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Best Scene Of „A Scanner Darkly“


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  1. @vassephardi no no you dont have it! have to watch this movie while on 2 blotters of LSD,100 x mushrooms,2x mescalin – than you will be at correct state of mind when this movie MAKE A sense!!and you will understand it.!! dude!

  2. @BrianneH123 yeah the ones with robert downey jr are priceless like when hes in the police questioning room, and in the diner with freck. and the one where he gets the bike, and in the car.

  3. I think if I watched this movie tripping it would be like all movies I watch tripping, I think the movie is my life. freak out for a while. Come out of it amazed and then when I watch it when i’m sober to realize it was nothing like I remembered.

  4. This movie makes no sense when you’re sober until..and uhh…but when you do the impairment…uh…after you’ve had taken a few….a few…..Fuck this shit! *BOOM*

  5. When the police dude asks him his name, there’s two things going on, both satirical.
    One, he don’t know his name, haha, he’s on that Substance D! 😛
    Two, The police officer smirking „Probable cause“ after no reply for his name is satirizing 1970’s paranoia and government monitoring (from the original novel of the same title by Philip K Dick) and thus the present day we live in. It reflects the use of drugs and paranoia we live in today.

  6. @Nogert – I think they call it rotoscoping. So far as my basic understanding goes, it’s when the animation is made over the top of pre-recorded live action. They used this for some parts of the old Snow White movie believe or not! For rotoscoping more like this, you might want to check out ‚Waking Life‘. Dunno about any behind the scenes stuff though, sorry.

  7. omg people, its a damn anxiety to begin with, and he is only thinking of the worst that could happen. so forget if the cop asked what his name is, he went pass him. did you watch the ending?

  8. if you are stopped by the police it’s for a reason, maybe you don’t know the reason but they do, oh and just because they are asking you your name doesn’t mean they are treating you like a criminal.

  9. lol, I have no problem with people knowing my name, I have a problem with police officers treating me like a criminal when I have done nothing to provoke them or to even give them probable cause.

  10. Police states always start with „guilty before proven innocent“ why not just get frisked every time you walk down the street? if you have nothing to hide why not let the police go through all your stuff and check your pockets every time you go for a walk?

  11. agreed, there exists a paradox: society remains in a state of fear/paranoia due to the drug epidemic, but in combating this by becoming more authoritative and intrusive the government then becomes the source for this fear, not the drugs

  12. @LavaMountainKat This scene isn’t about opression – it’s more about drug induced paranoia then anything.

    Furthermore, A Scanner Darkly does not intend to say „Government = Bad“. It’s a piece that asks the question „Is the destruction of one worth the benefit of the whole?“…it doesn’t make a point to answer that question.

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