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Large Hadron Collider Rap


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  1. I listened to this over and over until I knew all the words. When I took a particle physics test I got some of the answers from this! Please make more raps so I won’t have to study anymore!!

  2. @OfficeThug Thank you for a decent response, I prefer your type of attitude rather than people who will insult you for not having the full facts at your disposal. Still a real big bang would be impossible to recreate but atleast this a huge step in the right direction. Turned out not to be a waste of money after all.

  3. @OGkermit115 Your comment did not make any sense whatsoever, by countering with a insult full of bad grammar you have just made yourself look like an idiot, you should be studying entry level English not high level physics, to have a decent scientific experiment you have to have people who question these things otherwise it is a biased experiment. And how can I be ignorant in any way when I used the knowledge avaiable to me to make an argument? Not everyone has access to the Hadron Collider.

  4. @Christopher1987uk Google mini big bang. They switched to smashing lead ions a few weeks ago and produced a quark-gluon plasma over the weekend. In other words, a mini big bang.

    I also commend you for trying to make sense of the science on your own here but you really should go read up on it like everyone else to get a better grasp of it. Google and wikipedia are excellent tools.

  5. i have to agree. this video is lame as fuck. LOL hella dorks, but
    I like the idea of talking about subjects that actually matter and is generally interesting to me. so a hit and a miss.

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