know why people argue it, it isn’t Egotistical to say we are, its just fact.

  68. „uh oh…….wh…..where am i? i feel so cold. i….i cant feel my feet? feels like there are two round things on…..on….oh my god what is that? a human! what is happening to me?!?!?!? my body!!!! put me down!!!!let me go!!!!! wh….what have you done to me?!?!?!? i must leave!!! oh my god!!!! this must be a nightmare. i must escape!!!! this cant be happening!!!! obstacles everywhere!!! no. no! NO!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!“

  69. @goruu Because we’ve decided long ago that it’s perfectly ethical to destroy as many rat lives as we want for science. Without them, you might be dead from disease by now…

  70. @ClintJCL And the rats always live through these catastrophes, lol so maybe they deserved to be tested on lol after all they did help with the black plague, its compensation lol.
    But what happens when Robotknic stop playing with rats n turn to humans lol JOking

  71. @shivrajvishnu Lmao he should give it wepons to see if it would kill the cat and or the CREATOR LOL???? Dont u want to see if the rat would kill his owner if it had chance lol??or should i say let me stop?

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