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Large Hadron Collider Rap


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  1. I’d just like to clear up something for those who keep asking what was before the Big Bang. Think of the universe as a globe. Assume the North Pole is the beginning. Now image yourself standing on the North Pole. I’m going to ask you now to face due north. Can you do it? The problem is every direction you face is due south. The origin of the universe is similar to this. There was nothing before the big bang but a singularity. Everything radiates „due south“ from that point.

  2. @LolCaramelz They use large magnets to control a beam of protons. Kind of like a gun barrel is used to control the bullet as it goes down the barrel. The bullet is the bunch of protrons. Two bullets going around the ring and they watch the collisons of the tow bullets to see what happens.

  3. @York22

    It will find things, a lot of things. Just watch the video THEN comment, and you will understand what the LHC is for. Almost everything we know about particles is from particle colliders (even electron microscopes can’t go down to this level). The LHC is the best one built so far, so it will discover much more.

  4. see, this is why you do physics, and not rollin with the Young Money crew. sad, and really, just a bunch of nerds, no? Sad, just wow, sad. i mean, this is a …wow. their should be a physics laws for this.. oh yeah, there is “ Physicists, as a rule , are nerds, and cannot collide once with rap or any type or groovy music. Collision with this force ill result in an equal and opposite reaction of repulse and physics jokes, and general finger-pointing, reminding the first force they are nerds“

  5. @Uxoriouswidow I completely agree with you. I was only using the North Pole scenario to describe everything in laymans terms and as an example of how nothing could exist before something. I should have made that clear.

  6. @Anthonyk312 I suppose you could although we are not completely sure of how antimatter behaves in a space without +matter. The laws do imply the same laws of thermodynamics and S & W force exert themselves on antimatter. However, we cannot be sure until we could have direct observation which, for obvious reasons, would be very difficult to accomplish. Interesting thought though.

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  8. Yeah get down wit ya bad selves … this is pretty cool ,allows people to understand the LHC better instead of shitting their pants when they hear the word black hole …

  9. @Sewermonger i can keep up for about 3 mins than my brain starts to melt due to the high ammount of information. i could use some links explaining the topics better btw

  10. @dutrareis 15 petabytes of data is collected per year. Huge amounts of data that is available to member nations to evaluate. The process is simple, but getting it to work takes the biggest machine ever made operating at extremely cold temperatures with huge amounts of power pumped into the beam. When they dump the beam it will go into a 7 meter long block of carbon designed to handle that amount of energy.

  11. @dutrareis The accident occurred when a resistance of around 12 nano-ohms A unit of electrical resistance equal to 10−9 ohms. A extra millionth of a ohm raised the temperature of the liquid helium a couple of degrees Kelvin and caused the electromagnet system to shut down. A electrical connection was not complete on one of the hundreds of thousands of solder joints so every connection had to be tested and fixed so it would not happen again.

  12. @KiDFRANKKK According to PhysOrg: LHC „had been ramped up to 10 to the power 29, compared with 10 to the power 27 nearly three months ago. Ten to the power 30 is scheduled for this week with a target of 10 to the power 34.“ The article was dated yesterday.

    The operation summary for FermiLab reports: 8.27E18 protons (or 8.27 to the power 18) for yesterday.

    My math may be flawed, but 8.27 to power 18 is smaller than „10 the power 29“

  13. @dutrareis If you do a Google on „LHC Antimatter“ the 1st site comes up with a good explaination. CERN and other labs have produced anti-matter, but it would take billions of years to make enough to fill a small balloon (if it could be stored) so there is no reason to be afraid.

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  15. -_- how did this ever sound like a good idea, i mean i know what their looking for and all that stuff but creating a mini black hole? underneath the earth? did they already do it or are they still waiting to make them collide to make the mini black hole. if they are do it on december 21 2012 😀

  16. I can’t get over how much I like this. I’ve probably seen it about 30 times. I’ve sent it to all my friends. No one understands me…haha.

  17. @NickIsOriginal If you send particles that are fast enough go around the earth about 10 times in one second then i think its common sense to know you will need a lot of ground to cover

  18. @NickIsOriginal The longer the tunnel the easier it is to accelerate the bunches of protons to really close to the speed of light. Also, the longer the tunnel, the less energy is lost bending the beam.

  19. @KiDFRANKKK This is from the FermiLab site: The LHC at CERN, as of 21:48 (CET) on Sunday, 29 November 2009, has surpassed the Tevatron as the highest-energy particle accelerator in the world, with a proton beam energy of 1.18 TeV. The current World Record for beam energy is 3.5 TeV, set by the LHC on 17 March 2010. Of course, the Tevatron retains the record for the highest energy beam of antiprotons.

    Thought you’d like to know.

  20. I had to answer a question in a test awhile ago, „Name the 3 heavy quarks“. I had no idea but I could remember the line „straight through, like the photon, it has no mass, but sometin heavy like a like a top quark, its dragin its ass“. Because of that, I knew the top quark was probably the heaviest and I ended up geting the question right. While all the suckers in the class were studying lecture notes, I was studying physics rap, and got a B1. Physics rap for life!

  21. Folks, you are the best, it was necessary to think of it!

    All these speculations on the end of the world is still an unfruitful attempt at some to want to prevent scientific progress, and reveals a total ignorance of the laws of the physque one.

    I await with haste your conclusions on the beginnings of the universe.
    E=γmc ² ≡ mc ²/√1- (C ² /v ²) will triumph…

    thank you to explain your work.

  22. If my courses of physics could have been also interesting, the best of art and science…
    (this video with obviously turned during the stop of the HLC, I made a point of specifying).

  23. i wish all raps were this awesome. you learn from it and the lyrics are frickin awesome. You know someone that took some college english classes wrote it.

  24. @daprettypiggy The person who made the video works in the public relations department of CERN. She has a degree in physics and technical writing. This rap, as well as the others she has made, are making physics interesting to a wide range of people, so I think she did a pretty good job. Just sayin‘

  25. @Sewermonger yeah i thought the rap was good. I enjoyed it and it was very informative about Cern. I merely said that as it appears very random when we watched it at the end of the lecture

  26. @Vikinguard I’d say it would be dangerous to walk around the magnets when energized. to 8.36 Tesla. IIRC there’s a MRI machine running at 9.4 in Chicago. Having undergone a MRI running at 1.2 Tesla, I can get a smidgen of what it what would feel like to feel 8.36.

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  28. @tate136 thats what they said about printed books, electicity, motors, comunism, vegetarianism, the human rights (pope said they where evil, seriously), internet, computers, television, nuclear enrgy, solar energy, BP,bush,heliocentrism, the round earth theory,etcetera

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  30. ‎“Some particles slow down while other particles race, straight through like the photon – it has no mass. But something heavy like the top quark, it’s dragging it’s ass“ Classic stuff right there 🙂

  31. THIS is where your tax payer money is going. To a nearly WORTHLESS machine that does NOTHING practicle. Sure, it was built to look for this HIGGS particle, that is pure theory from ONE man and his math and over imagination. A complete guess as to what matter and energy might be made of. Sure, LHC will fnd NOTHING or use… if they want to build a bigger one, this would be insane. I love science, but practicle science is better than wasting money. Like space propulsion, we need this.

  32. @freeadplanet The amount of tax payers money going to cern is negligible, comparable to a large university. Compare to bailouts if you wanna get angry.
    Ironically enough this rap details all the different experiments that are being conducted at the LHC there are over 50! A far cry from just looking for Higg’s particle! Other scientists have researched that as well, BTW. there are very few ideas that exclusively belong to one dude. And everything is just theory till you do the experiment!

  33. @freeadplanet I could seriously just fucking choke you right now. The higgs dosen’t guess what matter is made of it’s a conjecture of what gives atoms mass because according to the standard model nothing should have mass unless supersymetric particles exist.

    Space propulsion? The farthest man made object is 15 light hours from earth, the nearest star from our solar system is 2 light years away. The only thing space prupolsion would get you in the next 100 years is to mars.

  34. @freeadplanet 10 billion divided among all the members of CERN over a 20 year period? The LHC is the largest machine built by man and it took more work than I can imagine. Thousands of hours devoted to physics. That’s a waste? Where would radio isotope therapy for cancer treatment be if we didn’t spend the money on research? MRI scanners? CAT Scanners? PET Scanners? Is that wasted money as well? Is space exploration a waste of money? Black and Decker hand drills came from NASA. Is that a waste?

  35. @freeadplanet You might want to examine all the benefits derived from high energy physics before you make a blanket statement. One man had a idea: E=MC2 and nuclear power came about. (not to mention the bomb) All the sub category topics related to atomic power/weapons; i.e. lasers, scanners, medical use and such as well. Governments & people all over the world are researching the topic and I can’t imagine all that will come about. Interesting rant though. It provokes thought and conversations.

  36. @ap327145 The growing pains of the worlds largest machine made headlines because of the resistance of a electrical connection that measured 10 nano-ohms (almost a dead short – look up nano-ohm) created heat in the liquid helium that is used to supercool the electromagnets that are used to control the beam. That resulted in a quench and damaged the machine. New technology had to be invented to measure and fix the machine. It’s running fine now. How many rockets failed before man made it to space?

  37. @zezeiron She makes LHC science and other science topics interesting. She’s doing her job as public relations as CERN. She has a degree in physics and a degree in professional writing. She’s smart and able to communicate difficult science that can be understood by people of all ages. Good job methinks

  38. @ap327145 CERN had to check thousands of electrical connections for the magnets to ensure that no more bad solder connections were present. The process required that new technology had to be invented and that process will filter out to the rest of the world for micro-measurement process. Just thought I’d let you know what happened is all.

  39. @Sewermonger It’s not even all that the LHC is done, it’s the fact that it’s quite simply the most elegant peice of machinery in the modern age. It’s a marvel of modern engineering, it’s the pyramids or hanging gardens of western civilization.

  40. @johnny12358 I agree with all you’ve noted. Have you read: A Zeptospace Odyssey: A Journey into the Physics of the LHC or The Rings of Knowledge by Federico Brunetti (I’ve not gotten „The Ring of Knowledge yet – waiting for the library to acquire it)

  41. @StepaRussak No, they also have to explain what they are doing down there. This rap is popular science! It´s really cool AND explains everybody what they do and what they want to find out.

  42. ive got a couple good songs on there, ill have a mic soon so theyll sound better, but please check them out and tell me what you think good or bad im only doin this so one day i can take care of ma mom she means the world to me, all feedback helps

  43. @angela1894
    wrong.. this is a fucking great way to reach out to the youth. to tell them about how cool physics are and what mysteries we still have to solve.
    unless you found something factually wrong with the song? which in that case I might be wrong.

  44. @Gamefreek7749
    really it just annihilates right away..
    when they are made a normal matter particle is made aswell. these tend to annihilate each other.
    storing them is really hard. as they destroy anything they touch. I have heard that we managed to store some in a magnetic field in a vacuum but as we have trouble making vacuums that too is a problem.
    hope I was of some sort of help

  45. @jessicacckelly AlpineKAT, who made this video, works for the ATLAS project as a science communicator. AFAIK, everyone who is in, or helped produce the video works at CERN.

  46. @StepaRussak If you wanted to reach out to the world, especially young people who might want to work in physics, I’d say it was a good public relations, science communications. No lies/inaccurate data was given by the rap. NASA & FermiLab all have public relations, so why not CERN. Does a good job of telling what the LHC is doing.

  47. @FFOTUC What about FermiLabs? NREL? Lawerence Livermore Labs? NASA? The pricetag is spread out over 20 years and 60 countries. If we didn’t have research, do you think we’d have MRI scanners? CAT scanners? PET scanners? radioisotope therapy for cancer? You may be a bit shortsighted with a statement like that. Step back and look what it’s going to bring in the long run.

  48. @LovaBoij It’s condescending to think „the youth“ can ONLY understand physics if it’s presented to them in the form of subhuman music. The young people intelligent enough to understand or be interested in physics most likely don’t listen to rap music, and would be turned off by this tripe. Anyway, I’m beginning to sound like an old fogey.

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  50. Wait, so, I don’t get it. Do physicists have ANY idea at what electron-energies the H.B. is going to show, or are governments just going to keep spending more and more money on bigger and bigger colliders in some kind of particle-physics-arms-race between standard model theorists and string theorists? Cause, really, she’s at 7 TeV now, and though she can and will do 14 TeV, I thought the general consensus was that we would find the H.B. by now.

  51. This sounds nice, but the science behind this is just gargantous, that you really gotta like physics to understand. If you pay attention in school, and if you like, it can be fun, but if you think that is just a big waste of time, just stick to your life

  52. @Ickyfreak1 9 B spread out over 25 years and 60 countries. Pretty good deal in my opinion. The scientific return will much more than we can imagine. Look what the space program did for daily life. battery operated drills and much more. High energy physics = radio isotope cancer treatment.

  53. I think people are taking this WAY TOO SERIOUSLY. This is not meant to be a substitute for a physics lesson, nor do I think it is made to „reachout to the youth“ (as if us „youngins“ are incapable of understanding anything that isnt in Rap form). I think it is a perfect example of people who love what they do, and who want to goof off and make some sort of humor out of an otherwise serious field of study. Just laugh, and if its not your thing then don’t think about it too hard.

  54. @Ickyfreak1 actually you pay nothing.. its european taxpayer money!
    you can go check out „CERN“ budget on wikipedia. main contributor is germany, followed by france and uk..
    go europe 🙂

  55. @Sewermonger Ahh thankyou for the information. I thought she might work in public relations or something… I was sure that she worked there at least. Either way, I like the light-hearted nature of this video. Like I said, she clearly loves what she does, as do the majority of people who work there. I just think its funny that so many people are incapable of seeing humor in this, and think that she is trying to substitute this for a real physics lesson. It’s a joke people. Lighten up!

  56. fucking stupid schmucks: primarily charge and mass of them particles as you know them are variable not constant (you’ll need a large notes to store all the names of them particles if to every distinct charge-mass couple you assign distinct name) and secondary there ain’t no such thing as charge, mass and force cause weight as tendency to move and central distance as tendency to lighten up are sufficient enough. go fuck your self: put your middle finger in your ass then lick it off.

  57. @ivydeal sorry I must totally disagree
    1. Physics is no way Math, is Love the Language you use to write a Poem of Love?
    2. In which sense is Math hard?
    complicated? by no means, compared to those of a natural languages, the structures of Math are a Joke, only, our Brain has dedicated Hardware for natural Languages and not so well fit for Math.
    difficult to learn? what exactly did you mean with hard?

  58. I swear to god, my physics professor played this in class and hardly mentioned it for the rest of class. It wasn’t even relevant to what we did that day, he just felt like playing it to us.

  59. pretty tight track for people who are obviously not rappers . at least i learned something from this . RESPECT!! if u like underground rap then check my channel . if u like what u hear show ur support by subscribing .

  60. Funny how science and government have spent not billions but likely trillions on this project, all with one aim in mind to prove the big bag theory, which this monstrosity fails to do!

    The very same Governments that promote death, war and terrorism mind you!
    As for the Scientists, they are just feathering their own nests at the expense of those who think this piece of useless hoax equipment is necessary for human development. LMAO

  61. @260191894 Think about this too, They built it to create a Black Hole which would have then fed on all the matter of the Earth, eventually KILLING EVERYONE if it had worked. Just as well it like the Iraqi/Afghan war, is a Multitrillion dollar flop!

  62. @kryckeestrooff

    Haha you’re so fucking stupid you can’t even come up with a decent reply because you’re too dumb to understand what was being said. Must be sad being a dumbass.

  63. @ApocDevTeam Wrong again fuckwit! I understand perfectly what was being said. The same thing as is always said on these topics that being, that if I don’t agree with you I’m stupid because you THINK your smart. But in reality it is YOU that doesn’t understand! How does it feel to be so fucking stupid as not to understand when someone tells you to „Go Fuck Yourself“!

  64. @rattlefrcz Oh Really??? I’ll assume you aspire to evolution and the „Big Bang“ theory as most people that embrace science seem to do this. Can I ask you what the box & dice of the Big Bang theory is? All matter in the Universe was contained in a space no bigger than a pinhead, right? If the BB theory is true, then the Earth being swallowed by a minute black hole is certainly conceivable. Either that or the BB Theory is a blatant lie and all those like you are just too stupid to work this out!

  65. @kryckeestrooff Heh, yeah, so why wasnt Earth swallowed by a black hole long time ago? Particles from space have much more energy, than LHC collisions and they collide with atmosphere – so: What the heck?

  66. @denisdrazetic my dear sir, some things just don’t work out, but someone has to search these ways, that don’t lead everywhere. And you, sir, are a way to nowhere for humans evolution. If that’s too complex, ask your friends. Oh wait, you don’t have any, have you?

  67. Ooookay… Antiparticles have reverse charge… they don’t have negative mass… I had a misunderstanding. So when the annihilation occurs, they release twice the energy of any one particle? Logically, I guess…

  68. @Mangoose95 antiparticles have the exact opposite charge as their corresponding particle, and the have equal mass, anhiliation occurrs when a particle collides with its antiparticle, i.e a proton and an anti-proton, the energy given off is equal to the combined energy of the 2 particles before anhiliation occurrs, since energy cant be created from nothing or destroyed into nothing,
    simple 😛

  69. @Supershackda
    „combined energy“ being both the kinetic energy of the two particles as well as the energy contained in the mass of the particles themselves (Energy=mass x speed_of_light^2 )
    (just clarifying for Mangoose95 🙂 )

  70. This is super dope and stupid fresh. I’m probably responsible for about 1,000,000 of the views on this vid, it’s just awesome. Thanks for posting! 🙂

  71. @fillewindsurf Kinda simple what they do. Slam protons together. Getting to the point of slamming the protons together and trying to figure out what happened when they slammed the protons together is a different matter. What should happen, what they hope to happen and where it leads is also gonna be difficult. Thinking of dropping to weights from the top of a leaning tower was genius too. This amounts to the same thing.

  72. @kryckeestrooff Wow. I thought that human advancement and general betterment of humanity would not have allowed for stupidity and ignorance such as yours to exist. Apparently I was wrong. How sad.

  73. @Sewermonger

    Thats right.

    Not to forget that the countries do not even pay equal shares of that sum. Every country pays a sum it can afford.

    Germany is the biggest financee with providing 20 % of CERN’s budget followed by France and the UK with around 15% each.

    Countries like Portugal make up around 1.1 % of the budget and Bulgaria is the smallest fincancee with 0.22 % of CERN’s budget.

    The more you pay the more you have a say over what CERN does but all benefit equally from the results

  74. @Serperoth The betterment and advancement of humanity like fags getting married etc, is this the kind of advancements you are referring too? Well you can bloody well keep your ape like advancements and betterment! Dorkins Freak!

  75. @zzzIdividedbyzerozzz No.They need to have enough mass so that they don’t evaporate before they can suck anything in. Other than that, and the Event Horizon radius, they’re aren’t any other factors.

  76. @JonThm yes and robots never reached mars. When you do an MRI a PET scan or X Rays its a machine that randomly gives images and the statistics that people live now days on average 75-85 years are all made up. All made up to make you not believe in god or the supernatural. Science fail, scientists are just a bunch of godless homos that want to get your money for made up reasearch.
    lol ….

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  78. This rap has brought many of my unscientific friends towards science. They ask about what was said and I have to explain. Even little kids love this rap but they can’t handle the science ,,,,yet they are interested because of this Rap. It makes science fun !! I myself study particle physics independently but it’s difficult to get people involved high level theoretical science. But judging from the amount of hits on this video, I don’t feel so alone anymore !

  79. This rap has brought many of my unscientific friends towards science. They ask about what was said and I have to explain. Even little kids love this rap but they can’t handle the science ,,,,yet they are interested because of this Rap. It makes science fun !! I myself study particle physics independently but it’s difficult to get people involved in high level theoretical science. But judging from the amount of hits on this video, I don’t feel so alone anymore !

  80. @jamespatrick15 The amount of anit-matter that is created by LHC would be like a small fire cracker. The LHC can NOT create enough because it’s not big enough to create that much.

  81. @jamespatrick15 If you do a google on the following: „The safety of the LHC CERN“ the words in the quotation marks will lead you to a report that indicates how safe the LHC is with regard to the rest of the world. The LHC was built underground to protect the LHC from the rest of the world. Too many radios, passing magnetic fields, interference from our own Sun and such will skew the results.

  82. @ApocDevTeam That’s assuming Hawkin’s radiation is plausible, right now it is just a THEORY. However, much more violent particle collisions happen in the sun and have been happening for several billion years. Based on that, I am assuming we will be safe – if it is ever operational…

  83. It is very interesting what goes on at CERN. Considering the percieved risk from the public, for example the philosophy that restarting the machine in 2007 would create a black hole and destroy the planet. However how it has benefited the physics community is major.

  84. This freaking thing will cause a bubble nucleation event and the resulting instanton will tunnel right out of this metastable vacuum and atomize our friends and neighbors with a quickness. So rap your rap, you nebobs, the stark fist of removal is nigh clenched.

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  86. @00Gr1mm00
    There will always be ’some scientists‘ that say something. Hell, I’m a scientist and the list of shit I don’t understand is very, very huge. The issue what is the wast majority says, which is that there is no risk whatsoever.

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  88. @bP112 as in white ppl. Hitler did the same thing and used the hindu religon as propaganda for the german race. Now many nazi enthusiast believe they are the so called „aryan race“…

  89. @MrCricket90 well I suppose anything is possible, but so much research has been dedicated to the safety of the experiment that scientists have concluded that something of „doom-like“ proportions will not, and I repeat WILL NOT, happen.

    The only people who really believe something bad (like a planet gobbling black hole or killer stranglets) will happen are the whack jobs who love to make money and the complete idiots who love the attention by scaring people.

    Conclusion: this machine is safe! 😀

  90. @MrCricket90 well for one, I had this discussion with my friend who is majoring in physics and he laughed at me lol, anyway, I tried providing a link for you, but it wouldn’t let me post it, so if you’d like back-up evidence, Google Search „LHC Bad Astronomy“ and you’ll find a great article!

    and to answer your other question…there are 2 types of scaremongers: those who do it to make money and those who do it out of pure joy and love causing pain to people…it’s actually quite sad really…

  91. @MrCricket90 also, on the topic of scaring others, Google Search an article about a 16 year old Indian girl who read into people’s nonsense and took her own life in fear of the LHC causing global devastation. I pity the people who know NOTHING about science and yet it’s so easy to make things up behind a computer screen. So Mr. Cricket, when all is said and done with the LHC, you will live to see another day…even past 2012 (lol sorry I had to)

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  93. @Rfvansaun someone wanted to know when the LHC would find the cure for cancer……they were most probably trying to be sarcastic or whatever…right?…anyways……….

  94. @FubarAndBoner Black holes do exist. It has been proven many times. For example, what keeps the galaxys from expanding. A black hole at the center of the universe with so much mass, that light cant even escape for us to see it, would solve this problem along with many others about space. If you can think of a better theory than no one is stopping you. The fact is that there is no evidence to why a black hole wouldnt exist and i dont see why it would be so impossible.

  95. i have to agree. this video is lame as fuck. LOL hella dorks, but
    I like the idea of talking about subjects that actually matter and is generally interesting to me. so a hit and a miss.

  96. @Christopher1987uk Google mini big bang. They switched to smashing lead ions a few weeks ago and produced a quark-gluon plasma over the weekend. In other words, a mini big bang.

    I also commend you for trying to make sense of the science on your own here but you really should go read up on it like everyone else to get a better grasp of it. Google and wikipedia are excellent tools.

  97. @OGkermit115 Your comment did not make any sense whatsoever, by countering with a insult full of bad grammar you have just made yourself look like an idiot, you should be studying entry level English not high level physics, to have a decent scientific experiment you have to have people who question these things otherwise it is a biased experiment. And how can I be ignorant in any way when I used the knowledge avaiable to me to make an argument? Not everyone has access to the Hadron Collider.

  98. @OfficeThug Thank you for a decent response, I prefer your type of attitude rather than people who will insult you for not having the full facts at your disposal. Still a real big bang would be impossible to recreate but atleast this a huge step in the right direction. Turned out not to be a waste of money after all.

  99. I listened to this over and over until I knew all the words. When I took a particle physics test I got some of the answers from this! Please make more raps so I won’t have to study anymore!!

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