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Body Parts Made Of Bread


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  1. @crankdatcharizard Haha, to be honest, I don’t see anything wrong at all if it’s just simply bread. Hell, if I was the kid, I’d probably be VERY curious to see such a thing.

  2. I wouldn’t want to look at it all day if i purchase one… ill be like FUCK ITS MOVING ITS EYE SHOOT IT SHOOT IT and i start wasting my pistol ammunition 🙁

  3. LOL kids should buy this and take it to school and eat it.
    Hey billy what u got for lunch
    oh nothing just this *pulls an arm looking bread.

  4. @JDinity Yay! I’m not alone. I would never eat that bread in the video. It looks rotten and scary and I feel like I’d be breaking a law or commiting a sin if I did.

  5. I got to get a head one, stick it in the fridge, let the wifey find it, and as she is screaming i say WHAT WHAT ???? and then pull the nose off and eat it ……

  6. Definitely he’s an awesome artist. But, I don’t think I can eat any of these bread. They’re so bloody & nasty looking.
    Why doesn’t he make pretty body parts or images. I would be happy to have Alyssa Milano’s italian bread for my breakfast. 🙂

  7. @Ohmygoditsjordan said: „Gross… They’re going to teach their people to go for cannibalism.“

    It´s the other way around. They teach their cannibals to go for bread.
    eather way – it´s still gross and ugly.

  8. what kind of a sick motherfucker would bake such bread? just imagine a nice family sunday breakfast .k babe, would u b so kind and hand me the bloody food? I wanna put cheese on it.

  9. Most of you little teens are a bunch of racist, ignorant jerks who sit in their mom’s basement on Youtube all day. Ffs, some of you people -.-:
    And these aren’t REAL body parts.
    It’s art, in a way.

  10. say what ever you want to ask after read my comment but i will say something that
    First of all this way of making bread is really ugly cursing the human being. In this era human’s life has no value and through these things it got devalued more than before, the makers and the buyers of this type of cursy bigger thing are just mad ruining the humanity through this thing they up load this video

  11. @LucMelo31 shut your mouth bloody fool baaaaaaaa……………d you man jugde wht i want to say do you ever agery to eat such a digoustic things man what are u doing

  12. I know him from Ripleys Believe It Or Not! He studied anatomy and created bread human parts. I think its really cool and I wish I could eat some >:D That and scare my boyfriends parents…. XD

  13. i wonder what would happen if u bring a feet and a head part in the airport
    and wear something broken like teared t-shirts, lol. everyone would think ur a freaking zombie, worth a try 😀

  14. @herzen666 I was thinking the same thing! He would do great in the movie biz.. Heck, even if he just brought that shop to America, he would be making a killing for all the gore freaks out here! lol

  15. Ok, I think I’ve just fallen in love with the baker <3 haha 🙂 but seriously, these pieces of art are fantastic!!! I just wish there was a bakery shop like this in wales 🙁

  16. The name of this shop is „EAT BAKERY“. The man got master degree in arts. His customers are from US, Germany, Japan, Korea etc. One piece of ear,nose, finger costs 50 Baht (1US$ =33 Baht) and the body cost 40,000 Baht.

  17. @brad1571 No, or I would be trying to get Thumbs-up marks. You go onto nearly EVERy video you watch and leave a comment ending with the phrase „Thumbs up if you agree“ or some variation, so you are a Thumbwhore. I couldn’t care less about getting thumbs ups. If I had it my way, I’d never get any.

  18. omg the guy is damn skilled! he should work as a mask designer or what they are called. i mean the guys who do the masks for horror movies etc. that should be his job!

  19. @TheDullahan Actually I believe it is not encountered always. 🙂 I indeed have some ending in „thumbs up if you agree“ however not all. I have many posts placed around youtube and I doubt I put that on them all. So 1) Officially I’m not a thumbwhore. 2) If you want to be an immature child please feel free to be.3) I’m not going to continue an argument as many people are what we call „matured“. Start acting your age please.

  20. @RandomUsername010 I’m not bother what you call me little child, I’m in the slighty bit not concerned; I like to just keep watching movies… I’m sure not coming back to this video. Nor if you post a reply.

  21. The guy works as an embalmer at the funeral during midnight while in the morning.. he is a certified baker.. everyone needs an inspiration to be artistic.. hahaha.. It seems too disturbing too eat that though..LOL

  22. first who the %#@& would eat such a desgusting shape bread???!!!
    second i dont want to be racist but the chinese have a ability to make such #%$@ desgusting food like, they eat $%#@ BUGS!!!!
    third if i saw a damn %&$@ bread like that in my meal i would piss myself

  23. It´s unbelievable how disgusting these Thais are. They do even eat real people. This bread is just a taste for the children, before they eat real human flesh..

  24. „Hey dad, what are you making it smells great!“
    „Oh just some bread, it’s time for it to be taken out!“ *phone rings
    „You go get that daddy, I’ll take out the bread“
    „Thanks!“ *Opens oven
    O_O WTF xD

  25. conversation in the morning
    Dad: hello kiddo ready for school?
    kid: yess
    Kid: dad can i get the penis part of the bread..and the pussy…they have the most raisins
    Dad: now son u dont have to be upfront about your sexuality..bury it deep in conscience by drinking and turning into an alcholic…thats how real men do it

  26. I totally agree with that, starting from eating snakes, cats, dogs, live money brain, in, unborn babe, this shits…. DAMM MAN what else is going be next???

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