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Weirdest Bossfight Ever: The Great Mighty Poo


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  2. LOL at the end where the Great Mighty Poo is flushing, they are making fun of the scene in the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy melts the Wicked Witch of the West with water.


  3. dude, nothing will ever beat this game. its one of my most cherished childhood memories (haha i was the only 11 year old i knew allowed to play this game)

  4. @pokemaniac333 Lets see, he’s fightig a giant moster made entirely of shit, who is SINGING about being made entirely of shit. I’ll say it’s rated E.

  5. The first time I played this game, I saw this boss and I immediately said, „Holy crap!“ LOL Then, about 2 seconds later, I realized what I had just said and fell down laughing at my unintentional joke!

  6. @rady8r I know what you meant when you said it was a fucked up game. cuz it is like a form of expression for really cool , awesome , or badass . And It doesn’t mean anything bad . cuz when something is really cool,awesome,and badass . People will say it’s fucked up meaning it’s cool ,awesome,and badass . And that was why I told you that I agreed with you about the game .And this game is as good as the Legend of Zelda games for N64 and also the Resident Evil remake for nintendo gamecube.

  7. POO:im going to take your head and ram it up my butt Squirel your butt? poo:my butt squirel:your butt? POO:that’s right my butt squirel:errr poo:my butt squirell:err poo:my buuuuuuut ME:lol.

  8. i hope my crap doesnt sing ( goes to the bathroom and craps)
    crap: i am the great mighty poo and im gonna throw my shit at you a huge supply of tish come from my chocolate starfish how about some scat you lit-…… big twat
    me: oh my god oh well bye
    crap: oooooooh what a world what a world who would have that a boy like you would destroy my beautiful glagginess
    me: now thats a bowel movement

  9. @mayank264 you do have to question microsofts thinking
    when they bought rare that automaticly meant rare lost making games for the series which got them yeh they are, donkey kong, 1 huge blow
    they also refuse to let rare make more conker games so thats another blow
    banjo seems to have also been abandoned so another big blow
    ..infact what was microsoft thinking?
    all i see rare doing now is remakes, it was a sad day indeed

  10. @sheathe12 While Ocarina of Time is probably the best game ever, saying its proven by IGN is almost like saying that Jack Thompson has proven that video games make people serial killers..

  11. @sheathe12 I don’t know, I have a hard time trusting a website whom is suppose to be professional and has one of it’s reviewers start a review just out and out saying a game sucks.

  12. I miss this game so much im gona buy on ebay i remeber playing it when i was like 5 i thought it was like a little kids game until a killed a teddybear by peeing on him lol

  13. @sheathe12 It was a sonic game, Unleashed. But even if it was Pokemon, starting a review with „this game sucks“ is just wrong. I don’t care how bad the game is, or how much you hate the game. That being said, you don’t start a review „This game is awesome“, or something around those lines.

  14. I remember when I got this when it came out when I was in 5th grade. Luckily, my parents didn’t care anything about me and I wanted this game, so they bought it for me. Unluckily, everyone in school came to my house to play it.

  15. I remember that Nintendo Power called this „one of the most promising games at E3 2000“, and that was the last I ever heard about it. Until I saw it at a K-Mart one day, I didn’t even know the game had come out. Despite having basically no publicity at all, I don’t think I know a single person who didn’t play it, and 99% of them know the Great Mighty Poo song by heart. It’s really amazing what playground word-of-mouth can do, eh?

  16. @MinkzxtheGreat
    Ithink it was fk16. but maybe it was even fk18.
    yeah, if this would be all… but if you look at the other vidss… yeah… it’s not for little kids… xD

  17. Dude, it’s the first Conker game…for the N64. Why do you think it’s called Bad Fur Day and not Live and Reloaded? That and the difference in graphics should’ve instantly given it away.

  18. I bought the game years ago, cover says conkers live and reloaded, and has the bad fur day story in it, i didnt know it was the same story as the first one with improved graphics, i thought the first one had a different story. cus on the live and reloaded trailer, it says, conker is back.. so .. yes

  19. Fuck Nintendo and their contempt for Europe , i looked for the Conker games all over with out success !
    Most retailers in the UK gave as little shelf space to N64 games as they could , probably because they couldn’t really give a flying squirrel about this continent !

  20. there could be a sequel for this all u got do is got to is sign this petition for conker other bad fur day!!!!! it be a whole lot better than conker live and reloaded its would be like the first 1 but with better graphics and uncensored!!!!!

    h t t p : / / w w w . p e t i t i o n o n l i n e . c o m / 7 8 9 5 2 6 3 2 / p e t i t i o n . h t m l

    its space out cuz im getting a error 2 post this idk why

  21. who ever watches this video spread the word. sign the petition to get Microsoft to finish conkers bad fur day 2. sign the petition and we WILL get the game finished. dont just ignore this even though you think it can be done. sign it either way. the details of the game are there Too. only 4000 and we have to get it higher petitiononline. com/78952632/petition.html (delete space before the com)

  22. sign the petition please. will only take 30 seconds even if u dont beleive in it. got 30 signatures in a day. pretty good if u ask me. google conkers bfd petition and sign!!!!

  23. This game has amazing character models and textures. If you look at it now, you probably think „Me, not such a big deal“ comparaed to actual consoles graphics, but when you look at it compared to any other N64 game you realize its graphics are awesome. I mean compare it to Super Mario 64 or Ocarina of Time.

  24. I want to get this version again the xbox one sucks so bad the colors are all off the sound is not as nice the only thing that they really did well on was Conker’s model but they had to take his primary weapon away, censor everything, and destroy the multiplayer.

  25. I never knew a video game could have a boss that is a giant heap of shit with sweet corn for theeth who sings about how he is going to thow parts of himself at you and also sings about how he’s going to shove your head up his ass if he wins…

  26. Amazing how one of the best selling games of this generation can have you mow down civilians as a terrorist, and everyones fine at microsoft.
    But as soon as the great mighty poo says twat, OOOh everybody freak out and censor every cuss.

  27. You’ll never see a hilarious boss battle this fucked up, always loved playing this on original xbox and 360 system.

    You don’t see many people play this game on multiplayer its better than the others.

  28. If you want a second conkers bad fur day like i do VERY MUCH o: sign this conker petition called „make conker’s other bad fur day happen“ it’ll get it back just google it. we only need a few more signs <3 !! please bring conker back! just a few hundred more !! <3 ~ Love A conker Fan

  29. If you want a second conkers bad fur day like i do VERY MUCH o: sign this conker petition called „make conker’s other bad fur day happen“ it’ll get it back just google it. we only need a few more signs <3 !! please bring conker back! just a few hundred more !! <3 ~ Love A conker Fan

  30. @NoNameEnoughtGood Is never been released a movie about a videogame?
    And, also, I told because I played a very few times this game, I only like the plot and they should make movies from these videogames:
    Perfect Dark – Perfect Dark Zero

  31. The greatest video game boss ever! I remember laughing my ass off when I first encountered this scene back then. It was just so surreal and in-your-face gross-out. That’s British humor for you.

  32. God, I first heard this soon after this game came out on Nintendo 64. I was probably like, 9 or 10, and Blockbuster had it, but they didn’t mention to my father when renting the game about the M rating or the „This Game Is Not Suitable etc. etc.“ so after fighting this boss and my parents hearing, I was only allowed to play the game on mute. XD

    Ahh, good ol‘ Rare titles; Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Banjo Kazooie/Tooie, Donkey Kong 64, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark… Luckily I have these still. =D

  33. @lala30004 Yeah, when I sold my N64 games, those were two treasures that I made sure to keep. I was far in both games but stupid me used an infinite health cheat through Gameshark and then I wasn’t able to play either game (or Banjo-Kazooie) after the Gameshark died because it’d register that I had no health, so I had to start all over again in all of em. I hope my DK64 still works, because I really want to play it now.

  34. I don’t think the voice actors/actresses were going to be in a game with nothing but explicit stuff lolz. *Shrug*
    I loved the scarecrow. Oh and I remember how hard it was to get across the bridge in the beginning of the game. Ugh that was a nightmare.

  35. @walecs2 Fuck that list, no offense but Pocket tails wasn’t all that, and even though Diddy Kong racing was really awesome it can’t hold a finger to this game!

  36. I love how brutal death metal has incoherent „singing“ in it, I heard a song from Melting Flesh and the „singer“ has a similar voice to this guy so I kept imagining the Great Mighty Poo singing that brutal metal song hahahahahahahahah

  37. Sometimes I think it’s quite a shame that they made Conker mature after Pocket Tales, but really, a singing pile of shit is so much cooler than an acorn with a goatee who steals presents.

  38. @SSpider41 I got mine for something close to 120 bucks. You have to spend some money if you want the awesome game. But trust me pal it is worth all of it. And you should NOT settle for the version on xBOX. Then you might aswell not play it.

  39. *Continued* I guess if it has to be the N64 version if anyone won’t settle for anything else but that then it’ll have to be through piracy, but really I have no idea how much a copy of the original for the N64 costs today and if it does have a hefty price then I don’t really understand why, I don’t get why games like Bad Fur Day that don’t sell well during release end up being expensive and hard to find in the modern day in their original form minus piracy.

  40. @MrCrisPBacon i bet the mighty poo can sing and look better than you!if you hate on the guy then why do you go on the web and show that you hate him,write a diary or a story and pin it up your wall,dont post it on the web that shows what a lowl-ife you desparet person.

  41. @VirgoSaphireSept324 I*; there shouldn’t be a exclamation point there; you need a space between the punctuation; don’t*; low-life*; desperate*.
    I swear browsers nowadays have spell check.

  42. @Thenumber1yoshi I also didn’t know how much it’d sell for so I did some research only to find out it sells for an average price of $45.00, and that’s just for the cartridge. With the original box and book it goes up about $10 – $15 more. There was also a guy who still had the original box unopened and it sold for $120.00. Although critics found the game distasteful, it was still popular with a majority of people. The more it’s wanted, the higher the cost.

  43. @SSpider41 You could try downloading an emulator and finding a ROM of Conker’s Bad Fur Day online, though there are some known issues with the game, the special effects graphics are really screwed up on stuff like the part where the Squirrel in the it’s War chapter getting shocked in an electric chair not having a soot look all over him and the Matrix 3D effects in the game are messed up and don’t look like they do on an actual N64 but still better to have the best version of the *2bcont.*

  44. @maskofmemories Ouch and thats why I resort to piracy with games like an unchanged Conker (and Earthbound) because getting them in their original form untouched is way too expensive for Me and also because Microsoft hasn’t let an XBLA port of the game with everything it had in the N64 version be released (minus the logo joke during the intro) not that there isn’t stuff I don’t want to be added I’d like the N64 version’s multiplayer but would like them to add online to the old multiplayer *2bcont

  45. @maskofmemories *Continued* but that hasn’t happend so I’d rather settle for the best thing with a few graphical issues with special effects than a remake that takes away the charm from the original with worse multiplayer that only has flashy graphics going for it.

  46. @counting1210 ehhh i dont know they gave it way better looks but everything censored can be unlocked but is a pain in the ass to do and seemn to be more dialogue on the original.

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