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FOX Attacks Obama Like Kerry


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  1. Bitch is 1:23 Thumbs up if you want to put a dick in her mouth? haha he’s the president bitch, in your face! daddy McCain wasn’t elected and mom Sarah Palin belongs in a kitchen where she can look out her window and see Russia….LOL at these fucking republicans

  2. @StudioOrangeTC Obama is Obama I wouldn’t care what religion he is, why does it matter anyways as long as we know he loves America. So what even if he was a muslim?

  3. Wait, they are supposed to be professional news reporter? They look like a bunch of kids, stupid and racist kids. Please, if you watch fox, don’t get brainwashed.

  4. all Presidents and politicians are liars and tell a whole lot of lies to get to where they wanna get…name me ONE honest politician or president…i bet you cant even name one…becuase they are all full of lies…….but underneath all that bullshit…order must prevail otherwise there is kaos….those top brass are from the bush admin and shoulda been replaced when obama was in power

  5. @Srd1126 Your right no denomination of Christianity is calling for „DEATH TO AMERICA“. Yet their history is filled with war and death. Some examples would be conquering Europe as the Romans in the name of „God“, witch hunts throughout Europe and USA, 14th century killings of anyone who opposed the Christian faith. It all honesty I could list many more. Christianity is not innocent by any stretch. And the Islamic religion does not shout „DEATH TO AMERICA“, only radical extremists do. Read a book

  6. @Datr1x From what I see there are far more so-called „radical“ muslims than mainstream ones in that case. Because I see muslims in Iran by the thousands chanting „Death to America,“ I have seen them in Europe with signs saying „Freedomn can go to hell.“ I saw them in Gaza dancing in the streets on 9-11-01. Islam is intolerant and violent-deal with it.

  7. The Socialist Democratic Party: The party that feigns empathy for Gov. Power & Gov. Control of the people. Infested w/ evil doers, mentally ill liberals, tyranny, voter fraud, racists, intolerant, tax &spend, communists, socialist Gov. healthcare, elite morons, anti life, conservative haters, anti-Christian, anti-Muslim, infidels, America haters, Obummers fascists demorats, Maoists, liberal Republicans, ACORN, Hollywood, leftist media. Do not trust them. Crush them, destroy them. Vote them out.

  8. Man, how is this possible?
    Oh right, it’s because Fox News is a 24/7 racist hate machine, that convinces the extremely stupid that their horrible views are valid.
    All you Neo-Liberatarians can march to the drum of totalitarianism if you want, but you’ll have to pry this country from my cold dead hands, you bunch of phonies.

  9. fox news studio should be destroyed and every of its employee should be hanged.
    al-qaeda is the muslim terrosit and fox news is the american terrorist.shame on them

  10. These Republicans can go hang go suck a dick! Or if you want to really get technical, they can go suck the money they worship! All they want is this money and dont wanna use it to renovate this economy!

  11. The truly amazing thing is that Fox keeps doing the same race-baiting, fear-mongering bulshit, even though it doesn’t work anymore. By now they’re only preaching to the converted – who wouldn’t vote for a black Democrat anyway – while everyone else sees these goons for what they are.

  12. There’s only one conservative channel in the United States and that’s Fox News. All of the other news outlets in America are Liberal. Therefore, if you don’t like Fox News, turn the channel and STFU! I didn’t hear any of the liberals complaining about Fox News when Fox was attacking George Bush. You’re nothing but a bunch of god damn hypocrites who hate the fact that Obama isn’t the „the one“ you all thought he was.

  13. @elouwen A joke among nations? Is that why the international community was so supportive of Obama because he was a joke? I would like to know where you’re from, unless you’re embarrassed to say.

  14. Like I said, they preach to the converted; I never said that the converted was a small audience, but their style of blatant fear-mongering isn’t winning over new converts — at least, not enough to sway elections. Hence, it isn’t working anymore.

  15. @streetswell then why are all the democrats worried about losing their seats…. and if you look at the numbers, fox continues to swell, their ratings have been steadily climbing while everyone elses have been deminishing,you might not agree with what they say but that really does not matter. everyone has an opinion. you dont shut someone down because you disagree

  16. @morrib89 The Republicans will probably pick up a few seats in November, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for a repeat of the „Republican Revolution“ of ’94. That happened mostly because HilaryCare failed, while ObamaCare passed (with all of its flaws). As for Fox, ratings don’t make them any less of a mouthpiece for the extremist Right.

  17. @streetswell The ratings show that most people have some trust that what they say is true. To say that these people are mindless idiots (like most oppenents of FOX say) would be very foolish and is a horrible logical argument to make. with that being said i could make the same argument for msnbc, abc, and cnn for the extremist left, regardless of polls and ratings. And ratings tell a lot about who is watching and what people know.

  18. @morrib89 I never said Fox viewers were idiots (not in my last post, anyway). Please don’t put words in my mouth; it’s frankly pretty tacky – and one of Fox’s tried and true methods. Fox is successful because it appeals to the human need to blame all your problems on a sacrificial lamb, like such Fox favorites as gays, blacks, Muslims and those big, bad, evil liberals.

  19. @streetswell never said you said it…..said most oppenents of FOX say it, read more carefully. So what about all the big bad evil corporations and republicans that msnbc and cnn blame everything on. I guess they appeal to the human need to throw blame. Moral of this story….dont listen to the news, do your own research 🙂

  20. Come on Americans, this is nothing! You’ve never seen the Italian television obviously. We Italians are accustomed to more than 13% of people who believe absurd things. Be very careful about how this situation could escalate, be careful who controls the information.

  21. whats your point at the time of kerrys run he was what they said and barrack surpassed him in the next 4 years big deal? being french is only an insult because of the insults they throw twords america you would think after bailing em out of german occupation a couple times they might show a little respect next time leave em on there own see how they like being german for awhile. as far as barrak being muslim its really only an issue cause he lies about it

  22. @09Chance – I didn’t say anything about Obama. I say the USA is a joke among nations, mostly because it’s citizens are brainwashed and totally ignorant of the real world outside the US. I was once an American with 3000 US Navy air combat hours under Eisenhower and Kennedy. After JFK’s assassination, I moved to France. Hong Kong is now my home, but I mostly live on my sailboat, which is real freedom.

  23. There should not be any criticism of this president. The government should take over Fox News. President Obama should have complete control of the media. Also, The government should take over talk radio as well. There should be no criticism of President Obama. Why can’t Fox News be more like MSNBC or CNN? Chris Mathews could teach them the way.

    I’m being sarcastic you stupid bed wetting whining liberals! wha wha wha, someone attacked our great leader. boo who!!! LOL

  24. What about all the attacks on Bush during his terms? Why are all these people getting angry about critics of Obama, but when Bush was in office those same people just jumped on the bus and attacked him because of his accent?

  25. It was ok to bash and hammer away during 9/11 and call everyone liars, illegal wars and all of that nonsense. You asswipes even went as far as ‚conspiracy by our own gov to commit 9/11‘ which got you a small following of ignorants. Thats your demographic in a nutshell, a bunch of small pockets of anti’s and conspiracists coupled with the ignorant inexperienced college vote. Lets see if that is enough, GL with that ‚cohesiveness‘ you think you have. I’m not even a Republican so dont bother:-p

  26. @ItsNotRocketScienze to be fair nothing can be put past the US government, including killing thousands of their own citizens for an excuse to go to war for oil. I‘, saying this because the US government has done some truly unbelievable things over the last few decades, to Americans, and to foreigners.

  27. @dannyzee4 While it is not impossible its so far fetched that its highly unlikely. Not one person of tens of thousands who would have to be involved have come forward? Not one! Someone besides conspiracists on the outside would be writing that huge best seller. The timing was uncanny and during the filthy campaign for president, and I dont care which side we are discussing, the Dems and the Repubs were lying low down traitors, every last one of them. IMO it was all political.

  28. @dannyzee4 And why disregard the terrorists themselves who not only rejoiced and swore to do much much more to the US, but who also took full responsibility and laughed in our faces about how easy it was to attack the USA on 911?

  29. @Konaboy7 Yeah, but it was the people who were attacking bush, not news channels. that’s the difference. there’s nothing wrong with the common person walking down the street who hates someone, but news channels shouldn’t do it. That’s similar to ’state controlled spread of hate‘

  30. @noorkhanuk85
    Not necessarily, many of the news agencies chose to exaggerate or highlight mistakes of his administration and downplay any success, choosing to ridicule him rather than look at what he actually did.

  31. Fox News is absurd, those bastards wouldnt know hypocrisy if it sat on their face. Starting with the half ass morning show, straight up to the Shit-lord O’Reilly. Keep on trucking you bastards.

  32. @barackobama64 All the news networks are biased in their own directrion so whats the problem, you have a channel changer?! However, I cant repair my business and get my employees back to work by conveniently changing channels. Your choice of president sucks far more ass than FOX news who by all means has the right to their opinions like the shit bag democrats did during 911 and only weakened a nation.

  33. I’m a Republican, and know that Fox news is extremely biased. I mean just the other day I heard Hannity say, „The Democrat Party is crumbling“. Not once have I heard him or anyone else on Fox News make a statement regarding Republicans. And both know damn well the Republican party took a bad hit in 2006-2008! Cnn is LESS biased in my opinion.

  34. I heard from an Obama Volunteer the reason why Obama won was because his campaign volunteers went out with busses and collected people to go to the polls. THey don’t have the time and money to do this operation again! That’s the ONLY REASON WHY HE WON.

  35. I’m not American but wtf does Obama being Muslim have to do with him being President?thats what i call discrimination!!Until Americans stop being so ignorant and accept ppl for the colour of their skin,race or where they came from I see no hope for their so called great country to progress!Obama needs to call th US troops home and stop that senseless war.We all know bush did it for the oil,one minute they were hunting osama then the other they turned on Sadam?Give me a freaking break!!

  36. Lenin (Soviet Union) called for an alliance of Marxist socialists and Muslim radicals in 1924 to „defeat the imperialist west“. Today we have Barack Hussein Obama in the White House. Lenin also called liberals, „useful idiots.“
    By the way, Bush got better grades at Yale than John Kerry.

  37. No, really, it’s a fact. They were draggin people out of bed, and telling them they had to go vote. Driving them there. There were over 10 busses in Gary, Indiana, and about 5 busses in Merrillville, Indiana. That’s why they won Lake County, the second largest county in Indiana. they went strictly by the numbers, not by issues.

  38. If he were Muslim we would put him on trial for lying and impeach him. If he were Kenyan (like Michelle Obama seems to think) we would impeach him based on the Constitution. Either way, it doesn’t matter. He has 2 more years to do as much damage as possible before being ousted from his position.

  39. kerry rules, obama whatever his name sucks lol, fucking cunts don’t you want the era of bill clinton to go on, ,;i;; ;;i;, you all, clinton is the only one that cared about our country and underprotected U.S. with bush, it happened, ,;i;; ;;i;, you all, and you all let mccain down, fuck you all, ,;i;; ;i;, ,o;;;, all of you

  40. FoxNews is for the intelligent, common-sensed people of this county. Everyone else who hates Fox News is proof that some people just don’t evolve into a higher intelligence. I didn’t used to believe in Evolution. But I’ve have come to the conclusion: that because MSNBC, PRM, ABCNews, CNN, Stephen Colbert all exist proves that evolution is real because they attract all the „less advanced, mentally challenged people who just simply don’t have the wherewithal to comprehend fact from fiction.

  41. @Bradleyjoe04 What pisses me off more than politically correct liberals is fake conservatives like yourself.TRUE conservatives respect the constitution&want to limit govt.FoxNews IS NOT conservative-it supports iraq war(waste)&Patriot Act(violation of liberties),& opposes the so called 9/11 mosque(1st amendment right to assemble/religion).Real conservatives value the separation of church&state,religious freedom,civil liberties.Fox News,the religious right&pseodo cons like urself are not

  42. @Jedibling Have you paid any attention to his presidency??? I wasn’t one of the ones hoping he would be assasinated at the beginning of his presidency or anything. I tried giving him a chance, giving him his „day in court“. But I have seen everything Obama has done since he became president, not one of which I like. If you think Obama is great, you need to pay more attention

  43. @Jedibling Obama isnt just worse than any other president. He’s worse than every other president. Obama promised „change“ in his campaign. Since he was elected, our economy is worse, our country is further into debt, the unemployment rate has risen, and all Obama has done since he was elected is spend money, do sports interviews, and take vacations. I have never seen a president worry about the wrong things more than obama. He promised „change“ and he has NOT delivered on that promise thusfar.

  44. @sanjacraven36 You cannot change all these problems easily. And a government doesn’t have the power to do it on its own! The society itself has to work for it in the end. The economy would have to be deregulated massively to be stable in the long run. But that is never gonna happen in the USA (a heaven for Neoliberalism). Unemployment is a cause of deregulation and unfair employment conditions (e.g.Germany with lots of employees rights does really good in the job market). The US HAS to change.

  45. @Fejojosu It’s like I said, Obama promised us that he was going to fix everything. So things should be getting better, not worse. Half a million new people just filed for unemployment, and barack obama is on vacation. Obama has no intention on fixing anything. He just wants to spend tax payers dollars and give money away.

  46. Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal — the second-largest shareholder of Fox News’ parent company News Corp. — has deep funding ties to Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the “principal planner” of the Islamic community center in lower Manhattan.

    How do the FOX Lovers feel about that? I’d like to know

  47. @Jedibling If you think he is great, then that, to any sane and educated human being, further demonstrates your unbelievably out-of-touch concept of reality. He is the WORST president in our nations history, hands down. Even worse then Bush..

  48. @Jedibling You think he is… Please say that is a joke. Because IF not. I suggest going to the emergency room and getting your head checked. Obama kisses Up to Israel taking over our country. He SUPPORTS ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Need I say more?

  49. @lastavius are you fucking kidding me? are you fucking kidding me? like you serious? i agree fox leans right but they never said he stole the election. i think you are thinking of the liberals who still have not accepted the fact that he won legitimately. you are a tard. no wonder you vote left.

  50. @wwefanworld He haven’t done anything to support illegal immigration, and he let the national guard patrol arizonas borders. I don’t know anything about the obama israel relationship, but it sounds incredibly paranoid to be saying „ISRAEL IS TAKING OVER MAH COUNTRY!!“ I mean, since when could a small country like israel just take over a country?

  51. @Jedibling 1. He hasen’t? He gives amnesty to them, he said no to building a full border, and he SUED ARIZONA FOR THEIR law AGAINST ILLEGALS!! Ignorant moron.

    2. They can and they are. AIPAC is the most influential party for Israel in America. And I’d say over 95% of the Government goes there. Jews who say they support Israel take over the top 50 American corportations. The most Zionist corp. is Walt Disney.

  52. @wwefanworld Actually, I might remove my comments just because I am fucking tired of responding to everyone who think I’m a total retard. I think obama is a good president, other people don’t and that’s up to them. I didn’t intend to start a shitstorm, just give people my personal opinion. Peace and fuck out.

  53. Fox News more Faux News The No Fact Zone I’ll be so happy when the old fart who own this filthy entity breathes his last earthly breath.twisted hateful mega rich people like him are the reason people like me don’t believe in america as much as we once did.we know this country,this thing is of the wealthy,for the wealthy and by the wealthy welcome to SHAMerica aka SKAMerica. I’d be better off living in europe,if I only had the filthy money to leave/escape.

  54. why does fox hate Obama so much? I dont get it. they did everything outside of calling him the N word for him not to get elected. And to this day they are doggin the man. WTF? fair and balanced ? I dont see it, and I dont see how the sheep that watch fox news cant see that. Mindless drones, over 60 and senile, kinda like McCain, who I actually like, but has shit taste in pickin a VP.

  55. @Jedibling What you meant to say was: Actually, I might remove my comments just because I am fucking tired of responding to everyone who thinks I’m a total retard. I think Obama is a good president. Other people don’t think that, and that’s up to them. I didn’t intend to start a shit storm; I just give people my personal opinion. Peace out, and fuck off.

  56. As much as fox likes to evoke the founding fathers of the U.S. they were more than liberals for their time they were radicals. Great Britian would have called them traitors to the throne and probably did. Talk about sour grapes.

  57. John Kerry got praise from North Korea and Barrack Obama got praise from Germany, Cuba, and countless other countries because they were both fantastic with foreign affairs…this is certainly a reason why less democrats win the presidential election…they care so much about improving the world rather than just their own country…leave it to american republicans to think selfishly…Obama’s rates are low in the US but his acceptance rates from other countries are up so much higher than Bush’s.

  58. @BRADvsBR4D Can I just say i’m from the uk but I actually love Obama for what he’s doing for the rest of the world and trying to clean bush’s mess that was made when he was the president. If Obama stays in power america will definetely be a better place and so will the rest of the world with the peace he’s aiming for. His attitude is brilliant!!!!!!

  59. @Srd1126 Look at the US alone. Religious bigots (primarily those of the christian faith) run wild with their own radical and crazy theologies and people peg them as „real patriots“. ~2% of people in the US believe the Earth is flat due to religious ideologies, does this mean these people represent all Christians? How about the church that was going to burn the Quran? Do they accurately show the Christian population? Just a few of many examples I could give. Radicals dont speak for the sane.

  60. @wignigeater I can’t even tell if your trolling. Really, what does my religion have to do with the leader of the country? Religion is spiritual, and if we let some old book control us we might as well start stoning homosexuals and take away human rights

  61. @Jedibling It has EVERYTHING to do with who’s leading the country. „Spiritual“ is one of the dumbest words in the English language. I don’t work for AMR and have a „spiritual“ life on the side, no, I try to help others out of the dark and praise God and fly for AMR on the side, that’s how it works! The country is being led to destruction, look at what is being taught at our schools, every since prayer was banned, the schools have been a complete failure, it’s a social hour for a bunch of kids!

  62. @Jedibling I hate actions, not the people, there is a HUGE difference! It’s quite sad seeing this recent generation just trashed and not going any were, America has to import engineers now!

  63. Conservatives in America can do without a god, but they can’t get through the day without a devil. Their entire model of reality revolves around the existence of an existential enemy who’s out to annihilate them. Take that focal point away, and their whole worldview collapses into incoherence. This need is so central to their thinking that if there are no actual enemies around, they’ll go to considerable lengths to make some or just make some up.

  64. @Jedibling dont hate obama the man just hate the views of his addmin. he is a liberatin theoligist . really sat at the church and was married by the rev. and his kids were babtised by the rev and he dosent remember any thing that this man said! was he not paying attension or does he not have the ability to remember anything. he must make sure you get to heaven so he can also go to heaven collective salvation. really do some light reading on the man then you will understand dont play the hate ca

  65. Oh lol, i don’t believe some american’s believe this bullshit, i mean they are racist, complete idiots and they ALWAYS use fear to brainwash people, they are paid from the *Elitist* lol, this country is soo fucked up by money…

  66. i dont like obama simply because i dont like any political figure. with that said fox news is very biased and lacks any form of true journalism. even if obama was a muslim where does it state in the constittion that a muslim cant be president?as a matter of fact its quiet the opposite.

  67. Anyone else see the artical in TIME about Murdocks partner who shares control of Fox news? It turns out the 1/2 owner of Fox is a Sudi Arabian who finances terror cells all over the world. Now, it’s perfectly clear why Fox is filled with hate, racism, and disgust for Americans everywhere.

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