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Dead Presidents – Full Classic Movie On Youtube


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  1. @TuTu99o I’m sorry to inform you, but Larenz Tate did not play in barbershop that was his Brother Lawerence Tate. Larenz is more popular though from his main character in “ Menace 2 Society“,…,

  2. this movie was fucked up at the end. it pisses me off every time that piece of shit judge put away his own kind (US Marine) in prison. fucking in human especially after all the sacrafices he made for his men and country.

  3. damn this movie was awesome.. lol
    they should have listened to chris tucker, that stupid preacher wasn’t smart about it… that idiot bought a brand new expensive car and a nice suit.. so obvious.

  4. @TheMackmessiah

    No his career didn’t fall off. What you talking bout?

    Dead Presidents (1995) (As Anthony Curtis)
    Love Jones (1997)(as Darius Lovehall)
    The Postman (1997) (as Ford Lincoln Mercury)
    Why Do Fools Fall In Love (1998) (as Frankie Lymon)
    Love Come Down (2000) (as Neville Carter)
    Biker Boyz (2003) (as Wood)
    A Man Apart (2003) (As Demetrius Hicks)
    Crash (2004) (as Peter Waters)
    Ray (2004) (as Quincy Jones)
    187 Ride or Die (2005) (Video Game) (Voice)

    + More…

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