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CERN black hole is the most dangerous danger for the world


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  1. @socratus1 Do you have a door-knob on your back ?

    If you flip 180 degree can you see your face.

    Is the other side of the mirror another world

    laughin my ass out

  2. Strange physics contradiction
    On the one hand
    The particles in the Universe are more than antiparticles
    / Baryon asymmetry /
    On the other hand
    Dark matter in the Universe is more than visual matter

    Does one physics hand know that the other hand do ?

    Israel Sadovnik Socratus

  3. i show a real tesla wireless energy transfer, its quite important, i sent wireless energy 20 ft with just a basic setup! a full model can send energy wirelessly to all points on the earth, giving humantiy unlimited energy thus you would upgrade the living conditions worldwide and stop alot of enviromental problems. please we should be building these wireless transmitters to futher humanity, instead of smashing little pieces of matter.

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