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Worlds Fastest Guitar Player


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  1. so what’s up with these idiots who keep on bitching about this man not having soul while playing fast? true this video is not musical at all but everyone seems to forget that this video is to JUST showcase his picking speed… jesus just read the fucking title everyone

  2. Thats really great and all. but hes just going to have no playing ability by the time he’s 40 cause he will have carpal tunnel up the ASS!!!!!!! cancerous speed kids.dont shred like this at home, play with some emotion first then come talk to me.

    Anyone can play Bach or Beethoven at crazy speeds but this guy is truly an alien. oh yeah and where did they find time to get Heath Ledgers twin to m.c.

  3. Oh wow, he can play pretty damn fast -_-

    That’s awesome and all, but where would that come in towards playing something beautiful sounding. This is all muted and makes it actually sound like a Vuvuzela is playing, rather than a guitar…
    Kind of pointless if you ask me.

  4. does anyone knows a guitar god that can play all 16th notes on 320bpm but still get a clean sound? his purpose here is to beat the fastest record so why complain if he sounds bad in higher tempo? this dude is good 🙂

  5. I pretty sure the internal bleeding started at 300 bpm but I was definately sure at 320 bpm cuz I had blood trickling from my ears and eyes. That is just unreal.

  6. I’ll always believe John Mclaughlin is the fastest ever. Secondly would be Larry Coryell. Al demiola is super fast. So were they included in this thing? Course not!

  7. the guitar at 230 bpm sounds like giggidy giggidy giggidy giggidy giggidy giggidy giggidy giggidy giggidy giggidygiggidy giggidy giggidy giggidy giggidy

  8. now try to do that with intricate phrasing of each note. betcha can’t do that at 300 bpm. Not saying that I CAN, but it’s just very hard to give any intricacy to the playing when only shredding.

  9. its just him playing flight of the bumble bee over and over (170 bpm on piano is fast as hell by itself) but once it got into the 260+ mark, i dont know how he can do that.. hahahaha respect from a person who dont have respect for guitarist.

  10. @mjh2693 which news first? Good or bad? Ok, bad first …

    The bad news:That’s the 4th record vid I watch now and in every og the comment sections are those stupid comments like yours. Seems your sort of guy has nothing else in their heads than masturbating.

    The good news: Since you guys don’t have anything else in your mind than masturbating your sort automatically will be self-extincted in a few generations and YouTube will be a more pleasant and interesting place.

  11. appearently 9 out of 10 people fail to understand what this comment of mine meant:

    „lots of garbage wrapped around what the title of the vid promises…

    and the music is totally gay…crap metal…“

    I clearly mean that everything except what the vid title promises (so the performance which I like) sucks heavily…I mean that as I say it. The introduction song is what I call crap metal…cheers

  12. @Zeevee007 haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaahahahahahaha
    oh my god. oh dude i’m no terrorist. i just said some f words and i wanted to be like him. and that’s it haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha i’m not t dude come on check my vids and think again!

  13. @MakonianLuv this is fast but how about JOHN PETRUCCI ?
    the solo maker?….
    if u guys don’t know which one check this link….
    watch?v=7uFxKIvibww at 7:12…..

    this person is amazing who disagree please make same solo and show us.

  14. wtf that one dude went WAY faster than this! how is this the world record? i think his name on youtube started with an „M“ or i cant remember. no offence inteneded though still really fast man!

  15. Are they signing a petition at the end to enforce a speed limit on guitar to stop this madness? lol

    I really like the music that is played in these videos. It’s still music and not crap like most speed guitar on youtube (like me sometimes I admit ok lol).

  16. @MrScue Do you not bother reading descriptions, and besides how the heck is this not good! Sure he’s not the best guitarist ever but the point is he is PLAYING FAST not PLAYING ACCURATELY though its hardly like he sounds off. Seriously so many people who watch stuff on youtube are just morons. READ DESCRIPTIONS and then you don’t look a prat.

  17. @tourproven Just to clarify my statement for all you anal retentives out there….IT WAS A JOKE! Geezuz, have a sense of humor. Its so fast its ridiculous. I don’t even think time lapse photography could know if he missed a note or not.

  18. no me impresiona para nada… solo su control me sorprende, como controla su velocidad… pero he visto guitarristas qe tocan mucho mas rapido qe eso… uno de ellos? Ron „Bumblefoot“ Thal, con su tema „Guitar Suck“

  19. As much as it starts to sound really unmusical at the higher speeds. It’s impressive. It takes dedication to get to that level and yeah I’ve seen faster but not with alternate picking and definitely not with this accuracy. Well done

  20. I agree if it was on a classical guitar it would be much clearer. But with that being said this is F’ing amazing. I have heard that music played so many times that I know it almost by heart. Even though his guitar has a distortion I can still hear the notes like they are supposed to be played.

  21. do you do like 30 kg waits for every fingure every day and like i reakon your an alien that has three fingures that come out of your fingures or like i pick that goes into three once you start pplaying

  22. god…….. people can be such fucking loosers, he has obviously practised to be the fastest not to sound the best in the world…….. obviously he could play it how it was meant to be played but he isnt trying for the record on who can make this song sound exactly the way it was written….get a life you judgemental dicks and video reply to this if you can do better p.s your video rocks dude…..unbelievable

  23. whats being showcased here is his speed!! you posers simply just couldn’t understand what its all about. and one over there even noticed that he missed at 7:27?? what kind of a lame criticism would you call that? you simply just couldn’t play the way he could thats all.

  24. @dudemusicspace Well I can’t help myself and obviously you are very busy but your observation that my response is fairly random – ah is there any other kind of response on Youtube? Of course this is all just talk – shredding isn’t really playing the guitar it is simply a grouping of parlor tricks most commonly Trem Picking, Tapping and Sweeping – there is very little actual guitar playing with all the new post 80s guitar wanking.

  25. its flight of the bumblebee. origonaly done in the early 60’s. not quite as fast obviously but none the less. this man deserves huge props for playing it that fast, after playing it half dozen other times at insane speeds. all i can think is how doesnt he have carple tunnel after playing for that many years. very tallented and he deserves the speed recoard for sure. id say right behind him is michaelangelo batio

  26. Isso é chato demais véééi…
    Pega um CD do Malmsteen e avança que dá no mesmo, porém ele nem se compara ao Malmsteen.
    Nem acredito que perdi meu tempo vendo uma porra dessas..
    Vai estudar Melodia Tiagão…

  27. He’s so fast it’s just ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I admire his skills, and I’m a guitarist myself who appreciates shred. But this is just so fast it wouldn’t be useful in any context.

  28. People. It isn’t supposed to be about how well he can play, it’s about speed. The guy can play good music as well. That song is what they have to play. That way the BPM and ability to play it at that BPM makes the record. It’s for a record and show.

  29. @footballbeast13 It isnt just random notes thrown together, this is an actual song called ‚Flight of The Bumblebee‘ anybody who can play this song on whatever instrument are classed as a professional.

  30. Damn, it’s extremely difficult and extremely worthless. Who the hell would listen to this? I thought is meant to be beautiful or to express feelings. This is uh a skillful guitarist playing somethin terribly awful…

  31. @UgliStiK14 Yes i know what im talking about ive been studying the technicalities of music since i was 10, and yeh i do play a couple of instruments.

    Just admit it. You lost an internet argument.


  32. would be great if you could have a look at my channel and subscribe to my videos if you like them. Ive only just uploaded them in the lat few days. I play rock and metal music. Please check me out.

  33. @theguillotinesc obviously it’s only done to demonstrate his „chops“ – if you’re not a lamer, you’ll understand that ego is the star here, just a self-indulgent guitar player, like malmsteen, vai, and petrucci. nevermind my comment about Gilmour, he is way beyond this crap of meandering musically, and superior in true musicianship. people will be listening to pink floyd after 50 years, not this fucking showoff.

    and no, I shouldn’t do anything you or anyone else does or thinks or suggests.

  34. @xxxRENOTSxxx In terms of picking speed no.. And this guy isn’t show casing the technical things he can do, just playing as fast as he can. Who knows how this guy really plays?

  35. @flamingcurent it’s actually the hardest language of the world, so, if you’re saying that it’s foreign you has no vocal ability to talk it, maybe you should try to beat him, so you can come here to say shit.

  36. Many things could be said about this vid. He points out that it is just an example of speed and is not trying to tie it to music. I think that guitarists at any level can take something from this video. Notice how close his LH ingers stay to the strings, that is a great lesson. Also notice that he looks completely relaxed, which means he practiced this correctly. People will always criticize, but remember „If you can’t say something nice, say nothing“

  37. wow, completely and utterly pointless! not only does he look like he’s having a stroke, but he’s playing flight of the bumblebee, rock and roll baby, yeah!! i sure hope he gets paid for every note/minute. oh well, i’m sure there are plenty long-haired guys wearing black, sitting in their rooms jacking it to this followed by their usual friday night session on WoW. Stay Classy

  38. 320bpm: clickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclick

  39. @Speedoman1978 Congratz and welcome to the other 95% of closed minded people.

    Go back to your pit and listen to some good old fashion satanic (cuz thats so cool) Metal. fucking tools

  40. This a quite „simple“ version, he is skipping tons of notes even at 170 bpm. If he could play it properly with all notes at that speed i would be more impressed.
    This is mostly about picking fast enough with your right hand.

  41. do any of you realize he’s playing flight of the bumblebee lol? cause thats a classical piece which is very technical and he does a very good job playing it even at that insane speed. so stop saying its not how fast but what you play. that is sometimes true but in this case not

  42. @isaaccerda1 ok dude it’s like that on every video for a musician playing fast on here. I saw this one for like a fastest drum roll for someone under 18 and a bunch of people were talking about him masturbating -_- I’m like „why are people so obsessed with masturbation?“

  43. His Wife: Hunny put your finger in me
    Him: how fast?
    His Wife: do me at 320 BPM
    His Finger: BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. @marviosantos Kinda sad to see someone so jealous that they stoop to the level of telling someone they can’t play to save their life. Everybody has their style. If you can’t respect that, then you, my friend do not even deserve to touch a guitar.

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